Heart to Heart Talk (Second Taste)


? ? Heart to Heart Talk ? (Second Taste)
Hello Friends, back here with another part. So let’s peak into the lives of our Heroine and Hero.
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Glimpse of yesterday’s story : Introduction of Princess Samaira and her Perspective.

*********** Second Taste *******
{Samaira’s Reasoning} : As the journey started, the bus was dead silent and I feared whether I was in the same bus, I was supposed to and were my friends dead? And this thought was enough to send down shivers to my body { am really scared for all these} ? and gathering my courage, I looked towards my right and found my bestie Kriti1 fidgeting with her phone and on my left was Naira2 sleeping (Must agree a sleepy head always ?) and this was all that was needed to anger ? me and I gave both a light slap each and their light lit and they understood what had to happen now.
{Looked like after the Driver and Mr. Srinivas : the sir, accompanying us, I and my friends were the drivers} I turned back and saw my 3 idiot friends sitting and laughing among themselves : Rihaan3 (my bestie for life ?), Faiz4 (irritating character and had a secret crush on me.. Ewww ?), Pranav5 (a biggg time flirt but sweet at heart). I always maintained a distance with Faiz and Pranav.

* Conversation Begins *
Samaira : Hello, If this silent laughter or fidgeting with phones or sleeping was your intention, then why the hell did you call me for the trip?
Rihaan : Oh Hello, Miss Liar, You were the one who asked us to be on time and you kept the whole bus waiting.
And this was enough for the volcano to erupt (except Faiz.. You know soft corner ?)
Samaira : Okay I apologise. In case you guys want to sleep and do all this, I better go and sit next to Harini6 (and as I turned my head to my left, I saw a new face sitting but head down and then there was laughter ?)
Harini : You sure you wanna sit here? At the seat next to me? Anyways come here, I will introduce you to him.

(And I left my seat to avoid further embarrassment and to my surprise Rihaan too came to the corner and spoke to me about the moat irritating guy I felt – Faiz. I ignored hia talks and Harini introduced me to Asad.. [our hero ?] And with a simple Hi, I got to know that he is the same guy who Harini spoke about once and was Rihaan’s School Classmate. Neither contact nor further talk – I don’t speak to strangers, I left to my place and we started enjoying our bus ride with songs, dumcharades, dance, hooting, and what not. ?)
(No one’s speaking)

Once we reached our destination, we quickly had our breakfast and left fot the worst thing- Trekking. And the whole way of Trekking, She had Rihaan holding on my hand or any of my other friend : Kriti, Naira. But she never let anyone else do it. And Harini was too busy speaking with Asad.. The last step to the mountain and was helped by Asad and as she turned to him to say thanks. He was lost. She left him and went where her other friends were.

STORY AHEAD : Asad and Samaira’s Conversation. Trip Continues.

Cast :
Samaira : Hina Khan (Main Lead)
Asad : Karan Mehra (Main Lead)
Kriti : Tejaswi Prakash Wayangankar
Naira : Shilpa Anand
Harini : Pooja Joshi
Rihaan : Namish Taneja
Faiz : Karan Wahi
Pranav : Raj Singh Arora
Vivek : Karan Singh Grover (Negative Role)

Note : The role played By Karan Singh Grover (Ahad), the name of character is changed to Vivek.
*Since, a lot of new charactera are introduced, let me give you a small insight of the story.
Plot : This story is mainly about the love of Samaira and Asad and how they stand with each other and feel they are connected by heart and their friends also feel that they Make A Perfect Couple and are Soul Mates. The other main characters would be:
Vivek, who is in a negative role but indirectly and unknown to anyone helps this beautiful couple in making their love more strong.

Rihaan, Samaira’s and Asad all time bestie and supporter. Their most trust worthy person.
Harini, a true Mutual friend of our hero and heroine and helps them know each others feelings.
Kriti, a real good friend of Samaira
Cupid mainly played by Harini and Rihaan.
All their age is within 17-20.*

So that’s it for today. Will be back by tomorrow or today evening with the further story. ?

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