Where is Heart There is Life Episode 33

the episode starts with arjun comes to hospital. hes in angry mood bcoz of saral. hospital staffs looking at him and says sir isnt in good mood today. we have to careful of sir. arjun sees staffs gossiping. he goes to them and says is this the rule of hospital? did we tell u to gossip at worktime? i will make sure that u will get half salary this month. a nurse tries to say sir…arjun says no more words. go back to ur work.

arjun comes to his cabin. he is throwing things here and there and venting out his anger. he says how radhika can do this? she is more concerned about about about that saral. he again says how u can do this? and he throws a vase. it breaks. arjun sits down and cries.

sam and neil r in the looker room. neil says to sam dont worry. we will expose saral. sam says do u think we will be sucessful? neil says yes, but for this we have to team up with dr arjun. he will help us if we can explain him. sam says whats now? neil says now we have to do as per we decided. step 1 teaming up with dr arjun. sam says shall we go now? neil says yes, but we have to keep it secret from other internees . u know they cant digest secrets. sam says dont worry. they r about to go but other internees come there. niki asks them r u going together somewhere? sam says we r…… rahul says u dont need to say. i know where u r going. i came to know about everything. so u cant hide anything from me. sam and neil look at each other with scarey eyes. sam thinks how he came to know this? neil thinks now this ass will flop our plan. tam says then tell us rahul. rahul says they r going to eat burgers. u know a new type of burger has lauched in market. hearing this as if neil and sam has get back their life back. parth says why u always talk about food? kirti says hes a monster. but i know where they r going. i think they r in love. just look at them. sam and neil look at each other. they lost at each other. this song plays-

khawb hai tu
nind hu mein
dono miley raat baneeee
rose yahi mangu duya
tere meri baattt bane
baatttt bane……

sam comes in the world back. sam says to kirti stop kirti. nothing such as. neil says we r going to some work of hospital. sam says if u will say this again then i will change design of ur face. sam and neil go.

sam and neil comes outside of arjuns room. neil says we have to make him believe us. sam says yes, i cant see radhika in the same pain which i had experienced. neil says moreover radhika loves dr arjun. we have to unite them. sam says so lets start step no1 of the mission? neil smiles and gives sam his hand.

saral is with radhika. radhika says i want to be alone for sometime. saral says but u need me. radhika asks cant u hear what im saying? i want to be alone. just leave me alone. saral gets angry and says u have changed radhika. people say true that people become changed after coming to big cities. radhika doesnt answer and says just leave, right now. im saying thid for the last time. i wont talk to u like this next time. saral says good, i knew it. ur not feeling good , its okay. i knew it that u will never talk so rudely again. radhika smiles and says u understood wrong. i wanted to say next time i wont request u rather i will throw u out. saral gets angry and says u r sick so im not saying anything but…… saral goes out of the room angrily. radhika says to herself i dont know what arjun thinking about me. he would be angry now. she calls arjun but he doesnt answer. radhika says pls trust me arjun i stopped u so that fightings dont take place. Im sorry.

arjun is sitting on his cabins chair. hes lost in his own world. hes recalling his moments that he spent with radhika. on the other hand radhika is lying on her bed. shes too remembering their sweet moments. they both cry. they temember of their first meeting, their first eyelock at resturant, their shimla trip, their dancing on party, and their love confession day. while remembering these moments this song plays-

Pal bhar thaher jao
Dil ye sambhal jaaye
Kaise tumhe roka karu
Meri taraf aata
Har gham phisal jaaye
Ankhon mein tumko bharun
Bin bole baatein tumse karoon
Agar tum saath ho
Agar tum saath ho

Behti rehti..
Nehar nadiya si
Teri duniya mein meri duniya hai
Teri chahaton mein main dhal jaati hun
Teri aadaton mein
Agar tum saath ho

neil and sam enters to arjuns cabin. they says may i come in? arjun says yes. sam and neil notice things r fallen on the floor here and there. they look at each other. neil says sir, we want to tell u a truth. arjun looks on. arjun says tell me. neil says sir……but a nurse comes to there running. nurse says to arjun sir a patient of icu’s state is critical. pls come fast. arjun says im coming. arjun goes. sam says sir……but arjun goes from there by then. sam hopelessly looks at neil. neil says dont worry. we will expose that saral at any cost.

precap: sam and neil waits for arjun outside the icu. arjun comes out of the icu and says to neil and sam come with me.

story written by- Natasha

sorry guys for late and irregular update. but im very busy these days for collage and other trips due to personal and other trips. moreover from last 5 days im sick. because of suddenly fallen cold weather so im having old. u know my noses have become red like tomatoes. im looking like a clown. he…he…he…pls pray for me.

but i become really happy in my busy life when i see ur comments. so pls comment and who have never comment in my page r also welcome.

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  1. Heyy…Natasha!!! Nose like Tomato?? Really Funny…. But Hope you will be alright soon… And then your face will be like Pumpkin… Hehehe..JUST JOKING…
    Nijer Sorirer Jotno Nibe.. Take Care… And Are you from Bangladesh?

  2. Nice one.. Was waiting for d update.. N kindly take care of ur health..

  3. Plzzzz yaar saral ko rk tappad maar dho na

  4. Nice episode yaar ….soon reveal the truth to Arjun..can’t see their pain …waiting for ur next update

  5. amazinjg

  6. Hii natasha….nice episode dear…..thanks for updating dear….u r taking out time from ur busy schedule just for us….plzz expose this saral reality soon….n unite arjun-rads n nesam……n take care of health….get well soon dear…

  7. Nice episode Natasha!Get well soon!

  8. super story dear

  9. Nats plz take care of ur health dear. Agar tum saath ho. Uff kya song hi. And u made it even more special. Superb epi. Arjun ka dard chupaye na chup raha hi. Nesam rocks. Waiting for next when arjun know the truth what he will do to saral. Waiting eagerly dear. Update asap n take care of ur health, thats more important.

  10. Hey my writer . . . Get wel soon. . . . . So tht I get ur both stories regularly . . . . .
    Where there is ur story there is my thought. . . . . . . . . . . . 🙂 it’s true love u loads. . . . . .

  11. Natasha my baby please takecare of ur self…..the episode was awesome loved it……takecare and update next part as soon you get fine and I love ur ff alot and wait for ur update …..thanks for this very beautiful story loving it…..

  12. Natasha wot an episode my dear….I love the way u write….ohh when will arjun get to know saral’s (???) truth…I liked radhika’s attitude with that stupid saral (???)….hate him sooo much….plzzz update soon..nd get well sOOn my dear…love u my heart…??
    One lovee?

  13. Hi Natasha dear, thx for updating this story, I was waiting for this from long time, episode was awesome, marvellous…arjun should know about saral’s truth soon, I can’t see ardhika in pain,…loved the song dedication. ..you write really very awesome, I love both of your stories. ..plzzzz take very good care of your health and update next part at your convenience…love you loads my sweeeeeet friend and very very tight warm hug, muaaaaahhhhhh, a little home remedy for cold, please have some ginger tea with clove(loung) in it, it’ll help you…take care sweetie

  14. Its for all manmarziyaan fans:

    Kwayishon pe ligi
    dil ki ye arziyaan
    ke si ye manmarziyaan……..
    Daas tha ek nayi
    kabon pe saji
    be kehth manmarziyaan…..

    Nafra tho mein mili
    tum muje is tharah
    dil ye samal na sakatha…….
    Theri bathon me he
    ajab sa nasha
    bad liye manmarziyaan……

  15. Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh my naty princess yeh cold kaha se aaya lagta hai saral ki sangat ka asar hai iss cold ko jo tumhe pareshaan karta hai.

    Love u dear my princess reallly what an episode love the song when arjun remember all the moments . Loving it soooooooooooooooooooo much when nesam are goijng to tell arjun whole story. Wooooooooooooooooooooooooow.

    Looks like saral ko jaldi thapad padne waala hai Wooooooooooooooooooooooooooow my naty please take care dear . Always loving you iss cold ko jaldi se bhaga do Ek garam chai ki pyaali lo adrak wali it work and steam also these home remedies do work always beleive me.

    Love u dear always once a friend always a friend.

    And yes whenever you are free do update your other story dear, we all loved to read your another fiction too much .

    Good day my princess love u.

  16. Heyyy..Natasha …nice episode dear..
    Hope that Saral secret should reveal sOOn..

    Take care n get well sOOn my dr nd waiting for ur another fiction..

    Love u loads..

  17. heloooooooooooooooooooooooooooo to all the dearieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeees devga how ru dear , how’s ur day . dear. Ur comments are too like u dear

    Masakali devga i give you this name having some thought in my mind by reading ur comment in mine writing dear and leave a comment too it has the reason for giving u this name.

    Love u sooooooooooooooooo much dear. Always loving you once a friend always a friend.

    heloooooooooooooooooooo brity hayathi anwesha harani daizy ameena roma hareem love u alllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll sooooooooooooo much tanya missing u dear love u tanya , navya , swara hello dear reading ur name first time dear Loving u dear Once a friend always a friend

    Always loving u alllllllllllllllllllllllll by heart.

    Hey rooseboobi wooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooow dear such a sweet name We all are manmarziyaan fans dear. Always loving each other by heart.

    REallly getting amazed to have one more sweetheart manmarziyaan lover here.Its a pleasure of mine to be a friend of u dear.

    Once a friend always a friend.

  18. Thank u so much u for reading and commenting and praying for me.
    @Brity ami pumpkin hoye gele toh marai jabo re baba. Dont wish such bhoyanoc things. Im sure tomar real name brity na. Whats ur real name?

    @anwesha how r u? Okay i will take care and u too take care.
    @Hayathi ur planning me to send jail! Agar mein saral ko mar diya tho police mujhe arrest kar legi.
    @Harani me too cant see aradhika in pain.
    @Navya thanks for coming. Keep rewding this story.
    @Daizy friends ke liye agar time na nikal saku toh kis bat ki dosti hui. Ur also taking ur time for me and us. Thanks for that.

    1. Noooo…Not That…I am talking about cute pumpkin… I mean color like Pumpkin(Orange or Soil color),cause in sickness our color got fade…..
      And if you are a Bangali then you should know the meaning of ‘Brity’.. It’s my Real name dear…..

      1. Ei boka natasha toh jane na tomar nam er meaning. Whats brity mean?
        tumi thako kon desh e? Kon state or district?

    2. Ha ha ha just kidding baby….. yaar tappad mar ne se jail hoga no way yaar agar aisa hai tho mujhe kitni baar jail mein jaana padta ha ha ha

  19. @Tanya thanks. I will get well soon. Dont worry.
    @Swara my storys not so super. Rather ur a super friend.
    @manha agar tum saath ho toh phir main jaldi thik ho jaungi. Its a song from tamasha. Do u know?
    @devga where is devga there is her natasha. Hows it?
    @kirti ur making kirti with ur beautiful words. Love u very much.
    @Ameena tumhara angry wala mode is so cute!
    @roma thanks for the suggestion. I will be happy if u make tea for me. Wont u make tea for me?
    @roseboobi ur name is unique. Welcome to our manmarziyan. Will u become my friend?
    @mere nishaaaaa…i think ur right. Saral is troubling ur nats so that i cant expose him in my story. Or ha usko thappad jaroor mile iski gurentee deti ho. Nisha whenever i read ur comments i feel ur a very senseable person. I sometime think how senseable a person can be?I mean ur so understanding. I wish i could meet u.
    @Hareem yes, i will get soon if u pray for me. Thanks.
    @samiha, tasnim tomra koi? Ami tomader jonno wait korchi.

    1. Natasha suchh mai…meri bestie bhi yay kheti hai..she says that u look soo cute that I want to eat you..aur phir ek advertisment banaa ti hai….lagao ameena beauty cream aur bano jawaan, khoobsurat nd eatable…???…..love you my heart..nd updatr soon…??
      One lovee??

  20. Hey my naty my princess sense ka toh pata nahi but loving u soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much always all the time. Waiting for ur next update too. . your another story remember.

  21. Hey brity Now even I am also eager to know the meaning of ur name . Wooooooooooooooooooooow what is the meaning of brity.

    Love u dear always love u keep smiling.

  22. Nisha r u bengali?

  23. Hey naty hello dear how r u.

    The answer of your question is

    Nana patekar ki baat yaad aayee

    Ye tera khoon ye mera khoon dono ko mila do aur phir dekho kya isko alag kiyaa jaa sakta hai.

    So yes we all are same here , but because you are my sweetheart deary then let me tell you the answer

    hum kaale hai yaa hai gore par har haal me tere hai

    But yaa does it affect our love , I mean we all are same here just living our manmarziyaanStealing time from our life to just live our heart.

    Luv u naty leave a reply what you said on my page. Go and check dear. Luv u always . Keep smiling.

    1. hey nishu……i think u r crazy for bollywood movies n their dialogues…..tum har sawaal ka jawaab bollywood style me deti ho….but mujhe bahut accha lagta hai tumhare comments padh kar……..i really feel very happy n i keep smiling reading ur comments….n ya we all r same and we r here bcoz of manmarziyan….i m thankful to manmarziyan n tellyupdates bcoz of which i got so many friends over here…..

  24. nisha tumhe mar paregi such mein. i mean tumne kya kaha apni page par? u dont know what kind of friend u r! really u r worst friend. tumne soch bhi kaise liya ki tum worst friend ho sakte ho! ur a very good friend. im not joking im serious. aur tumne kya peheli mein answer diya mere ques ka. mujhe directly batao na. by the way kaise ho? tumhare homemade tarike kar suru kar diya hai. mein ab kaffi better hoo. lagta hai bohot jaldi thik ho jaungi.

    u take care of ur self. nisha r u studying? or doing job? r u studying then which grade? u r so understanding and always give me suggestion like a very dear one. i hope tumhara aur mera rishta tumhare dill mein ek special place le lia hai. right?

  25. Nats hw r u dear? Hw is ur health? Yes i watched the song. It was amazing. Waiting for the movie. Agar tum dekho to batao kaisi thi. Aaj kal tum bahut time le rahi ho story update karne me. Pehle kitne jaldi karti thi. Kya hua. Waiting yaar. Sry princess. Lovee u. Take care. Aur nisha ke baton pe jyada socho mat warna pagal ho jao gi. Phir hame tumko swarage me join karana padega. Hahaha. Sry i was just kidding.

  26. Hey daizy dear yes , this is me , life is so cruel and so mean we all are here to lighten ourselves loose ourselves.

    So this is the easiest way to get it easy and tak a chill pill. YOu know love u dear soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much alwyas loving you keep smiling always

    Once a friend always a friend.

    Hey naty dear love u dear soooooooooooooooooo much yes we both have made a safe place in both of our heart.

    Well well well the answer is both. Loving ur storiees both of them. Always writing both it gives us both the pleasure and both looking nice with each other but the answer is also both you may find the answer of your both the question in both the lines known by both of us.

    Its getting so much both naa. Now hit your head with a wall you will get the answer then. Just kidding luv u naty keep smiling.

  27. Manha tumne sahi kaha. Nisha ki bate samajhe ki liye pagal hona parega.

    Nisha tumne toh mujhe mar ne ki plan kiya tha. Main toh apni head wall se hit karne hi walithi par bad me foutunately parha ki yeh joke hi.

    Nisha tum understanding toh ho par sath me [email protected] bhi ho. Mujhe directly answer nahi diya. Agar mein apni demage chala u aur past kuch incidents ko carefully notice kaaru toh tum 100 percent bengali hi ho.

    by the way though im bengali i cant speak it good even mujhe khabhi khabhi yeh samajhe ne me bhi problem hoti hai. aur likhna toh very much difficult.

    now tell me am i right that ur bengali?

  28. and yes nisha. if u dont feel comfortable in answering then its okay. i wont force u. even u have privacy like everyone.
    if a friend needs privacy then its her friends duty to protect it. agar tumhare wish ke khilaf main khabhi kuch kiya then forgive me.

  29. Uff !! Atlast I got ur page n really I mussed u n now I will keep u occupied !!

    Sorry dear I didn’t reply on my page !!
    Hey I jus love ur story n I m really happy !!
    Hey now ur old mandy is back now tellme d meaning of I LOVE U , I dislike u , I msorry in bengali !!

    Hey mann bhaiya fyn !! No yaar he didnt yet cum back 4m LA but dont worry when he cums I will surely tell u n nishu !!

    Hey so wats up with tasnim she is not visiting anymore !!!

    So hw r u??
    I m telling u I really missed u !!
    I thought u forgot me but ….. u still remember me !! NOW DIS IS FRDSHIP !! Love u buddy !!

    1. im fine. how r u?

      i dislike u- ami tomake pochondo kori na.
      im sorry- ami dukhkhito.

      and yes how can i forget u? ur my buddy. and if i forget u so easily then whats my friendship?

  30. Yes , dear ,

    I really love u and all of you but I gave the answer to all of them , but unhe paane ke liye thoda sa mind ko shake karne ki jaroorat padti hai .

    love u dear. Always loving u keep smiling . And yes I love Roshogolla a lot but just on festivals . I hope u will get all the answer soon. Shake ur head a little dear.

    1. Roshogolla! Its famous sweetmeat of kolkata which is begali area. And yes one more thing u told it roshogolla not rashgulla. Only bengalis call it roshogolla and others call it rashgulla.

      To ami bujhechi tumi bengali. Tai na? Ebar directly uttor dao na.

  31. hey nats its been a long time. missed u soooo much. hw u doing buddy?

    1. Thena…thena…thena where u were? I missed u so so so much.

  32. The answer of your question is hum tohse pyaar kareni
    Ek bhaka kabho na jadaa na hove la

    Luv u naty . Always loving u soooooooooooooooooooooooo much .

  33. Nats where is the update dear. Here im waiting for ur update. Plz do it fast. Hame bhi roshogulla bahut pasand hi. Par pakana nahi aata wahi prblm hai.

  34. hey my naty how r u.. Where are you . Kahin bhi nahi mil rahi ho. I finally visit your page and then also not found you.

    Jaldi aa jaoo dear missing you and your where is heart and arziyaan too.

    Dear loved u sooooooooooooooooo much . Come soon.

    Waiting. Keep smiling .

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