WHEN THE HEART LOSES ITS HEARTBEAT – An Ishqbaaz three shot by ayushi (Shot 2)

Thank u for ur response..Here’s the scnd part..And a khidkitod waala thank you to all of u who commented..

Days pass and no one knows what is happening to anika..She is trying to give her full energy but is becoming weaker day by day..She cannot work for long hours..She feels dizzy and looks quite pale..
Shivaay is becoming more and more worried about her..He spends a lot of time with her but from inside his heart is somewhat clenching seeing anika..He took her to the doctor but he prescribed it just to after effects of the high fever which she had been suffering from. (He had been bribed by abhay).Whenever anika’s food was being served abhay was around watching like a hawk..
#One day..

Shivaay calls all the OF members to the hall except anika,tanya and abhay..Tanya was busy while abhay was out smwhere..
Shivaay says looking sad,”Aaj mne aap sab ko kisi issue k baare mei nhi balki kisike baare mei baat krbe ko bulaya hai.”
Shakti says concerned,”Shivaay i suppose u r talking about anika.”

Shivaay sighs and gets teary eyed..He says,”Wo phle waali anika nhi rahi..I don’t know usse kya hogya hai..Na hasti hai thik se aur na hi phle ki tarah baatein krti hai..I don’t know why she has lost her charm..She wasn’t like that..Jis anika ko mai jaanta tha wo bilkul aisi nhi thi..She isn’t the anika I met anymore..”A lone tear escapes his eyes which he quickly wipes away..
Tej pats his shoulder,”I think shivaay is right..Even i hav noticed anika..Hamesha beemae beemar si rhti hai.”
Rudra sits down saying,”Pta nhi meri partner in crime ko kya ho gya..Meri anika bhabhi hamesha khidkitod thi never like this.”
Jhanvi says,”I think v should call the doctor tomorrow morning.”

Pinky says,”Ye bhi krke dkh lete h.”
Shivaay says,”I will all the time be with her but in my absence plzz don’t leave her alone..
Dadi says,”Trust is billu and anika too..She might be having some problem..Maybe.”
Om says,”Fine so I will call Dr.Malik tomorrow morning..”
Shivaay goes to his room..He had seen tanya going out long before..So he was quite relaxed..He enters his room and sees anika folding his clothes and hanging them..He goes to her and says softly”Anika..”She looks towards him and smiles..She says mildly,”Kya hua shivaay?Any problem.”
Shivay says,”Nahi..”He makes her sit..
“Ye kya kr rhi ho.”
“Can’t u see..Aapke ke kapde teh (fold )kr rhi hu”

“Sit down..” He gently makes her sit..
“Can’t u stop working all the time..Give some time to yourself.”
“Shivay u hav been telling this to me since last few days..Ek hi kamre mei baithe baithe…
Shivay cuts her off,”Tumhe michmichi machti hai..U hav beengiving this bahana since last few days..”
Anika laughs
“Aap na ekdum billuji hi ho..”
“What did I do now?”He asks wid an innocent face..

“Itni tension mat liya kariye..I m fine..Itni jldi aapka peecha nhi chodungi.”she chuckles..
“I also do not want u to leave me..”
Saying so they both share a warm hug…

Pinky goes to each room to give the prasad of morning aarti..She knocks on anika’s door..It does not open..
She thinks,”Accha hi hai nhi khola..Kaun uss manhoos ki shakal dekhna hi chahta hai subah subah.”
She is about to go but stops..She puts her ear near the door..And listens..

She hears noises as if someone is breathing heavily or struggling to breathe..Pinky gets worried..

She knocks shouting..
ANIKA!!ANIKA!!Open the door..
The sound gets louder..Pinky gets even more tensed..

She shouts..
Jaldi aaiye..
All come running..
Shivaay says panting,”What happened?”
Pinky says,”Anika is not opening the doors..And andar se awaaz aa rhi hai ..”
Shivaay puts his ear and hears the same continuous heavy breaths..
He shouts banging the door,”ANIKA!!ANIKA!!Darwaza kholo!!!!Tum thik ho..ANIKA!!!
Rudra says,”Bhaiyaa i think we need to break the door..”
Shivaay signals One,Two,Three

And shivomru break the door..Bangg!!!!!!
After a minute of silence…


PRECAP-What happened?

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    1. SatyendraSharma

      Thank u sooo much dear❤

  2. As usual khidkithod one. Always opening tu page to read your ff. Your ff made me crazy day by day. By the way loved pinky concern for Annika. Keep writing more and more lots of love❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤??????????

    1. SatyendraSharma

      Thank you…the thought that y love my ff means a lot to me????

    2. SatyendraSharma

      Thank you…the thought that u love my ff means a lot to me????

  3. Please don’t separate SHIVIKA please ?

    1. SatyendraSharma

      I can’t do that even in my dreams..Have faith in me..I love shivika together❤❤❤❤

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    It was fab dr.. ekdum khidkitod….. do post nxt soon….

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    Hey Guys I just watched Shivika first hug. Om’s shayari. “Zindagi ke bhag mein do baar aayi hai bahar. Jo kal tak tha kinare pe aaj do kashtiyon pe sawar.” can any one tell me the meaning.

    1. SatyendraSharma

      It meant that shivaaywho was not at all interested in evn one girl was one side marrying tia while also hugging anika..I suppose he meant that?

  11. Barbieannie

    Damn? my heart was beating *Dhak dhak* thinking pinky will tell anyone or not and then what happened to annika? i literally had heartattack ? Good going keep going???? Loads of love to u and your khidkitod FF?❤❤❤❤❤ TC and I’m staying tuned to it?

    1. SatyendraSharma

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