Heart to Heart Talk (Third Taste)


?Heart to Heart Ta ? Heart to Heart Talk ? (Third Taste)
Hello Friends, back here with another part. (Sorry for the inconvenience, there is a problem with the links, so if you want to read the previous chapters : Go to Telly Updates➖>Zee Tv Finished Shows➖>Qubool Hai➖> ?Heart to Heart Talk?)

Story so Far : Introduction of Princess Samaira and her Perspective. And her time with friends and entry of Asad ?.

For the world and his friends Asad was exhausted because of trekking to the mountain which was at a height of 150 ft from the the ground level at which we walk. For him it was an entirely different reason, he had fallen in love.. Love at 1st sight.. ? He had fallen in for Samaira’s eyes and thr background had songs being played {Aankhon mein teri ajab si ajab si – from Om Shanti Om}.
It was when Rihaan threw a stone that he came out of his dream world but again Samaira’s laughter on this incident mesmerised him and he was awestruck. {Uff.. Kya katilana Adaa hain.. Haaye..} Soon they start rappelling and the last ones to do it were Samaira and her friends. Now that Samaira was scared to go, Rihaan sent Asad with her and he caught her hand and got her down. {Mere Haath Mein Tera Haath ho-movie Fanaa.. Moment?} She thanked him, and they became friends. In the trip schedule there were many games, and Asad lost it to make Samaira win because she got excited like a pretty baby and danced which unknowingly made him smile. ?

Slowly by every passing hour he fell in for her it was Pehla Nasha Pehla Khumar for Asad. Later when they left in bus this whole group occupied the last seat and our hero heroine sat together. When they reached, Samaira’s father had already reached to pick her up and she left early without bidding bye to anyone and Asad, sad that he couldn’t see her anymore left the place with a heavy heart. ?
The next day being Sunday, No meeting No conversation, but much to Asad’s surprise, hus Facebook page had a Friend Request from his Lady Love ? and he accepted it.

Their Conversation :
Asad: Hey, how you?
Samaira: Hello ☺ Am good. You? Btw sorry left early yesterday and wanted to thank you for helping me throughout (She wqs unaware that he lost to make her win).
Asad: Oh.. Not a problem. I am glad I helped you (Liar.. He danced that time). Hey, anyways pass me on your number. It will be easy to contact.
Samaira: Sorry, parents kinda reserved, can’t give it.. Especially to boys.
Asad: Never mind, btw any boyfriend or such?
Samaira: Hahaha.. Not as in really but yup, Vivek My school senior. Why?
Asad: Na, just asked. Great. Will speak to you later. Bye. (Heart Broken ?, he left the conversation)
*Asad’s Perspective *
I didn’t know that if I had listened to my brain and had not gone, I would miss the love of my life. Her smile, Her laughter, Her Care, Her Innocence, Her Nature, Her Down To Earth Attitude (I thought she had a lot of attitude initially) Her Eyes had a magic in them.. They made me fall in them, they pulled me towards them and I didn’t know what happened. I could hear Pehli Mohabbat of Darshan Rawal in the background. I wanted to freeze the moment there, but we had to return and she left without a bye. ?
Mind: How Can She do this to you?
Heart: She didn’t know that you love her.
Mind: But still a Bye!
Heart: Probably she was a getting late.
Mind and Heart in Unison Whatever, You Love Her..?
I was on my bed dead tired, turning right and left but I didn’t realise sleep was far away from me. The next day I was happy and dancing when I saw her friend request and it made my day. But the conversation with her broke my heart into numerous pieces and I decided to speak my heart out to her when We Met. Right that moment I grabbed my Phone and pinged her on FB that I would want to meet her On Monday. As I had speak something really veryyyyy Important. And with that the day ended. ☺

Story Continues: Their Talks, His Proposal and Her Rejection.

Thank You for reading it. That’s it for today. Will be back tomorrow with the further story. ?

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