WHEN THE HEART LOSES ITS HEARTBEAT – An Ishqbaaz three shot by ayushi (Shot 3)

Thank u for ur response..Here’s the third part..And a khidkitod waala thank you to all of u who commented..Your reviews mean a lot

Your beautiful and motivational comments boost me up…Here is the third shot of the story…

They were numb to see the soul or maybe just body lying there..
Anika was there laying down with her body turning pale blue..Her lips were rough and blue..As if some toxin had been injected into her..She was laying calmly as if sleeping peacefully after a long struggle.But her condition was not at all peaceful to others..
Shivaay sat down shaking her vigorously..
Anika!!Anika!!utho..I said get up..
Mujhe pta tha ki kuch gadbad hai..Oh godd kya halat bna li tumne..
Anika!!Anika!!Utho naa
He said crying as cutely as a baby..
He screamed..

OMRU!!!gaadi nikalo..
He picks anika,”Anika tumhe kuch nhi hoga..Mujhe vishwaas hai..”
He said rather giving a fake assurance to himself but his condition clearly showed his fear….
They reach the hospital..Anika is being carried on the stretcher..
Rudra says crying,”Bhabhi utho na..Aap toh apne iss devar k saath saare plans bnati ho..This is your plan na..Why didn’t u tell me…

Rudra shouts,”O!!Bhabhi se kaho na aisa mazaak na kare…!!!”
Om says breaking down,”Rudy your bhabhi is showing tadi..!!!Let her wake up..We will see her.”
Dadi says,”Haaye meri anika!!Sabke saath accha krti h pta nhi iske saath rab kuch accha kyo nhi krta..”
Anika is taken into OT..
Omru make shivaay sit..Rudra starts sobbing..
Shivaay says,”Chup kar!!Why r u crying??Meri anika thik hai..
Usne mujhse vaada kiya hai jiyenge toh saath aur marenge bhi saath..
Stop crying!!”

Doctor comes out..
Shivaay-Doctor me..meri anika..
Dr.-Patient is vry critical..Inhe kaafi dino se slow poison diya gya tha..inki bachne ki ummeed sirf 10% h
Shivaay holds his collar-HOW DARE YOU!!Wo shivaay singh oberoi ki biwi hai aur uski jaan asani se nhi jaegi..
Doc gets frightened..And shivay faints there..Omru know its because of stress.So om puts his head in his lap and caresses his hair while crying.
Shivaay’s dream..

Anika in a white dress is turned to his oppsite side in a dark night..Shivaay is holding her hand..
Anika says,”Shivaay humara saath yahi tak tha..I know i told u we will die together but today i break my pinky promise..I can’t see u and ur family breaking..Now onwards do not live for me u will get nothing but pain..Live for U and with ur family..Don’t trouble urself..And lastly take care of saahil.”
Saying this she starts moving away,”Anika no!!Nahi!!U can’t leave me..Shivaay singh oberoi ki jaan itni asani se nhi jaayegi…How can u say don’t trouble urself..U will b here to trouble me..”He says crying..

Anika joins her hands pleading,”Shivay mujhe aise moh k bandhan mei mat bandhiye..Let me go..”
He shouts”ANIKAAA!!!!”
Shivay wakes up all sweating..

Om says,”Shivaay what happened?”
Shivaay says,”An..anika He gulps his saliva..Wo..keh rhi t..thi ki wo j..jaa rhi h”
He runs and stares at anika thru the glass..For a moment he felt as if his heart skipped a beat when he heard…
The heartbeat monitor showed a straight line with no irregularity..
Shivay went numb…
He stormed inside..

Doctr was about to put white cloth on her face..Shivaay said
“No doctor!!What the hell r u doing?Put that thing down..And go out I want
to talk to my anika..’
Doc said,”But mr.oberoi..!!

Doctr went out..Omru came to him..
Doc-I m sorry we could not save her..
Ru-Nahhii!!!Mer bbhh..bhabhi!!!
Om sat down as if completely broken..All the OF members were in tears..
He thought for smtime and began shouting..BHAIYA!!BHAIYA!!
Pinky-O my maata!!Why r u shouting his name..
Om-Because if bhabhi is gone so shivaay is also dead..

Shivay goes to her and holds her hand..
Sh-Anika!!Meri jaan..Wake up!!Dekho tumhare sadu singh oberoi has come..
Dekho don’t trouble ur billuji!!Haan!

What were u saying Let me go?Why?Tumhare koi haq nhi h mujhe chodke jaane ka..How can u go..I told u tumhari andar meri jaan h…Will u let ur shivaay die?No na..Do u want me to become sad singh oberoi?No na..
Sirf tum hi mujhe jhel skti ho..U said na..Waise I know nothing will happen to u..Because u r my khidkitod tadibaaz billi..Haina..My anika is superwoman na..I know u r just troubling me..Showing tadi haa..
He is disheartened not gaining any response..No he starts shouting while continuosly crying..
“bahut ho gya..u know u can’t beat me in tadi..
Suddenly the white cloth flies and hoes ober anika’s face

Jane nahi denge tujhe..Jaane tujhe denge nhi..

He remembers himself saving anika from being shot..

Chahe tujhko rab bula le..Hum na rab se darne waale..

He recalls anika coming to save him from bullett..

Raaho mei datke khade hai humm..

He recalls anika saying I love u..

Do pal ka yeh safar hai..umar chhoti si dagar hai..

He recalls jumping from the plane..
And her voice”Aapko bhut mauke milenge”
He says,”Anika!!Wake up!!Anikaaaa anikaa..
Kise poochun..Hai aisa kyo..Bezubaan sa yeh jahan hai..

“Waise mai kitni bachao type ki ladki hu.”Rings in his ears..

Khushi k pal..Kaha dhoondhu..Benishan sa waqt bhi yaha h..
“Mai shivaay singh oberoi ki biwi hun..Aur meri jaan itni asaani se nhi jayegi..”

Jaana kitne labo se gile hai..Zindagi ss kai faasle hain..Jo seejhte h sapne kyo aankhon mei lakeere jab choote in haathon se yu bewajah..

“Itni asaani se aapka peecha nhi chodungi..”
Jo bheji thi dua..Wo jaake aasman se yu takra gyi ki aagyi hai laut k sada..

He shouts anikaaaaa!!!!!!!!And bangs her chest..
Her heart is shown..It starts beating..
She mutters,”Shivaay!”
He looks at her smiles and calls doctor!My life has come back..
Doctor comes and says
My goodness!this is a miracle..
Shivaay comes out smiling.

Rudra comes running and says crying bhaiyaa!!
Shivaay says,”Ur bhabhi was showing tadi but i m a bigger tadibaaz..
She is fine now..

After some hours anika gains consciousness.shivaay goes to her..She sees his tear stained face..
She asks softly “What happened shivaay?Were u crying.”
He says,”Yes i was.Kyonki tumne jo raita phailaya tha that was too much to handle..
She says”Aacha ok..Sorry..See i m tan tana tan fine in front of u..Waise what happened to me?”
Shivay says concerned,”Someone gave u slow poison..”
He goes in his sso mood and says..
“Dekhte hai uss insaan ko shivaay singh oberoi se kaun bachayega..:

PRECAP-Abhay exposed but….the game is on..
“SHIVVAAYYY!!!!!!!!!”Who was that?

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