WHEN THE HEART LOSES ITS HEARTBEAT – An Ishqbaaz FF by ayushi (Part 4)

Here is the fourth shot..My god such lovely comments i received made me feel so special..thank u dear readers❤❤❤❤
Anika was discharged from hospital.She entered OM..Dadi did her and shivaay aarti..Shivaay was holding her by her shoulders..Shivaay started to walk with her but turned towards the corridor of his room..anika looked at him with questioning eyes…Shivaay took her to his room..Tanya was sitting there..She got up and asked,”Shivaay!?What is she doing in our room.”Anika became sad hearing this and started to turn around and move backk..But shivaay held her hand and pulled her close to himself..
He said,”Tanya leave..!”Tanya tried to interrupt but shivaay shouted,”Can’t u hear..I said leave!!!!..
Tanya,”U don’t know the consequences..”
Shivaay said,”I vry well know.Will u leave or shud i push u out..
Tanya left..He made anika sit on the bed..Anika was smiling..She said..”Waise waapas aa gye mere tadibaaz singh oberoi urf kanji aankhon waale baagad bille..”
Shivaay gave her medicines..And she made a pout..Shivaay said,”Awww..So cute..”Anika laughed and ate the medicines..It was night and shivaay made her lay down and was going but she held his hand and said,”Aapke bina mujhe neend kaise aayegi..”Shivay smiled and laid down beside her and they both slept.
All gathered in the hall..Shivaay comes with anika..Shivaay shouts,”Khanna!bring all servants here.”All servants gather there..Shivaay asks who all served anika’s food these days..
Ten servants come forward..
Shivaay says,”Tell the truth or else u and ur family will be in trouble..”
Did u all made the food..
Servants-Yes sir
Did u all bring the food urself?
Servants-No sir
Who brought it?
All were silent..

Shivay shouted,”Who took it got dammit?”
Servants-Abhay sir…
Shivay-But how can he do this
Tej-Well but we can’t trust anyone when it comes to oberois..
Rudra-Kahi aisa toh nhi ki abhay hi tanya ko use kr rha ho..And so he tried to kill anika bhabhi so that shivay bhaiya breaks and this family too…..
Everyone on listening this start rubbing their ears…Anika pinches herself and dadi slaps rudra lightly..
Shivaay-Om does rudra hav a duplicate..
Om-Maybe..I suppose he is the one..
Rudra-What r u guys saying..
Tej-I really hav a doubt..
Dadi-oh khoteyo kaisi baatein kr rhe ho…
Rudra smiles thinking at least dadi trusts him..
Dadi-Ye khota rudra ho hi nhi skta..
Rudra says-Haaiinnnn…
Excuse me aap logo ko doubt isliye h kyonki aap sab ne meri intelligence ko nazar faraz kiya..
Om-Now i can say he is rudra..
Duffer its nazar andaaz..
Shivaay-Anyways now lets teach abhay a lesson..
They add toxicant in abhay’s food and make him confess..Shivaay throws him out with gr8 insult..
Abhay shouts,”GAME IS ON DEAR OBEROIS..”and goes…

Tej shakti were at their farmhouse,Jhanvi pinky at the temple,Rikara (yes they r together happily)and shivika in the oberoi garden and rudra was in meerut (for any reason u want to imagine)
At 11:30 am..
A hard iron rod landed on each OF member’s head..They all fainted and were carried somewhere by men in black veils..Rudra was saves because he was in meerut..

Shivaay’s pov..
I was sleeping when i heard a crying voice of anika calling me..I woke up with pain in my head..What happened?
Shivaay’s pov end…
Shivaay woke up seeing anika sitting close to him..Both of them were tied to one sofa..Same way Tanvi (Tej jhanvi),
Shinky and rikara were tied together on three other sofas..so basically all couples on different sofas..
The place was somewhat like a dungeon with five doors.And there was a chart with photos of the four couples..Tej shouted,”What’s all this?”
Shivaay-Who r u? Why hav u kidnapped us..
Out of one door abhay comes out
Om says-Abhay?
Abhay-Yes!!!My dear omkara bhaiya..
So mere pyaare parivaarwaalon ko maza aa rha h?
Anika shouted wriggling-Chodd hume..Cheapde..
Abhay-Lets play a gane dears…

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