My heart longs for you!! INTRO..

I loved him…more than anything..but..he loved money.Money was his main motive.. I knew this.. Still.. I Ragini Gadodia.. Loved Laksh Maheshwary.. I met him in an most unexpected place to fall in love.
A business deal was taking place between my dad and his dad. He was with his dad, as his dad’s company’s legal advisor.I saw him and he didn’t even looked at me.It was kind of a blow in my face..because i always got attention.. I was proud of my beauty..and this boy broke it within 2 seconds.Not just me…he didn’t looked at any other girl.. Then my dad’s PA Kavya gave me his bio-data after the deal signing things.. I hate business stuff from the core of my heart.. What i liked to do was shopping..travelling and fashion designing. I own a fashion franchise called “RAG’S STYLE”.. But what to dad made me own 40% of the company..and my sign is required for any deal.. I always wished if my sister was with me..
Leave all these..i checked onto his bio-data.
Name: Laksh Maheshwary
age: 27
Legal advisor of Maheshwary companies. A criminal lawyer. Bachelor. Youngest son of Maheshwary family. Girl friend: none
loves money..does anything for it..

What the…
I don’t know why..but after reading his bio-data.. I found him interesting. And then…i started investigating and kind of stalked him. He was a heartless person..he bailed out many evil men..but he never showed mercy to the culprits of rape case..instead he did everything he can to make them punish for life time..
He made me curious..and he was exactly like me..when it comes to family.. Only for namesake..

Thats when i started falling for him.. He showed himself as the bad guy..but he had a heart that pained.. And my heart started beating in the rhythm of his heartbeat..

Its a raglak ff..but you can witness swalak..ragsan and well.. So do you like my fan fiction?

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  1. Akansha

    its amazing…. i dont watch swaragini.. but i like this story line.. its awesome

  2.’s interesting

  3. Awesom start

  4. Megha123

    Very amazing just loved it can’t wait 4 next8

  5. Megha123

    Very amazing just loved it can’t wait 4 next epi

  6. Akshata

    very interesting, different story, update soon.

  7. Snehahari

    superb yaar

  8. interesting .I want to know more abt rags lovestory nd laksh’s heart sorry

  9. I’m interested..update nxt..

  10. Prateeksha

    awesome.waiting eagerly for next episode 🙂

  11. yes i love it plz continue

  12. Cutiie

    Nice ..swasan scenes more

  13. It’s quite diff. Will love to read it.

  14. amazing,please concentrate on raglak

  15. its amazing waiting for raglak

  16. Very interesting dear and waiting for next episode

  17. SPP

    Awesome Superb Interesting
    Waiting for the next one……….

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