Heart- Let it beat (introduction)


“Fatty why mom is not coming ?”
“Hero kashish aunty is looking at us with god!”
“But fatty I want mom back!!! Please tell god to send my mom back please !”
“Stop it Hero you can’t cry like this ! Kashish never like this you her brave daughter right !! If you stopped crying I will tell you a secret !”
” what fatty? ”
“See this is Lord Ganpati small statue and kashish auntie is with her so whenever I have to talk to her I will talk to him ”
“Fatty will you share lord ganapati witj me i promised I will not cry pinky promised!”
” umm ok but no more tears .here take it !”
“Thank you thank you fatty you are best !!!”

” but you are worst when you cry , come lets talk with auntie but it is secret between us promise !”
“Promise fatty i will not this to anyone but fatty can I tell to chotte? Please he missed mom please!’
” fine but nobody else hero !”
“Thank you !!!!!
Just like that small naina talked ,cried ,laugh in small Raghav arms all night while Raghav is so happy to see his hero again smiling .


Character sketch
Raghav family live in Delhi in India
Raghav Singh Khan – very quite and reserved man of 27 year age .Always listen to his parents and became what they wanted a.CEO of textile industry of India’s no.1. he never believe in marriage but because of his mom and dad pressure he is engaged with Zoya Ahmed for past One year and know her from past four years .He has one memory of his childhood friend ” fatty” but he never able to forget her .

Saba khan – Raghav’s mother married to punjabi man Harish Singh .it was love marriage but now it just compromise they fight daily and nothing else.She can’t able to do anything in her marriage so she wanted her son to get best life partner which she found in Zoya her friend daughter.she is house wife.
Harish Singh – Raghav ‘ father he is strict father and broken husband who became angry just to hide his vulnerablity .he is owner of India no.1 textile industry “SK textile industry “and wanted same for his son .he like Zoya so he don’t have problem but the arguments with his wife is destroying everything.

Zoya Ahmed (played by Surbhi jyoti)- quite shy and always speak in symbolic way but a good girl .came from reserve family.
Naina family live in London
Naina Batra Raizada – A lively women love herself like nothing .love water rafting that are her heartbeats .she always be outside for mountaineering,which are her life and life partner like she made for this her family supported her and love her bits.she love these both oceans and mountains. She have everything which she always wanted a happy life and friends to for .
Arun Batra – very proud father of naina ,Arnav,.he owns B&R fashion industry in london.he is UK no. One industrialist .live with his mother Sushma batra and second wife Nilam Batra .

Nilam batra – supporting wife and best mother of Naina ,Arnav .She is CEO of B&R fashion industry while also love her family too much after death of her sister Kashish Batra mother of Naina and Arnav ,she have supported and make everyone smile .
Arnav Batra Raizada – loves his family totally mad like his sister and mountain lover like his sister as they are twins so side effects . flirty and crazy in his friend’s circle .Charming and handsome. Used Raizada surname because its his real mother and step mother surname “RAIZADA”. He have completed MBA from Harward with hanging his sister Naina .

Short story have fun and enjoy .

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    raghav naina’s fb scene was emotional n lovely.seeing barun surbhi in d cover page i thought they r the characters from their new show tanhayein.but they r arnav n zoya.waiting 4 pt1

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    y this is not uploaded in pardes forum?

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