WHEN THE HEART LOSES ITS HEARTBEAT – An Ishqbaaz three shot by ayushi (Shot 1)

Hey guysss a three shot coming ur way…Here’s the track…
Abhay thinks that he can’t break the oberois until he breaks shivika which is somewhat impossible…So he decides to choose the second option…But What?Lets see…(Guys note that here omru are present in the mansion)

“Even if one has a heart it requires a heartbeat..”So if shivaay is the heart anika is the heartbeat of the oberois…If no heartbeat the heart ‘s dead…..Maybe that will giv u a hint of abhay’s planning..

The glorious morning commences with a tint of yellow sunshine but full of clouds..Here shivaay had called anika early morning to the backlawn to discuss and ponder upon further plans..He is looking at his watch still in his white kurta showing his perfect figure…He senses anika and looks behind to see her coming in white suit…But her face was not twinkling as always..She had a red face with yellow pale looking eyes…She was stumbling while walking….Shivay thinks.”One day this lady kumbkaran woke early..See she is looking like a chudail..”..
Anika stands in front of him fidgeting..
Shivay,”Subah jldi utha diya toh ye nhi ki tum seedhi khadi bhi na
Ho pao..”
Anika says stammering;”haa..mera matlab nahi..Matlab woo….”And her head begins spinning…She holds shivay’s shoulder with one hand..Shivay first sees her hand and then looks at her face confused..She falls on his chest with a deep breath…
Shivay is stunned..What happened?His expression indicated..He sits on the damp grass with her head in his lap…He says,”Anika kya hua..Utho utho..”He touches her forehead..Its burning like fire…He mumbles,”oh god this careless girl..She had fever and didn’t even bother to tell me..Kya karun mai iska..”He picks her up and takes her inside and puts wet cloth on her head for smtime..She all the times keeps moaning his name..He feels pity..The fever subsides..shivaay goes from there unwantedly so as not to be caught by tanya..He tells om to keep a check on anika..Abhay goes to the kitchen..He sees a servant carrying soup.He asks,”Ye kiske liye h?”
Servant says,”Anika mam k liye.”Abhay says give it to me..Mai apni bhabhi ko dunga..The servant gives and goes..Abhay says”Lagta h bhagwan bhi mere saath hain.”he takes out a bottle and mixes it the bottle showed a?
which indicated danger..He gives the soup to a servant and smirks..
Whole day shivay could not work properly..His mind was lingering around anika..Whenever he wanted to meet her tanya came…At last dejected,he went to sleep…
He woke up due to some creaking noises..He heard it because he wasn’t sleeping but just tossing and turning..
He quietly got up to see tanya sleeping and tip toed out..He sees kitchen light on..He saw anika trying to reach to the top shelf for a cookie..But weakness overpowered her and she sat down on the nearby chair..Shivaay ran to her…
Shivaay complains,”Ek jagah baitha nhi jaata hai tumse..Kuch chahiye tha toh ghar k saare logo mei se ek ko awaaz de deti..”Anika says,”Aap toh aise keh rahe hain jaise mujhe cancer ho gya hai aur MAI KUCH DINO KI MEHMAAN HUN”Shivaay cupped her mouth and said,”Don’t u dare say sich words again.Waise kya chahiye tha.”
Anika smiles cheekily,”Pehle toh cookies par ab ice cream..”
And there the lion starts roaring…
“Fever hai but noo..nahi…iss ladki ko aadhi raat ko ice cream khani hai..All day work work work..Aur phir fever aa jaaye aur behosh ho jaao..Lekin nahii..ice cream toh khaani h..”And his blabbering goes on till he notices her asleep..He feels pity and picks her and carries her to her room..He places a cookie jar next to her bed..With a sticky note..

| As sweet as you my dear |

PRECAP-Anika’s condition worsens..BUT BECAUSE OF WHAT?

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    Good one. However, SSO can sense danger before it reaches Annika. If she is unwell, SSO not going to leave her alone at any cost

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