“Heart to Heart” Rikara OS

Gauri walked into her room to find it all dark she wondered why a power cut in the Oberoi mansion is not that possible. She tried switching on the lights but nothing worked .She was about to turn around to she found a hand snaking through her waist she knew who it was “her Nandi” just with a touch only he could make feel her butterflies in her stomach,he hugged her from behind placing his chin in her shoulder. “Om leave me I have to find someone to check whether lights are not working” she struggled to get out of his  grip but instead he tighten the hold on her.

“You seem to be happy today can I know the reason patidev” Gauri spoke while turning to have a look at his face with a smile. “Ri” he loved calling her Ri a name only which he could call her, “Ri, Do you know how special is this day to me , this was the day our fate brought us together ” , “It’s Our second anniversary  Chirrayai ” I want to celebrate this day Ri”. Gauri had tears in her eyes ,happiness tears , the man who once hated her to see her face even is now all set to celebrate , she could thank all the stars for giving her such loving husband .

Om worriedly cupped her face “Ri ,please don’t cry , Did I tell anything wrong?””Ri ” .His heart was bleeding seeing tears in her eyes , ” “Ri please” he wiped the tears that escaped her eyes. “Om why are you so good , even I could not remember , you can.. thank you so much for coming to Bareilly into my life ” she hugged him tighter while she burst out crying wetting his shirt . “Ri” he chuckled lately his wife seems to be crying a lot for happiness hugging her back tightly . “Ri I should thank you for coming into my life , You do not know how much you have changed me , you have changed Omkara singh oberoi to Om a better version of the old me , Gauri the first time I saw you passing by ,you were wearing a yellow shalwar with those long tresses and dark kohl eyes and the smile that warms everyone’s heart you looked ethereal back and when you passed by me the way you duppata flied over my face the faint smell of rose I so wanted to drawn in you but I was not the the old Om who appreciates and sees with artistic eyes you met Omkara Singh Oberoi Ri , Gauri was blushing heavily to see her husband was affected by her back then , Om paused for a moment to see his wife blushing and he bent down and kissed her temple she stopped breathing trailing his lips along her face he whispered huskily if you blush like this how could i continue talking his kissed and nibbled her earlobe she held his arms tightly moaning ‘Om” This was it to get him turn on but he was determine today tell her everything about his past .

“Before we sort out issues about our past  I got a surprise for you Ri” .He blindfolded her and bought her to the center of the room holding her from behind . “Surprise ” with that he removed the blindfold the whole room decorated with sweet scented candles which filled the aroma and heart shape balloons and another table decorated with dishes ” Gauri’s eyes filled she turned to back to see him smiling lovingly , he wiped her tears and shook his head and led her to the table , after finishing their dinner they decided to go to the balcony to have a look at the stars . 

Om had already arranged the recliner out in the balcony ,Gauri smiled knowing that her husbands wants to have a heart to heart , he took her hand led her to their favorite recliner which holds a precious memory to them , he stretched out pulling her onto himself she settled in his chest while his arms went around her hugging her protectively or should I say possessively.

It had been since six months since she had returned they never got time for themselves the first three months  they were busy in solving issues in Oberoi mansion  .When all the problems solved they never got time to have a heart to heart conversation as when they got time he could not keep his hands off her and they got all cozy  but today Om wanted her to know the Old Om and New Om all phases about his life . “Ri I want You to know everything about me and I want to know about your past” he told her in a nervous way he had been always scared to bring up the topic of her past which connected with Kali as he thought she would mistake him ” .”Om ” Gauri was surprised that he wanted to know about her past for a moment she stiffen but looking at his face she understood that he deserves to know everything about her she knew that he would be guilty but she cannot keep this going they are soulmates they should know all the flaws and strengths of each other . She took his hand and Blinked her eyes assuring that she agrees with him he gave a her gentle smile .

“Ri , he began with his childhood how happy they were as a family and his mischievousness there brotherhood how happy was he with his Mom and Mr.Oberoi .How is father had bought his mistress and that leading to a broken  family and he talked about his drug phase he paused a while when he saw her stiffen when he told about drugs she was shocked would be understatement ,’Ri , U might think that I am a weak person you might hate me for that but please don’t leave me I promise you that I would never intake drugs Ri ‘tears escaped his eyes when he finished he held her tightly she did not reply instead she was crying herself knowing the pain he had gone through , she took her little palms slowly and cupped his face ” Om I love you for who you are , i told before too there is nothing which happened in the past will change our present and future .She kissed away his tears .Om looked at her bemused how could she be so good she did not judge him by his past how he had wronged a pure soul like her . Gauri knew him very well that his feeling guilty so to distracted him she kissed him passionately Om was shocked his naive wife never took the first move he loved the bold avatar he kissed her back with equal passion they had to broke apart due to lack of oxygen .Om pressed his forehead to hers both trying to hold breath they had an eye lock both eyes showing the love and desire for each other .Gauri broke the eye lock and settled is his chest asking him to continue . Om was reluctant at first to bring about the topic of Riddima but he had too ,” Ri listen ” Gauri “mmm , I am listening” , “Ri I know you do not want to know about my exe but I want u to know I was in a live in relationship with Riddhimaa for five years and he told her how they met and how he broke up” Gauri stiffened for a moment” she was jealous that he belonged to someone else before her she knew it that he cannot help it but she felt possessive right now ” Om knew about his wife how she is possessive when it comes to him one look at her face he knew that she was jealous . “Ri look at me ” when she looked up ” Ri , What I have with you I never had with Ridhimaa we were in a distant relationship I never missed her even once but when you went to bareily without telling me I missed you so much so much that i felt a sense of loneliness and possessiveness I had loved you so much back then I was so blind in rage that I did not acknowledge never feel insecure even for a bit I love you , Only you I Have loved all my life” she gave him a smile that warmed his heart before pulling him for another kiss , when they broke apart he was amazed ” I am loving your new avatar jaan”. She chuckled and then he told how how he had changed from Om to Omkara Singh Oberoi and How he had felt attracted to her since he married and how he had loved her back then during the pregnancy fiasco he had been so blind that he did not acknowledge . Gauri had happy tears he haved loved her back the same she loved him , overcome with happiness and love she hugged him tighter he chuckled and hugged her back tighter .

After which seemed like ages they broke apart Om cupped her face in his palms and wiped her tears with his thumb ” No more tears Ri , I want you to Smile as Always , Smile Please.’She gave him a smile amidst tears he kissed her forehead before hugging her again .

Then Om Gave her the chance to tell about her past ” Om .. Om .. I was living in an orphanage since the time I knew with my elder sister , didi a perfect sister she was so protective about me we both loved each other so much we knew that it will both of us for the rest of our lives but .. but ” she choked she could not continue, Om was shocked to know that she had been living in an orphanage when she talked about her sister with so much love how ShivRu was to him was her didi too her , but he wondered what happened , when he saw her pausing he understood something worst might happened knowing about her inner turmoil he rubbed her back assuring her and giving her confidence to continue .she looked at her him and continued the the old warden was changed and the new one who had replaced her gave them bad hostile and treated them like slaves not able to take anymore they had planned to escape while her didi  and while  escaping half way they had lost themselves and the people who followed her had caught her and taken her back to orphanage , she cried for days she waited hoping that her didi will return “om she did not come ” she burst out crying he knew the pain but the thought that lived separately for years not knowing whether her didi was alive or not he could not think even think of separating from ShivRu even for a second and now he  understood how strong his Little chirrayai , he broke the hug wiped her tears promising that himself that he would find her sister somehow .

Then Gauri told how she was adopted , how happy she was but that happiness was short-lived when her father had a heart ache and passed away leaving her alone when she was 10 , how her mother’s health deteriorated and how she had to drop at from school and how she became the bread earner and took the responsibility in her shoulders ” Om was outraged  that his little wife had gone through so much pain and struggles in her life and yet she smiled she was happy he was ashamed of himself he had a big family who loved him and cared for him yet he went on the wrong path . He felt his cheeks wetting with his own tears . Gauri looked up to see him crying no matter what she could not see him in pain she worriedly wiped his tears shaking head negative , Om blinked to asure her he was okay and asking her to continue .

Then She told him the about her Maa’s accident and why she had reacted like that back then breaking his car , how her aunt and uncle had sold her and how she had tried to escape asking his help to but he never noticed she told him with a faint smile .Om felt disgusted about himself how he had wronged her she continued how she was made to marry his brothers too and how she escaped married him ended up in his mansion as Chulbul and when he got to know she was Chulbul after he left how Kali had tried to marry her once again and how she had stabbed Kali and ended up again with him In his house .Om Felt his blood boil to know that his chirpy women had to go through so much yet he felt proud how she had been bold and overcome it .

Gauri felt as if I feel a lot of weight had been she from her shoulders she felt light she was happy that she was able to share her pain with someone her soulmate .On the other Om promised himself that he would give her a life filled with happiness and love and he would punish everyone who made his little Chirrayai go through all the pain .

Om looked down to see her starring at him “Rii you are my humdard” with that he hugged her again promising her peaceful future she smiled against his chest she knew it would take time to take his guilt away but for now this was enough they dozed off in each other’s arms feeling content and happy . Two souls found peace in each other that night after a meet of two years.

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