Heart to Heart Talk


? Heart to Heart Talk ?

* To note : It is A First take, first step in the world of writing, I write poems in Hindi, but story is a way out of my hobbies, but trying my hand on to it. Hope it strikes the right cord and gets a place in your heart. Do comment (good and bad welcomed). ? Will Post Further by tomorrow. I don’t know how long it would go, but would try the best. ? It is a story revolving around the life of Samaira {so it has many characters : both Male and Female, kindly do understand emotions in this story}.

********** First Taste ? **********
A Beautiful lovely bright morning, with the big ball of fire : the sun ?, spreading its warmth, shine and light all over, upon people who need new hopes, on people who have been lost somewhere, on trees to grow and on lives which need a light to know its path. ☺

On this day (22nd September, 2012) a young bubbly 17 year old girl had woken up at 5:00 in the morning for a One Day Trip organised by her college. She had no intention of going, but as they say, friends and their emotional blackmail (uff..?) makes you do wonders. She is a gift to the world, full of spirit, soft at heart, straight forward but the most sensitive one if you meet. ?
The bus for the trip was scheduled to depart at 5:30 but we know we never leave at the time we are expected to, with the same thought she left 10 mins to 6:00 a.m for her college, but to her amusement every single student of that 60 had reached and the only person for whom the bus was waiting was our lovely Samaira. She had never been so quick in writing but that day she was filled with a guilt (for making others wait), happiness (that she was going) and so like an express bullet train she filled in some required form and bid her idol, her Pillar : her father bye and the journey started in a bus of few known and others unknown. ?

*Samaira’s Perspective ?*
It was indeed a bright chilly day. I was excited for the trip until i woke up this morning, I had a sudden urge of not going but I couldn’t for I had put in my Parents Hard Earn money as a guarantee of my presence for the trip. So, unwillingly I wore a decent top, jeans and a jacket and left my house after bidding my family (my Pillar, my Strength) Good Bye, only to meet in the evening. This good bye had an unexplained emotion and promise as with most of us?. And when I reached my college, I had the most unbelievable sight in front of my eyes – the whole crowd for the trip was seated in the bus and was waiting for me. It was one of the most proud moment ( I wanted to do a victory dance ?, but realizing the situation, I kept the desire hidden in me). I had to fill in some form, (I hardly had read its contents) I did that like a bullet train and gave the paper to some teacher and then we left. Finally our journey began. ?
STORY AHEAD: The Trip and Samaira’s Perspective and Hero’s Entry ?

Cast : Samaira as Hina Khan; Asad as Karan Mehra; Ahad as Karan Singh Grover

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