Where is Heart There is Life Episode 38

arjun and nesam r searching radz in different roads. radz is sitting in the chair. shes now very weak. she says in weak voice water!water! a goon comes and says what is ur problem? radz says water! the goon picks up a bottle and opens it. he throws water towards radz and radz gets ditched. radz looks on. he says dont ask for water again.

its now evening. arjun calls police. policeman says we r searching her. u dont worry. sam gets tammanas call. she picks it up. tam asks where u r? sam says theres a trouble. radz is kidnapped. tam says what? how? i mean who kidnapped her? sam says i dont know. tam says u dont worry. she will hereby. others interns r with tam. they ask her what happened? tam says radz is kidnapped. rahul says lets go to find her. after all we r also her friends. they leaves from hospital.

all interns meet nesam and arjun on the road. rahul says it so late but radz is nowhere. neil says if think we should find her technically. arjun says but police isnot able to find her till now. niki says i have an idea. should we hire a private detective? tam says what r u saying? private detective? no… all keep quit for a while. suddenly sam says radzs mobile! how can we forget? if we call her then……neil says r u mad? what do u think we didnt call her? shes not picking up. arjun says dont yell at sam. tam says sam is right. radz mobile! neil says now u also started! how many times i will tell u that i had called her but she didnt……tam gets angry. she says neil u never let me finish my word. sam also joins her. neil, u didnt notice to my words. neil walks towards sam and says what? i dont listen? then what about u? as u always pay heed to my words. sam pushes neil. she says say..say … now what u were saying? neil says i will do as i wish. u r just dumb. u will phone her? take this mobile and call her. she wont attend ur call. sam gets more angry and shouts im not telling to call her, im telling to trace her phone. neil now gets concious and looks on. arjun says neil u were shomuting without understanding. look she was giving a good idea but u… neil is in tear and says to sam sorry yaar sam. wont u forgive me? sam also in tear and smiles hearing neil and says there is always forgive for my idiot. but its last time, okay? neil says okay. they hug happily. they r lost in each other. janam janam sath chal na yuhi kasam tumhe kasam plays……… tam claps to get nesam attention. nesam gets uncomfortable. tam says if u r done, then lets trace radz mobile? neil says u know neil malhotra is famous all over. i also know mobile phone company people. should we call them? arjun says then our famous neil pls take their help. neil gets confused receiving such expression from his boss arjun. he looks at arjun. arjun says call them! neil hurrily call them and asks for help. neil cuts the call.neil says guys good news. they will trace the phone and message me the location. arjun says great.

radz sees someone coming and says r u hungry? radz sees shreya. shreya says sorry to kidnap u but i cant injustice with u when it comes about food. she throws a plate towards radz and says eat it. radz says untie me. shreya says im not so fool. she asks by the way after regaining memory y didnt u tell everyone about me? i dont think u forgot me. radz says not everyone like u. i didnt tell anyone bcoz i wanted to fight my battle on my own. i wanted to punish u myself. shreya says how? i have kidnapped u. radz says i will get out of here very soon. shreya says okay, im now going. shreya goes.

neil gets a message. neil says look they found the location. arjun reads the location. he says lets go there. they leaves for there by car. its a jungle. they walks in the jungle. kirti says guys, didnt the kidnapper find any other place? its so dark here. i think ghosts r also here. parth says oh kirti, shut up. kirti says u shut up. my dress is getting spoil. heres soil and dirty also. kirti falls down. parth says look! seems the ghosts r angry with u. kirti fumes in anger. they come near a hut. arjun says this is the location. sam says we should be careful. may be theres goon also. neil says first make sure if radz relly here or not. arjun says look theres a tree. neil climb on the tree and u will find a window. look in the window and see if shes there or not. neil says r u serious? should i climb on the tree? arjun says then what do u think? am i joking at this hour that too in the jungle? ( oh! this idiot neil cant even understand if anyone joking or serious. really sam gave him a proper name idiot!)

neil climbs on the tree. he sees the room through the window. he indictes other that radz is inside. neil comes down. neil says radz is inside and shes tied with a chair. i wonder how this saral did so good arrangements. niki says saral? did she kidnapped her? but why? sam says i will tell u later. now just concentrate how to free radz. neil says but heres also goons. so now……arjun says one will go inside and others will wait outside and divert goons attention.

credit to: Natasha

hows that? i had repiled u all in last page. cheak it out.

how r u all? guys im busy these days with college. but i will come here to read all ur comments. now a days im not recieving much feedbacks from u all as usual. i think all r busy and i totally can understand it. earlier we used a gather under a roof but now we have to go individual pages and its difficult to go to all pages as theres so many pages.

anyways my friends im always there for u. u can also share ur feelings with me. u know a friend can tell u the things u dont want to tell urself.

be happy and always say PROUD TO BE A GIRL

so bye guys.


  1. Shree

    It was so nice… What’s with shreya now? I’m so happy to see your update… Update the next part soon.. Please..

    Love you loads.. Tc… Keep smiling… Bear hug ??

  2. manha

    Nats u r back again. haan maine dekhi dilwale. achi thi. Very funny.
    Now im seeing more funny thing than the movie n that is ur update. The talk between arjun n neil was complete fun. like then our famous neil ask their help. neil was confused to see arjun. lol. that ws too gud. N then nesam song n all clap to make them come out of their world. haha. N all the friends gathered so there will be so much adventure n fun. Radz daro mat aarahe hain tumhare dost. very sweet.

    haan sachme aaj kal baat hi nahi ho pati theek se. There r more pages n its difficult to check all the pages to see n talk. kuch karna chahiye iska. Nisha ka comment dekha. she said bye. plzzz nishu if u r seeing this come n talk we can come up with a solution. plzzzz dont leave like this.
    i know everyone is leaving n u r missing ur old friends. But plzzzz come once. plzzzzz.

  3. sree

    heyyy…natasha..how r u dear?very good epi dear.sry for not commenting on ur previous epi…miss u dear

  4. aastha

    hey natty im surprised tat it ws nt saral…tat shreya..god olzz kill hr or it seems tat i ll do it myself………………….happy tat tey found hr at last……..o niel hw cn u b so witless????????????sam named u correctly….IDIOT…………………

  5. Ameena

    Hey my sweet sis, thank god you are finally here! I missed you a lot. Hmm…looks like dilwale is very confusing! Well, who cares ( I mean only I don’t care), I don’t even have time to watch. Wow, the update was awesome like usual. Yes, I totally agree with you that nowadays we don’t talk a lot. And even I’m missing a lot my old buddies. I just hope all friends come on this page and we can again gather under one roof. Missing nisha a lot. I hope she comes here. Ok bye. Gotta go again. Luv you! ??

  6. Anwesha

    Very nice dear….
    How r u??? Can totally understand life is so busy…. BT thnku for the update its awsme as usual :*

  7. Natasha

    @manha dilwale funny tha? ramlal aur pogo? ha…ha…ha…. radz ki friends jaise adventure karne nikle hai i like it. mein bhi adventure karna chah ti hoo. rassi leke building mein khud jaun?

    i saw nishas comment. i really like her. i want she to comeback.

  8. natasha

    @ aastha dont be so hyper. if u will kill her then… no yaar i dont want my friend to be the murderer and too of my story. it will be better if we will leave shreya in interns hand. what say?

  9. Roma

    Hi Natasha dearyyyy, it’s superb episode, loved it very much, Arjun nesam made a good team…now all the interns also joined …wow…neil such a cutie pie…poor Sam kahan phans gayi…really you can trace the phone too..duhh…arjun also taking neil’s class n Neil shocked to see arjun’s funny side….so sweeeeeet. …in jungle too kriti n parth were hilarious. ..ghost n all…lol…again neil when will you grow up, arjun is serious. ..thank God they found rads…now let’s see how they gonna take her out…shreya is very cruel. .hate her…Natasha dear very lovely narration fun with the thrill…wowwww awesome, keep it up. eagerly waiting for the next episode, love you loads and very tight hug, muaaaaahhhhhh ♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡

  10. richa (titli)


    @@@@ manha dr hw r u LOL tc 🙂 and ameena too 🙂

  11. Daizy

    Hey Natasha dear…. Happy to see u here after so many days….I really miss your story….n nice Episode dear…..n mission searching radhika successful…. Yaar she has so loving friends…. Now they will save her n take her back safely….but hey is saral involved with them..or not?….plzz come back soon to reveal the secret….miss u dear….take care….

  12. Yours Nisha

    hey my loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeees.

    manha roma shree, richu, laxmi, naty ammu aastha


    Today I came on Tu and read all the messages on several pages lovees.

    I know I have to give a reason for just leave like that.

    You all are my friends and I am fully answerable to you all that why I leave like that and that to saying good bye

    Guys that time I cried when I write that yes , Nisha is actually visit this place to smile and make each and everyone smile.

    If I see u all happy then I get my smile too.

    But I have a tiny miny problem with me I get attached so easily with anyone. I get attached with you all. and now when my lovees are going away then I am getting weak these days. I am missing them.

    I love u all. and you know so many are actually going day by day . I am actually sad from so many days. I even write on thena page too that so many left tu these days I don’t know why they have got something important offcourse we all are girls and this is life we can’t be here for life long.

    and I know this bitter truth . and that day I cried and even now I felt like crying now. seriously hate myself when I write I cried But it is true.

    This is the main reason I am going weak now missing mansi tasnim chinni zara , richu came but sometime dear we can’t talk all the time we don’t have one place to meet whenever we want

    manha meet sometime but these days we all are going reading stuff . I am more like attached with you all more than your stories this thing make me weak now.

    Nisha is actually came here to make u all smile nor make u sad or depressed it is actually an insane feeling . Just a minor one .

    I need to pacify myself . I need sometime to get my energy back . and came up to make u all smile once again.

    Don’t worry this is not a good bye I came again soon just need some time to heel myself . To get my energy back.

    sorry naty I didn’t read the story dear I know you are rocking dear for sure when came again I read and for sure giving u comment also write now not in a state to read it.

    love u by heart

    all my lovees . I am saying you first and not for the last time that I visit tu for reading all your names deareeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeees yes , I like manmarziyaan stories but so much than that I came to meet u all. not for the stories more for u alll.

    Because I love u all.

    agar pyaar karne ki himmat ki hai keemat toh chukaanee hi padegee.

    don’t worry in last line I get some relax while writing I am totally fine just sharing my love with my dear ones.

    Want to charge my battery . whenever it is fully charges . I am back . Back to meet u all with a bang.

    After all I love u alll where else I go.

    Keep smiling.

    Once a friend always a friend.

    yes richu I read ur message too meri jaan. love u dear and yes when I said once a friend always a friend. I mean it dear. that’s why it pained when people go just like this .

    but don’t worry my poky richu whenever the battery get charged I came to make u smile once again. Love u by heart.

  13. Natasha

    @richa yaar how r u? i know ur angry with me and ur anger is justified. but sorry maaf kar do na my poke friend. nowadays we all r busy and cant talk. i had earilar write a comment for u but my stupid phone…..
    can u give here ur ff link im not finding it.

    @nisha at last u have come. ur sis is so happy. we r nothing without u. i share a special bond with u made of heart. i dont know how u look or i dont know u personally. but i know ur heart which is pure. i thought my sis desert me but im happy ur back. my all rounder sis. i saw ur bye message on my last page and had left a big message for u for two times but my phone…… anyways do u know when i feel sad then i come to tu just read ur words bcoz ur words motivate me to live my live on my terms. u know i always wanted to have friend like u. now set my mood na…. meri sis ke liye meri trip toh cancel ho gayi. ab kya karu?

    nisha tumne shayad paheli bhi bataya hai par meine notice nahi kiya. toh pls for ur natasha’s sake pls tell me hows ur age and what do u do. r u married or unmarried and yaa where do u live and of course tell me if u really love ur sis or not.

    @Daizy after so many days! hows job going? u didnt tell me earliar where u got job….

  14. Yours nishu

    hey naty how r u meri jaan. Very much happy to read ur message dear . Love u by heart dear.

    Life is miserable filling with so many things Competition, tensions busy life, hectic schedule family drama, and many more.

    But in these all things one thing which actually make ourself cool that is when I came here and I read ur all names .

    REally getting so much mann ki shanti.

    love u dear.

    and yes hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm so many questions

    thinking to what to say.

    okay I will have to figure out dear. You saw ammu pic on there. okay . I make u watch my pic too.

    well I am not too beautiful actually average, but let see hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.

    love u dear.

    keep smiling

    and yeah best part , is shreya yaar kya jhatka tha, I seriously like this shreya a lot an evil girl. loved it and loved the part too. dear

    rads is awesome anyway

    love u meri jaan. and love u daizy roma, shree, sree love u all my loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeees.

    keep smiling

    a new day , bright sunny , loved it and love u all

    keep smiling

    once a friend always a friend.

  15. sree

    hey guys i hav an idea why can’t we become frnds in facebook.we can create a new account and we can set time for chatting
    atleast we can be in touch with each other
    @nisha how r u dear and love u so much..missing u very much these days….upload ur story also dear..waiting for it

  16. nisha

    yes dear so much want to meet under one roof. at least a place where we don’t need to think about the moderation system. and

    I tried richu but I think when we came to tu dear just the mail id and name need. but when we go on wordpress they need to login too. or else my comment doesn’t post.

    I love what u write dear.

    actually feeling proud to be an indian Love u dear.

    Thanx for sharing it with us.

  17. nisha

    hey sree after long time meet dear how r u

    very much missing u all dear.

    seriously feeling like why not we can talk sometime.

    meri story dear I have to find out too. he he he.

    I don’t know where it goes.

    Love u dear. waiting for mansi , tasnim, chinni zara, roma, manha, and all of us ,nisha, hareem,

    so many names, and even naty see I am sitting in ur house and u r not there. What is this kind of

    mehman nawazi , dear, where are you naty this is your house don’t u ask would u like to have something

    naty ki story

    naty ki bateiin
    naty kee adaa

    and some colddrinks and chips too. I am very much hungry now. need some jokes too.

    anyone have it then please give it to me.

    Love u all hope you all came at least we can talk.

    Keep smiling

    well an old dialogue I am laughing a lot on these let see you can remember it or not.

    Eeba eeba eeba undre undre undre.

    eeba eeba eeba undre undre undre


    Love u all

    keep smiling

    once a friend always a friend.

  18. Ameena

    Nishuuuuuuu…thank god u r finally here!!!….where were you? missing u so much…I know we don’t talk much these days but that doesn’t mean that you will just run away like that….I love u more than u can ever imagine….ohh my sweet princess I’m sure u must be very cute n beautiful…and don’t talk about ur beauty…u don’t know how much beautiful u r…I still didn’t saw ur pic but by reading these comments I made a perfect image of u in my heart…and in real life I’m sure u must be more beautiful than that image…

    @Sree…yaar pls update mmz ff…looks like that u completely forgot that one…I hope u didn’t…and sorry I can’t come on fb…

    @Natasha…my sweet cute lovely best sis ever…yeah it’s me….thank u sooo much!,,,I think it’s not a good idea to ask a women about her age…pls don’t ask that…cuz I won’t answer it…anyways thank you once again…now I’m excited to see ur pic…

    @Richa…yeah it’s me…..thanks!

    @everyone…love u all so much…

  19. yours nishu

    hey ammu meri jaan how r u dear last time talk how’s ur health dear. and yeah some days passed so many things happened. dear.

    very much miss u too even , same as mansi left the page nor any fanfic not the jokes even tasnim is the invisible girl she didn’t see from even a decade

    and also so many names paased

    but I have a hope to meet u all once again dear

    how r u my dear sweetheart ammu, hope u have some exciting time in g+ dear if u meet the invisible friends then kindly tell me if they visit .

    and also where is ur humdard and the 2nd story both are invisible dear. I miss u dear a lot.

    and in these days looks like having a place is difficult these days.

    but really happy to see u sree, manha roma , shree, naty richu , laxmi, and many more dear,

    you know seems like

    missing the old talks

    but really happy to meet old buddies

    love u all

    keep smiling

    once a friend always a friend

    love u richu dear , love u ammu , love u manhu

    love u all my loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeees.

    keep smiling

    and yes ammu thanx for saying this dear soon I give u my pics as how or whatever I look hope u all like it.

  20. sree

    Hi everyone…and happy to see you Nishu…missing u alot dear.
    I uploaded Kab milenge inke dill next part friends.mostly it will be published by tomorrow.Tomorrow I’ll meet you all in my page

  21. Natasha

    @Nisha dont talk abt beauty. Maar padegi. I know that my nisha sis is best in the world. Moreover beauty lies in heart not on face. i know u have a big and beautiful heart.But im waiting to see u very soon. Pls give ur g+ link the way ammena gave me here. And yaa u want mahban nawazi. Okay, wait here. I will just go to bathroom and switch off giser. Then i will come with two bucket cold water and then….i will fall the water on u. Yeah…kitni acchi nazara hai..wow soch kar hi accha lage rahi hai. and yaa…what did u say? meri adaa? what does mean adaa? actually im a little weak in hindi…so…. do u ever find it difficult when i talk in hindi? inspite of being a bengali i dont know much bengali too.

    nisha we can talk on desi tv box mmz fan page bcoz there is no problem of moderation.the link is-

    hum hai rahi apni dost ki
    phir milenge jab time milega
    perheps after one day or may after one decade……

    @richa i totally agree with nisha. in ur page log in is a big problem. by the way how r u? and do u know where is devga? But I have read ur article. And I think u should be very proud of u.

    @sree how r u? okay when i will get time i will see ur page. and fb idea is already flooped. earlier anu had made one but many have no id and then there is many other problem. but we will find a solution.

    @ameena my lovely sis how r u? age kyun nahi puchu? jada buddhe ho gaye ho kya? anyways let me remind u that im ur sis and u can share anything with me. bcoz u know sis r more than friend. sis is relation of sharing ur happiness, sorrow and feelings. and yaa…my pic….hmmmmmmm…….im scared. let me clear u that im not beautiful at all, like a vampire like a ghost. im not less than monster. i fear after seeing u will say to urself is this my sis? am im talking to this bhootni since so days….no……then u will say i cant be a sis of this bhootni……ha….ha…ha…..

    guys sometimes i think if i have hurt someone among u and in my real life people. i always try to behave good with everyone as per as possible. but still if i have……

    can u tell me which color will suit me? actually i want to buy some dress. but im not shopoholic at all. so no idea of buying. whenever i go to mall i feel dizzy seeing dresses.

    Guys, we can chat on mmz desi tv fan page. The link is-

  22. nisha

    hey naty adaa means your own style , in other words , Your personified personality dear , You have your own benchmark style that is adaa which is a very respectable word.

    and yaa bucket with full of water ufffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffff I feel so cold take one cup tea from my side too dear I feel so cold after having a bath 2nd time that to with cold water hooooooooooooooooohoooooooooooooooooooooooo see I am shivering too dear.

    hey dear I reached on desi box and also say hye to you but it shows that you last visit on 15 jan there and now you are not there. , Actually this is your page and I know sooner or later you see your message here all the messages for you there if is a bit difficult .

    and yeah actually I can’t be able to open my google acount yes ammu a link by which you also be able to came on hangouts needed an google id for log in dear and you will be with talking with every friend.

    love u naty by heart dear , we really all need a page which is active and all will have to be active on that page don’t know where is that place actually .

    keep smiling meri jaan.

    once a friend always a friend

    • Natasha

      oh nisha. i saw u there and thanks for coming there paying heed to my words. yes…actually in 15 january i visited there and wrote a comment to know any of there is or not. anyways today i saw ur comment there and i also replied u. and if u dont mind can we chat on desi box? today at 12:00 pm? actually i will be become busy from tomorrow. so i wanted to talk to u all.

  23. Natasha

    guys how r u? can we chat today at 12:00 pm? at desi tv box? u will find its link on my above comment.

    @ammu dear i saw ur comment desi box. i have also replied u.

  24. nisha

    hey naty how r u dear I saw ur message today dear . Sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo sorry for not reaching there on time I just opened this page now. and see ur comment I reach on desi tv box and replied too dear.

    But the same problem facing we all are going to different paths to reach out to each other to meet each other.

    god knows when this problem gonna solved really getting borrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrreeeeeeeee

    from so many days life is boring and writing aati hi nahi don’t know why bus nahi aati kayee bar socha le aau but aayee hi nahi

    don’t know mansi and tasnim zara chinni where are gone really missing them also dear

    how r u meri jaanemann. We are left here.

    Phas gayee yahaan pe kaash all are come and we spent some good time together.

    Hey sweetheart happy choclete day meri jaan.

    EAt lots of choclate today 1 meri taraf se bhi Dairy milk actually lot of people like it near by me even but I like Kitkat the crunch wala or munch .

    What’s ur favourite choclete.

    well hot choclate in winters actually my dear ones like too .

    I am a less choclate lover . but sometimes occasionaly I eat kitkat or munch. These both are my preferable.

    hey naty love u dear Buy some choclates and take each and every for ur family members no no no. not family members don’t no they getting happy or not but very much they thought of you a child so mucb

    so take for ur sis or bro some choclates they are surely getting happy to get some choclates even mommy getting so much happy too.

    love u naty by heart

    good day dear

    keep smiling

    once a friend always a friend.

    love u naty , manha, roma, zara, chinni, mansi, sree, ammu, shree, laxmi, love u all .

    • Natasha

      Thanks yaar but go there i left a message for u. I didnt know if heres any day for choclate. Interesting….. okay, i ate choclate. And gave to my four siblings, mom dad. But i think u forgot someone. Think…think…..its u! Buddhu! How can u forget urself? Buy same cholates on my name and eat them. I wanted to feed u all but how? So buy and think its from me. Me too like dairy milk and kitkat. But in shops the price of them r so much that charid ne se pahele hi mood kharab ho jata hai. U know im chocolate lover.

      I will not able to update. So if u want to say anything to me then u can come here in this page till opens or in desi box.

      Once a sis always a sis.

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