This Heart Of Mine Still Loves You ( Chapter 12 )


Chapter 12
Neil stormed to Arjun’s room after handling over ARadhya to Prerna….He barged inside without knocking and earned a annoyed look from Arjun who was buttoning up his shirt….
Arjun threw the pillow at Neil which he caught swiftly and spoke in a irritated tone,” Neil, you seriously can give Aradhya competition in snatching my night’s sleep….I fear what will happen of you after me”
Neil chuckled seeing his angry face….He walked to the Arjun and pecked his cheek….
Arjun rubbed his cheek with his palm and mumbled,” Yuck Neil!!!”
Neil made himself comfortable on the couch and gazed Arjun who was clueless and confused seeing him at this time…
Neil,” Aradhya proved that she z definitely your daughter”
Arjun gave him a befuddled look and said,” What are you talking about Neil?”
Neil,” Whole way back home that girl was bitting her nails thinking how to keep devil away from her mom.”
Arjun,” Devil?”
Neil,” According to Aradhya, Yash z the devil in her Neil’s chachu story who has held her mom as prisoner”
He narrated Arjun everything that took place in the ice-cream parlour….
A small smile of victory crept on Arjun’s face….He replied in a thick firm tone,” Neil, that’s entirely not her fault, its my blood running and burning in her veins after seeing her mother with someone else….I am not surprised….She z my true daughter”
Neil,” Indeed”
Arjun smirked,” Neil I think we can use her dislike for Yash in our favour”
Neil was bewildered hearing that…He was wise and witty but not shrewd and sharp like Arjun, definitely not a opportunist….

Arjun understood seeing his dazed face,” Neil, we can’t keep Radhika away from Yash but Aradhya can”
Neil was still trying to figure out what his friend wanted to convey…” Arjun, I am not getting you”
Arjun,” Neil, you are so naive and innocent….don’t give stress to your small brain otherwise it will burst into pieces….We will deliberately make Radhika meet Aru and then in that time my daughter will play her part very well….She won’t let yash close to her mother”
Neil folded his hands in front of Arjun and bowed down his head,” Arjun, I would have never got this idea…you are seriously a crude opportunist….I never thought you will make Aradhya a part of your scheming”.
Arjun blurted acidly,” Neil no need to mock me through a compliment…I know what I am doing….If Radhika will come back to me then it won’t be good for ARadhya???”
Neil,” I know but still I don’t want it to affect Aradhya’s tender heart.”
Arjun brushed his anger away and spoke in a assuring voice,” Neil, Aradhya z my daughter….I care for her more than anyone else….She’ll learn to twist situations and this will help her in long run…I don’t want my daughter to be fragile and weak…She shouldn’t cry if the situations are not in her favour, Infact she’ll learn how to achieve what she wants”
Neil,” If this will bring back her mom in her life then I am with you”
Arjun hugged him and whispered,” What would I have done without you….Neil, your support z very precious to me.”
ARadhya had kept her head in Arjun’s lap while his fingers were tenderly caressing her dark locks….He had taken a day off to spend time with his baby, because he knew how much she missed her mother….
He couldn’t take her mother’s place but still he was trying his best to make it up to her….
“Baccha, you know that devil had caged the princess in his castle, because he wanted to keep her all for himself” He murmured peeping his head inside the story book… ”
“Dadaa, then who rescued that princess?” She spoke in a curious tone….
Arjun,” A prince from far, far away land fought with the devil and rescued that princess and they got married…They lived happily ever after”
Aradhya got up and asked with tremendous hope in her eyes,” Dadaa, Wen we will have our happy ever after”
Arjun felt a void in his heart seeing the pain behind that smile….He knew that breaking down in front of his daughter was the last thing he’ll ever do…He tucked the hair strands trotting down on her eyes and cradled her face….,” Baby, dadaa has promised you then why those tears streaming down your cheeks”
Aradhya hugged her father tight….She hided her face deep in his chest and spoke between her tears….He was very well aware of the fact that his daughter trusted him the most in this world, even more than God himself…He knew that if he somehow fails to keep his promise with her, considering Radhika’s condition then his child will lose her trust on him. Above all he will never be able to see her disheartened and desolate. He felt so vulnerable that even his eyes had a thin water frame now, but he quickly gulped his tears down and spoke,” Aradhya, don’t you trust your Dadaa???….you know I’ll do anything to keep my words then why are you doubting me???”
Aradhya instantly detached her face from his arms and lifted her eyes to look at him. She was a toddler but a very wise one….She could clearly understand the intensity of the situation when her father z calling her by her name instead of some nickname. She could clearly identify the anger building in his eyes steadily….She wiped her tears on her own…She had cried so much that her voice was coming out in whispers….She decided to show him how much she trust him instead of speaking it audibly….
ARadhya caught hold of his little finger and gestured him to follow her…She brought him in front of the idol of Krishna….she pointed a finger towards Arjun and then placed her hand on her heart and then towards Lord Krishna….Arjun was overwhelmed with many emotions seeing her unbreakable trust on him….He couldn’t stop the tears forming in his eyes to stroll down his cheeks….He knelt down and pecked her forehead….ARadhya looped her arms around his neck while he got up lifting her singlehandedly….
When Arjun saw her folding hands and praying to Lord, he couldn’t help himself thinking about the past….She was a complete replica of her mother in terms of looks but a female version of Arjun when it came to brains….
At the very mention of Radhika’s name, Arjun’s heart stirred and his mind refreshed the memories with her…

While resting her back on the luxurious couch, Radhika was completely engrossed in thoughts of her dreamy sensual night, a blush smeared her face and a dim smile caressed her cheeks…While carrying breakfast for Radhika, Prerna walked inside, the sight of Radhika deeply lost and a wide smile on her face amused Prerna…Even though her anklet made noise but there was no impact on Radhika. Her eyes were open but her dreamy state was clearly visible. It was time for her to do Lord Krishna’s prayer and Prasad(Food) was not ready for Pooja yet and moreover she was resting instead of preparing for Pooja(act of worship) After few seconds, Prerna hollered out Radhika but she was still smiling like stupid and not responding. She again called her name out but this time little louder. Radhika roused up from her daydream and answered back instantly,’ Why are you shouting Aunty???….Everyone z ready for Pooja?”
Prerna grinned seeing her frustrating state and responded in a playful tone,” No way….not at all….How can I dare to shout at Arjun’s wife!!?”
At the very mention of Arjun’s name, a chill ran down Radhika’s spine and a crimson blush on her cheeks darkened….
Arjun who was about to enter the room halted his feet as his ears ringed with the word ‘Arjun’s wife’….He decided to listen the further conversation….
“What!?” Radhika confusingly stated.
Prerna resumed while chuckling,” Radhika, where are you lost?….its time for Kanha’s prayer but you haven’t even prepare sweets for the Prasad yet, besides why are you grinning so much???”
Radhika irritably replied,”
Aunty….please stop chuckling, its nothing like that I am tired so resting, but I was getting up and why I would be mindless.”
“ Ahhaa….hmm…Why would you be mindless??” Prerna teasingly asked….
“ Please stop it Aunty” Radhika smiled dimly….
“OH GOD!!!….RADHIKA…OH MY GOD!!!….How did you get this big bloodshot scratch on your neck???” She almost shouted in a poker faced expression…
Radhika swiftly got up from the couch and rushed towards the mirror….She gazed worriedly and saw a big love bite on her neckline. Recalling his vigorous bite and extreme passion her cheeks coloured heavily and she was unable to hide her grin….
Seeing Radhika’s flushed shy expression, Prerna probed again,” Radhika how did this happen???” while falsifying innocence in her tone….
Radhika confronted while looking at her reflection in mirror,” Oh…It’s nothing…There isn’t anything.”
But Prerna kept arguing and insisted her to look properly, while continuing her bantering session, she added,” No Radhika….don’t ignore it…just look at it….it’s so big…and what I remember so far, neither had you got any wound nor you were injured. So, the question z where you got this big scratch right under your neckline???..By the way, this type of mark appears only when someone bites animatedly.”
Hearing her shameless words, Radhika felt extremely shy, her face bloomed pink…Prerna relished seeing her blushing face and her eyes danced in humour….
Radhika noticed the tease on her face and replied in a bashfully low tone,” Aunty, actually, you are right….I can see the mark and looks like a bite mark.”
Prerna got more excited and playfully quizzed,” What did you say??who dared to bite you my Radhika???”
Radhika responded in a puckish tone,” Aunty, do you know last night….”
Prerna got so desperate to listen further, she almost jumped next to Radhika and impatiently responded,” Yes…Radhika beta….Tell me naa… what happened then???”
Radhika simmered seeing her impatience and responded teasingly,” You know aunty last night….there were so many mosquitoes here…Surely, one of those mosquitoes must have bitten me.” She began to giggle looking at Prerna’s face…
Prerna counted in boucy tone,” Hmm….Really!!!…By the way how big was the mosquito???…Looks as if the mosquito wasn’t a ordinary one.”
Radhika counted in a nervous tone,” Aunty….I’ll go and prepare Prasad.”
Prerna teasingly asked,” It’s okay Radhika…I have prepared prasad, just tell me at where other places the mosquito bite you???” Prerna started to giggle loudly. Radhika felt extremely shy and covered her face….
Prerna kept insisting,” Common Radhikaaaa….tell me naa…don’t be shy.” She was bitting her cheeks to dissolve her laughter…Finally, she decided to leave Radhika alone as she already teased her a lot…
Seeing her leaving, Arjun swiftly hide behind the door and came out when she was out of sight…
He marched inside his room and held Radhika from back, encircling her waist…He kissed her neck and teased,” I know what all places the mosquito has bitten you.”
Radhika felt ashamed, awkward that Arjun heard her conversation with Prerna….She walked out of his grip and hiding her face in her hands, she shut her eyes tight…Seeing her innocent face, Arjun couldn’t stop himself and strode towards her…Arjun requested her to turn around and look at him, but she ignored his request in her coyness…Arjun smiled and slowly turned her towards him…He drew her hands and lifted her face. Radhika was feeling so shy that she couldn’t raise her eyes…

She whined in a soft tone while looking at her finger,” Arjun, you are so shameless….you don’t leave a single chance to make me nervous….How can you even listen to my conversation with Prerna aunty, that too hiding…..I don’t want to talk to you.” She gently pushed him away from her and swiftly budged to the other corner of the room….
While beholding his gaze on her, his slow steps forwards towards her, he chuckled seeing her expression. Every step he forwards towards her, she stepped backwards. Finally her back hit the wall and he promptly locked her by resting his hands on the the wall. Deliberately…he moved slowly closer to her, soon his warm fingers glided through her wet hair and began to massage gently….tip of his fingers ran down towards back of her bare waist, her wet tender skin tickled under his touch, as she leaned forward towards him, his face deepens underneath her neck…He inhaled her exotic fresh scent of sandalwood and lily. His soft breath send shivers through her body. Her mind was in haze, leaving no room for words, his lips began to trail kisses beneath her neck sensually by licking and nibbling making her vulnerable for him. In a sensual tone he mumbled,” Radhika, your touch z addictive.”
“Let me go Arjun…” she requested in a hesitant tone.
“Why are you so resistant….Just relax and enjoy.” He slurred while smooching her passionately.
“ It’s almost time for Pooja and anyone could walk in our room…it’s day time.”
Arjun smirked and gestured towards the bolted door,” I don’t care Radhika….your sparkling hesitant face and top of it, your denial is making me want you more and your brown captivating shy orbs making it worst. I am just drawn towards you, like a bee to a honey…..I am so so ready to take you now….Say yes.” He demanded.
While blushing heavily she answered coyly,” Arjun its almost time for Pooja….Everyone must be waiting for me….Let me go please.”
“It’s all you fault Radhika….As soon as I see you, I forget everything….you have cast a spell on me.” He spoke intensely.
“Aww….your mind cannot think anything else…Please go before anyone sees you here, They’ll not dare to tease you in your fear but they’ll tease me till their heart’s content.” She complained innocently.
“ How can I leave without getting a proper kiss???” He smirked viciously..
“ Arjun, please leave….I am not in the mood.” She replied impassively…
“Hmmm…Don’t lie…I think you were waiting for me to come that z why you haven’t worn any jewelry and left your long wet hair exactly the way I love it.” He slurred while nibbling on love bite…
As soon as he touched her sensitive part, she inhaled and moaned dimly…
“Say that you love the way I kiss you….Admit it, you were waiting for me” he murmured while smooching and pulling her closer…
Radhika instantly replied in a nervous tone, defending herself,” Arjun, I wasn’t waiting for you….Actually, after taking bath instead of getting ready I was thinking about our last night together….But I swear, I wasn’t waiting for you.”
“ Hmm…So tell me what were you thinking…How we fought…How we kissed…where I bit you….How I took of your…..” He asked shamelessly…
Before he could continue further, she put her finger on his lips,” Arjun stop it please….I can’t hear further….Tell me what do you want from me on the verge of leaving this room?”….
“ Okay fine, if you are insisting so much, then I should tell you, I will not leave until your mood comes back.” He confessed…
Radhika in a little grouchy tone replied,” Okay fine….You can kiss me, but after that you’ll leave this room immediately.”

He disappointedly imparted,” It’s okay Radhika…..I don’t want to kiss you against your wish but after this Pooja I won’t spare you.” He turned towards the door while controlling his anger…
Radhika in a low tone called him,” Arjun please wait….”
He turned back and asked her casually,” What happened Radhika???”.
She lowered her gaze and timidly replied,” Arjun, my mood came back.”
He grinned and deeply signed out,” Radhika….you don’t miss any chance to seduce me….Have you taken any official training how to seduce your husband???” While walking towards her with his penetrating gaze, he came closer and murmured,” If your mood came back then you kiss me.”
She shyly lowered her face and waited for him to kiss her…
“I love your shyness Radhika, but your eyes are spellbinding, I want to see them.”
Even though her head lower and eyes shut, a hazy blush circled her cheeks, when she didn’t respond to his request, his hand gently gripped her chin, compelling her head back up, forcing her to meet his gaze.
“ Tell me why you so resistant. Don’t you like me touching you?” He asked in a serious tone…
“It’s nothing like that, Arjun, I do enjoy our time together but I don’t think I will ever be able to prove it in action like you do.” She replied in a low voice.
“Radhika you are so different and innocent…I love everything about you.”
“ I love everything about you other than your anger, because it destroys everything.” She replied dimly…
“ Kiss me” He commanded..
She nodded negatively in her shyness..
He lifted her face up and whispered,” You smell divine.” He cupped her face and kissed her cheeks. She closed her eyes as soon as she felt his moist touch. Then he softly kissed her lips. She responded back with a surprise gentle kiss on his lips, her eyes shut tight in anticipation. He couldn’t resist her anymore. Her soft touch made him crazy. He swiftly enclosed her lips with a blistering kiss that was excruciating in its own intensity with a great zeal. She whimpered at his intense passion. He couldn’t resist her anymore. Her soft touch made him crave for more. He pushed her body towards the wall and his hand rolled underneath her hair to keep her head still. Soon he lost all his control. He gently licked her swollen lips. He nipped on her bottom lip for entrance and soon his tongue dived inside her mouth. While kissing, he demanded,” Suck it, taste it.” At first, she found it weird, but just to please him she submitted mindlessly and sucked gently on his tongue and he went on deepening his tongue in and out. Soon she lost herself in the game, simultaneously his warm tip of fingers caressed her back. Both of them were lost in each other but soon she felt sensation building underneath. Something crawling, stirring within her, she sensed his rigid bulge on her stomach. She murmured faintly,” You can take me now.”
Arjun paused all of sudden, Seeing her so lost in him which turned him on, in a swift moment he scooped her in his arms and walked towards the bed.
Suddenly there was a knock on the door….It was Neil banging the door and calling out Arjun’s name. Initially, he was calling them for aarti…
In a friction of second, Arjun put her down and moved away from her. She began to fix her dress. Arjun glared at the door and murmured angrily,” Radhika, Neil z a big KABAB MEIN HADDI BETWEEN YOU AND ME.”
Radhika chuckled seeing his annoyed face and treaded towards the door to unbolt it..
As he opened his eyes to face the reality, a tear trickled down his cheek….His POV,” No one can ever love someone more than I love you.”
As he heard Aradhya’s voice, calling for him to join her in a game of chess, he walked towards his daughter gulping down his own pain.
Precap….Aradhya’s spoils Yash and Radhika’s dinner date….Radhika ditches Yash to spend time with Aradhya….
Hii Friends…..So howz this one???….My crazy cousin Sasha was pestering me to type romance in this ff….I sternly refused stating no erotic stuff in my ff….She insisted that she’ll type that part, but I remained adamant…Finally she typed that part and showed me….I edited it so much and erased what I didn’t wanted….I was so annoyed that I wanted to delete everything….I actually was about to delete that document but then I felt it won’t be fair with you people. I had typed half of the update and if I dropped the idea to post then I would have felt bad later….After all you people shouldn’t suffer in my and Sasha’s fight….You guyzz were so eager for the next update so I thought I’ll update soon….

But this nutcase here z such a ungrateful fool….I never let anyone touch my work but still I gave in when she pestered me so much. Sasha happy now!?….you are seriously a damn annoying girl….This z the first and last time I am letting her touch my ff…. I was telling her repeatedly till I lost my patience that I can’t type erotic…I am not comfortable moreover I promised someone that I won’t type below belt….That girl if she understands polite language, her head will burst into pieces….Sorry Guyzz, but I won’t be updating for some time because this girl z driving me crazy….I am so pissed off….I’ll come back soon….till then love you all….byee

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