This Heart Of Mine Still Loves You ( Chapter 11 )

Chapter 11
Baby Aradhya was sitting on the bed with a gloomy face….She had everything whatever she could ask for except that one precious thing….A Mother….
When she use to see her friends with their mom, her heart would cry in pain…God gave her everything except that one thing which made everything she had worthless….
Oh!!! How she wished to share her everyday experience with her mom….What a feeling it would be to hide her little face in her mother’s arms!!!…How she wished to walk holding her mother’s little finger….How she wished to whisper her wishes in her mom’s ears….But atlast, this all would just remain a dream…Her thoughts were full of despair and disappointment….she buried her little face in her knees and wept thinking she z not worthy to have a mom….
Arjun who entered her room was shocked to see his princess crying….

He swiftly walked to the bed and pulled her in his arms….Though she could feel protected and safe only in her father’s arms, but that warmth of a mother was missing which made her cry more bitterly….
Arjun couldn’t understand what was bothering his baby so much….she was never a cry baby, but today her tears were unstoppable….His heart broke seeing his princess pale and unhappy face….He felt a throbbing pain….he couldn’t point out and show where, but it was killing him to see his child crying….The most hurting feeling was he couldn’t console her….
Arjun kept on patting her head tenderly and spoke in a soft assuring tone,” Baby, you won’t tell Dadaa!?”

She buried her face deep in his chest and whispered in a grief-stricken voice,” I want a moer.”
He rubbed her back and corrected,” Baby, its mother.”
She nodded and again started weeping….She looped her little arms around her father’s neck and spoke,” Aru z so bad naa that’s why her mother left her lone…aru’s all frends have one….” she couldn’t complete her sentence as her voice was breaking and choking while crying…
Arjun cradled her innocent face and pecked her forehead….He spoke in a grim firm tone,” Aru z the best daughter of this world….Her mother never left on her own, circumstances made her leave her baby….Aru, dadaa promises to bring back your mother….” He turned soft,” Baby, please stop crying…I can’t see tears in your eyes.”
She smiled a bit and questioned with earnest eyes,”Promise!?”
Arjun looked straight into her eyes and answered,” Have I ever refused you??”
She refuted with a negative nod and smiled wide, because she knew her father always keeps his promises…

Arjun heaved a sign of relief seeing ARadhya smiling…..He didn’t knew how he was going to keep his word, but one thing was sure Radhika will come back in their life…His determination had reached the top of Mount Everest and now nothing could shake it…
Aradhya slipped in deep slumber clutching her mother’s photo frame close to her heart and burying her little face in her father’s arms….
Arjun discussed Aradhya’s mournful demeanour with Neil and he came up with the idea to take her out to distract her mind from all this hurtful things….
Neil cradled baby ARadhya in his arms and headed towards his car….He fastened her seat belt and asked,” So baby where would you like to go?”
She squealed up in excitement and answered in a sweet innocent tone,” Chachu, Aru wants i-cream.”
He patted her cheek and chuckled,” Babu, its ice-cream….Chachu will take you to your favourite ice-cream parlour, but what you give chachu in return?”
She leaned and pecked his cheek,” A sweet kissi”

Neil smiled and fired the engine….He felt that distraction z just for a short time span…she’ll again ask them about her mother…Till when they will keep on building artificial happiness to make her smile….They had to do something soon before it affects her tender mind…
Radhika was reading a book in her study just then she felt a knock on the door….
She got up from her chair and treaded towards the door and unbolted it….She made a annoyed face and answered in a irritated tone,” What!?”
Yash smiled seeing her irkede…He wondered how could he find her anger cute, but that’s what z called love….if you love someone, you love their every expression….He cleared his throat and spoke,” Anu, sorry for scolding you last night, but I was worried for you….you came home so late so I couldn’t control…”
He knelt and held his ears and brought a guilty expression on his face….
She was chewing her cheeks to control her giggle all while, but at last she gave up and laughed holding her tummy,” Have you see yourself in mirror???…You are looking so cute asking for my forgiveness”

Yash got up and smiled,” I can do anything for that smile on your face….I don’t mind making a fool of myself to see the most beautiful girl of this universe having a hearty laugh”
She pulled his cheeks and spoke,” How could anyone remain angry with you???….but if you want me to forgive you wholeheartedly then get me my favourite ice-cream”
He cupped her face and confessed,” Anu, you are seriously a exception…if there would be some other girl in your place, she would have asked diamonds and pearls to forgive her husband, but you want just a ice-cream”
She dragged him out of the room and giggled,” I know that I am unique….probably one of the best creation of almighty”
Yash,” Anu, I think you took it too far…stop this unnecessary self flattering business”
She glared at him and started hitting him with her clutch….He laughed more and that irritated her….They got inside his car and drove off to have ice-cream treat….
Neil made Aradhya sit comfortably and gave her a bucket full of her favourite dark forest with choco chips….she screamed in joy,” THANKYOU CHACHU!!!”

She was so loud that all the heads turned to them….Neil chuckled seeing her so happy….he felt he achieved something great by making her smile….He felt he should share his joy with Arjun…
Neil,” Babu, chachu has to make a call…he’ll be back in a minute…you enjoy your ice-cream”
She nodded and gulped the morsel of ice-cream, she had in her mouth…
Yash and Radhika entered inside…He asked her to sit and he’ll get the ice-cream….She obliged instantly…
Radhika took a seat and glanced all around her….She found a cute little toddler licking her little fingers….she smiled and watched her keenly…She thought how lucky her mother would be to have such a beautiful princess….she kept on watching that girl with unending curiosity….
ARadhya finished her ice-cream and now her eyes were searching her Neil chachu….she moved her gaze all around the place, but he was nowhere….Something caught her eye….Her mom!!!…
Before she could yell in happiness, Neil kept his palm on her mouth and asked her to be quiet and gave her dadaa’s swear….
Neil,” No baby don’t scream”

Aradhya spoke with tears in her big brown orbs,” Chachu, that’s my moer right?!”
Neil pulled her on his lap and wiped the tears streaming down her cheeks,” Babu, I won’t lie….yes, that’s your mom but there z a problem”
She asked curiously,” What poblem Chachu?”
Neil,” Baccha, me, dadaa and your mom are playing a game….In that game we have a devil who he z the bad guy….we have to win this game right?”
She nodded positively and asked,” Chachu how will win this gem”
Neil,” Its game not gem….Now listen carefully….your mom z in the prison of a devil and to keep her safe, we can’t acknowledge our relation with her otherwise that devil will harm her…..till Dadaa defeats that devil, Aru won’t call her mother”
Aradhya,” Chachu, Aru will do as you sae, but can I at least talk to her”
Neil couldn’t deny her so he nodded positively….he walked to Radhika’s table…tears streamed down his cheeks seeing his Chashni so near yet so far, but he controlled himself….

Neil,” Hello, I am Neil actually I have someone waiting for me outside, but baby will get bored
there so can you please look after her till I come back”
Radhika’s heart developed love at first sight for the little girl with the most beautiful eyes of this world….she felt a magnetic pull towards the little toddler…..she had never felt like this for anyone before…She couldn’t deny Neil’s request…
Radhika,” Yup sure”
Neil,” Thanks Anisha”
Radhika eyes widen in shock….she never told her name to Neil than how he knew her name….
Radhika,” Mr Neil, how you know my name??”
Neil scratched his moustache nervously thinking what to answer now….He finally spoke confidently,” Remember Mr Khanna’s party!?”
She wasn’t convinced but nodded positively because she wanted to spend time with that little cute girl standing beside Neil…
Neil left them alone and prayed that Aradhya’s does not blurt out the truth otherwise it will be harmful for Radhika…Doctor had instructed them to behave patiently with her and hammering her brain to remember can put her in grave danger….
Radhika cuddled ARadhya,” Baby, you are so cute and sweet like this ice-cream”
Aradhya eyes started pouring….she wanted to hug her mom tight but she couldn’t let Dadaa lose the game they are playing…
Radhika saw the tears in her eyes….She didn’t knew why her heart pained to see those tears….She wiped the tears and pecked ARadhya lovingly….
Radhika,” What z your name?”
ARadhya,” ARadhya Arjun Mehra”

Radhika got shocked hearing Arjun’s name….Her face instantly got filled with tremor…..All the flashes of last night renewed themselves, but she gulped down her fear and thought logically,’
What’s the fault of this girl if she z that devil’s daughter’
Radhika,” That’s a really nice name…..”
Yash came back with chocolate ice-cream tempting both the hungry eyes of two girls sitting in front of him….
Radhika told him about ARadhya but didn’t mention her complete name….
She took a spoon and stuffed the ice-cream in Aradhya’s mouth while the latter clapped her hands in joy….
The only thing that irked Aradhya was Yash….She didn’t like the way her mom was smiling at another man other than her father….Things reached overboard when Yash gave Radhika an arm hug….ARadhya clutched her little fist tight to control herself from reacting like a maniac…she assumed that Yash z the devil or villainous character in the story that her Neil chachu told her….She wanted to dip Yash’s head in the ice-cream bucket for touching her mom…She was helpless as it was in her blood itself…She was Arjun Mehra’s daughter after all….So to turn aggressive and react arrogantly was in her genes….
Radhika watched her grumpy face and pulled her cheeks….she pecked her forehead and hugged her lovingly….ARadhya felt amazing soothing feeling after experiencing the warmth of her mother’s arms….

Precap….Still Thinking

Hii sweethearts…. Sorry to keep you waiting…. So howz this one???….hope it was not that boring…even if it was then thanks for reading….do let me know your reviews…
Questions and suggestions always welcome….will update next one as soon as I finish it….till then love you all…byee??

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