My heart longs for you!! Petal 1


Love is my weakness… You only gave me pain… And heart longs for you..

This was the day i waited in these last 6 month. Laksh’s birthday! My family had invited to the grand party his family throwing for him. I know he would be least interested cause..he isn’t man who went by family rules.. His life..his rules.. A complete rebel..exactly like me.. I have a reason for that.. I wonder what would be his reason…
I am sure he’s gonna laugh it out when i’m gonna tell him that i love him..passionately and i’ll never give up without a fight. But i’m sure..he’ll never insult me.. Because..even though it is stone..he had a heart…which respected women…

I got ready in a simple lavender colored knee length gown..and did minimal make up. When i looked up to the mirror..a memory passed by..

# fb

“ look so hot and beautiful…lavender color is made for you my sissy…”
A girl around 16 years chirped looking at her twin but not identical sister who was busy doing her hair infront of the mirror..
“Thanks Shona…”
“why are you saying thanks to me? You should thank your boyfriend for gifting this… Anyways..just tell him to behave..otherwise he wouldn’t have his face to show..” Shona said all this showing fake seriousness..Rago replied her with mocking smile..and both of them chuckled…

#end of fb

The memories gave her heart ache.. The memory of her bff/soul sister… The memory of her first love…

She looked stunning in that dress. Many pair of eyes admired her..but the pair of eyes she searched for was nowhere to seen. In these 6 months.. Ragini had secured a very formal relation with Laksh. That was not enough to be convinced that he’s the one.. But her former relationship had gave her enough experience to analyse a man without his knowledge. She always believed that she would end up with her first love..and have a happily ever after.. But fate was cruel.. They ended as so-called-friends after a bad break up..

Ragini’s pov

Atlast i found him.. He was in a library like room..a mysterious place and filled with books. He was not drunk or anything. He was just looking at a photo frame.. He was talking to it.. He didn’t see me entering because he was sitting showing back to the door..
He was sobbing..
“My fruit punch.. Where are you? Do you still love me ..naa.. Then please come back… I’ll never tease you.. We will marry as per your wish.. Your mother won’t reject.. Cause i have my own money..a house.. Everything she wanted.. Please..”

He continued sobbing..and i stood at the door not knowing what to do.. Before i could go back, Laksh saw me..and called me..
” Miss.Gadodia..?”

precap: work on progress

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