This Heart Of Mine Still Loves You ( Chapter 13 )


Part 13

Aradhya was staring at her mother’s photo with a deep longing in her brown orbs….she moved her soft fingers on her mother’s face and then her fingers were replaced by her lips as she pecked the frame. Arjun who was watching this was overwhelmed seeing this…He felt terribly helpless and vulnerable for not able to give his daughter what her heart desired….But his determination was doubled up seeing her tears and now it had reached its peak….He banged his fist on the wall in frustration….He grabbed his car keys lying on the table and walked away. He drove off like maniac.
He pulled the car in front of Yash house. He wanted to go in and drag Radhika to his house, but his hands were tied up invisibly. He stared at the balcony of her room upstairs. He was so desperate to get a glimpse of her that even God answered granted his wish. Radhika came there to see the beautiful moon. She glanced endlessly at the large aesthetic sky. She didn’t knew why she felt a unknown joy in her heart after meeting that girl today. She felt as if she knew her since ages. She smiled at her thoughts. The sky was full of Stars and that made it look more divine. Her mind took her in the world she couldn’t recognize. But she couldn’t get a clear visions, everything was blur and foggy.

Radhika was standing in the lawn and enjoying the breeze fanning her and enlightening her senses. Suddenly she felt someone’s hands embracing her from back. She didn’t jerk them off as her heart could tell…it’s her Arjun.
Arjun buried his head in the dark clouds of her hair and nuzzled his nose on her skin. He inhaled her scent which was teasing his emotions. He made her turn; How are you feeling?”
Radhika smiled and cupped his face,” How can I not be fine when I am with you.” He placed her hand on her waist,” How z my baby.” She assured…,” He z fine too.”
Arjun,” He!?…its she, my love.”
Radhika,” No, I know its a boy.”
Arjun raised his voice a bit,” RADHIKA, IT’S A GIRL…That’s final and end of this discussion.”
She glared at him,” Mr Arjun Mehra, don’t you dare raise your voice on me. I know it because I am the mother and haven’t you heard….Mother knows the best.”
Arjun in a irritated voice,” Its true only in the case if the mother z not stupid. I want a girl.”
Radhika shrieked,” You called me stupid!?.”
Arjun gave her a winning smirk,” I did, my love. If you was not stupid then you wouldn’t have hidden your pregnancy news from me.”
Radhika,” Arjun, I thought you don’t want….” Before she could complete her sentence, he kept his finger on her lips,” Radhika, I have said this before and again repeating it loud and clear, THIS IS THE BEST NEWS I HAVE EVER HEARD.”
He tucked her hair behind her ears and pecked her forehead,” Radhika, I seriously want a girl.”
Radhika queried,” What if its a boy?”
Arjun smirked,” Then what? We will try again.”
Her cheeks headed up and a shy smile touched her ears. She couldn’t meet his gaze still she managed to look up. He was smiling at her with a mischievous meaning full look on his face. He pulled her closer gently and murmured,” Radhika, don’t seduce me with that red blush imprinted all over your face. I can’t have a fill of you with my child rolling in your stomach.”

She looked at him with the same insane intensity in her brown orbs,” So abstain yourself then.”
He pecked her forehead showering his love on her….he kneeled down and pecked her belly while she caressed his dark locks lovingly….He whispered with his eyes closed,” Come soon…Dadaa promises to always keep you happy and safe.”
As the flashback ended, He recalled the promise he made when his daughter was in her mother’s womb….He glanced at his little one sleeping curled up on the bed…his doll had cried till sleep overcame her…He treaded towards the bed and relaxed his body next to her….he wiped the dried tears on her cheeks and pulled the blanket over her….His heart pained to see her so miserable but there was nothing he could do to lessen her pain even a bit….
Today there was not even a glimpse of sleep in his eyes….he worked all night to divert his mind from all those painful haunting memories….
Early morning around 6 am, he left his house to breath some fresh air….As he jogged leaving behind everything that greeted his way….Some bitter memories again pierced his heart and tortured his soul….

12 years Ago…..
St Xavier’s College….
A boy was circled by a group of seniors….He was pleading with them to let him go but no words affected fell on deaf ears….He was shaking in fear and begging them….One of the boy tapped his friend’s shoulder,” Yash let’s show him what’s the price of messing with Raichands.”
Yash stared at his prey and smirked,” Patience….little brother…you know what a lion does with his prey….he plays with it for a long time and then tears him apart.”
Another boy clutched the hair of that trembling boy and pulled harshly,” We were playing with you first but you shouldn’t have complained to principal….Now will show what real ragging z…we got suspended for two months now you’ll pay.”
Yash,” Someone go get the trimmer….let me give him a good haircut.”
His friend handed him the trimmer…Yash shaved all the hair of that boy inhumanly from his scalp…Even blood oozed out but he didn’t stop his brutality…
His cousin brother Riyansh took the trimmer from his hands when he finished….,” Bhai, I have an idea….he z a vegetarian so I think even he should get a chance to taste the amazing taste of beef.”
Yash patted his brother’s cheek,” Baby brother what are you waiting for then?!”
They made him eat that forcefully despite of the gagging sensation….He begged them with weak tired eyes….his body was aching like hell….

One of the boys unbuckled his belt and came forward,” You know I got beaten black and blue by my dad just because of you….Let me return you the bruises now.”
Yash turned to Riyansh,” Bro let’s take a back seat and watch now….let Vicky have his fun with this lamb.”
Riyansh followed his bro and stood beside him watching Vicky thrashing that boy cruelly…
He was going to continue but someone caught the belt before it could strike again…Vicky turned to see who the intruder was who dared to stop him….,” How dare you stop me???….Who the hell are you to stop Vicky khurana?!.”
That boy didn’t even had a bit of fear on his face….They were so many but still he was not terrified to answer with courage,” I am Arjun…To me you seem like a cat acting like a lion….I doubt you really are a man or not…in fact I doubt all of your manliness altogether….”

Vicky was shaking with anger….Every cell of his body was burning in agony when Arjun provoked him….He swiftly pulled Arjun’s collar,” You shouldn’t have said that….I’ll ruin you.”
Arjun pushed him harshly and he kissed the ground with blood oozing out from his nose….Yash interfered,” Arjun, you don’t know us….I still give you a chance to escape and I promise no friend of mine will touch you….Don’t mess with us….This z a warning.”
Riyansh forwarded his hand to Vicky and helped him to stand up….Arjun,” I will go when I teach you all a lesson which your parents forgot to teach you.”
He defeated all of them but when he banged Riyansh head on the wall….Things got too far after that one act of him. Yash furiously punched Arjun,” How dare you beat my brother?!…don’t you see he z too young to face you.”
Arjun shrieked back,” If he z young then hide him in your arms….He enjoyed all the inhumanity and cruelty you people did to my friend Saurab.”

They were fighting with each other like they were enemies of seven births….No one was ready to accept defeat…Both were injured badly but still they continued their assault on each other….Finally someone did something sensible to stop the fight….Principal himself came down and screamed on the top of his voice,” BOTH OF YOU IN MY OFFICE NOW.”
They stood in his large cabin shamelessly with their heads lifted in pride as if they did something great….Principal was befuddled seeing their courage to look straight in his eyes even after creating havoc….He commanded them to forward their hand….He canned them brutally until the cane broke but neither Arjun nor Yash lowered his eyes….Their hands were shaking with itching sensational pain but eyes were still glued to Principal’s gaze…..He was hell angry right now….,” In my 45 years of service to this school I never met any student as worst as you both…” He turned to Arjun,” I never expected this from you….I always praised you for getting a scholarship in this school but today I understood what a big mistake I did by allowing you in my school.”
Arjun,” Sir I don’t want to say sorry if I don’t feel it…I request you to investigate whole matter before giving me any punishment.”

Principal cooled down a bit and thought for a while and replied in a firm voice,” I will look into this matter personally….Till then you both will clean the whole campus as a punishment for doing violence which z strictly prohibited here.”
As both the boys came out of his cabin….They glared at each other with fire sparking through their gaze…..Arjun spat venomously,” Yash Raichand, this z not over yet….Arjun never forgets anything and even this day won’t be a exception.”
Yash glared with extreme fury and blurted sardonically,” Not today but at least some day we will get the final result of this fight….I will prove that am much better than you.”
Their eyes were mirroring a murderous gaze while their hardened jaws showcased till what extent they hated each other…..

Saurab was admitted in hospital but he couldn’t survive and this only fuelled Arjun’s determination to take revenge….
Riyansh slipped into comma and was declared a hopeless case….He was a dead body for the world only difference was he was lying on a bed instead of buried deep in grave. Yash became a cold hearted devil after that one night. He was claimed to be heartless but he only turned worst with the passing years. His only motive and ambition was to bring Arjun’s downfall.

As Arjun lifted his eyes and arched his neck to look up at the Sun shining brightly above his head, a fear crept in his heart….His POV; What if Yash uses Radhika to hurt me?!….
Radhika was sleeping peacefully clutching the blanket close to feel the warmth. She got up with a jerk as she felt someone’s presence on the bed beside her. Yash laughed like a kid seeing the tensed expression on her face….His POV,” Anu, I just came here to give you morning tea.”
When he touched her cheek and his fingers trailed down her neck….she felt terrified and uncomfortable with his touch. He had never crossed his limits but she could feel that he was trying the erase off the distance between them. Her heart…body…soul…every single cell in her body was screaming out to push him away. She did it anyway,” Yash please….”
Yash felt hurt seeing her distrusting him. He loved her and for him nothing was as pure as his love for her. He was losing his control but he was not a pervet to force himself on a girl against her own wish. He had changed a lot for her. He was not aware of her true identity but one thing was crystal clear that he wasn’t ready to let anyone take her away from him. She was the only girl whom he didn’t lusted after like a hungry canosova. She was like the most beautiful rose guarded by him and kept hidden from the world as he feared to lose her. Now the question was,” What will he do when he’ll find out his Anisha’s real identity?”

Hii Sweethearts….really sorry for late update….so please let me know your reviews….I’ll update next one soon…This one z dedicated to my Shree mamma….Love you to infinity…tc…

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