heart to heart one shot

Hlo everyone , mehra here,

A boy : no bhai, I am not going to talk to u, it’s my bday n as all ways, this time too u didn’t came….
Bhai : no laksh, I really wanted to come, but u know NA I am working for the dads dream project , n it is in its last stage , u know ryt this tym I shud be here varna itni saal KE mehnat bekhat ho jayeji
Lak : no bhai, don’t say that, we had sacrifice many thing for this, specially u.. So everything will go fine
Bhai : hope so
Laksh : wat hope i am damn sure u will get it , u r sanskar maheshwari, the one and only brother of laksh maheshwari so it will be defenetly Ursa….

While laksh speaking in phone.. He is in a park where he used to come most of the time…. He heard a sound of a girl…
Lak : bhai, I will talk to u later
He moves in the direction of sound

A girl is sitting in a bench… Her back is towards laksh…
Girl : how can u do this with me lado… U know NA thete is no one in this world for me other than u… N u too gone… Now form whom will I live… haay bday n I am all alone

Laksh goes near her and sit with her… The girl was none other than swara….
Lak : excuse me …. R u fine
Swa : mmm
Lak : actually today its my bday too.. N i am also alone
Swan: tumhari bhi
Lak (cuts off) no I have a brother sanskar. He is in London now..

( swara n sanlak mom n dad died ….

Swara had a sister ragini whom she calles lado she also died 1 month before… Ragini is everything for swara… But now she is all alone

Laksh POV
I met swara in a park… Within a short time she became my nice friend…. Its bcoz we had face our bday in same emotion,,, she became my best buddy.. Its going to 1 year for our friendship… She joined with me in music band… Indeed she is a good singer…. Our friend used to ask me y don’t u marry her… But I said no bcoz she is my friend not just a friend a best friend n I don’t know y but I never feel like that feeling for her

Swara POV
Don’t know what’s the problem with our gang…. Y can’t they understand we r friends…. But they always say u too have a special bond it can’t be a friendship

May be th are ryt… Our bond is really different… But it doesant mean we both r in love.. Is it necessary that all friendship will end at loving… So to avoid their misunderstanding this fellow laksh told them that I am going to his would be bhabhi… He want me to marry his brother… After that they all accepted we r just friends… But laksh took it in a serious tone… After raginis death he became my family.. So he had the ryt to take decision for me but this is something big… Its all about my life… I have heard about his brother …. Better I can saay how much time he calls my name that much time he will say sanskar….

Swa : wats the need to say like that….
Lak : are swara I really mean it.. I really want u to marry him
Swam: dekho laksh its ryt that I allow u to take any dicision in my life… As I choose girl friend for u… But this is something big
Lak : yeah I know, with that ryt I am asking to marry him, I know u don’t have any boyfriend so what’s the prob in it…. Now I don’t want to hear anything he will come after a month the day of our program… But before that I want u to speak to him… Here is the phone he is in line

San : hlo
Swara was in a shock..as it all happened sudden
San : hlo, can h hear !e
Swa; yeah… I can
San : I am sanskar , laksh brother
Swa; hmm HAI, I know he used to tell me
San : so u r swara… Laksh s FRND … Whenever I calls him he will have only ur name…
Swa: yea I know,
San : I hope u don’t HV a problem , I mean to say,laksh is my everything n I can’t say a no to him… If u r not
Swa: no..not like that
San : so
Swa: actually , I don’t know, I mean how can I
San : yea,,, I can understand… Somewhere I to have same feelings
Swa: I think I need some time

As time passes, swara n sanskar become more closer, n swasan feel some strange attraction towards each other, they never seen each other…. Iaksh showed his bro pic to her… But she said she want to see him in front of her… Actually she wanted to know whether she couikd identify him or not.. Since swara don’t want to see…sanskar too had same opinion… Days passes its time for their programme…. They did well as always n together they went to pic hiom

Its said that whatever we had planned cannot double cross the person who ois above us BOOM a blast, which changed everything… To frndswere badly injured…. They were taken to hospital

Doc : sorry Mr maheshwari we can’t save him…
This words revolve around him…. It take 2 weeks to recover from the trauma …. It will…. He had been alive just for him… His lucky… Suddenly something strike him…swara

San : wat , how can u leave her like that….
Kavita : sanskar ,calm down, we will find her
San,: how will I…. I had never seen her. N their common frnds don’t have any idea… She is not their where she used to lives …. I had used my all source but I couldn’t…. Poor girl… How will be she…. Laksh used to say me she is alone…. Laksh gv me hr responsibility… N I
Kavita : u can find her…. There is something which connects u to
Sanskar: ( realizes) s I can

Neki ki rayon pe tu chal
Rabba rahenga there sang

Won tho gain tere dil mein haan
Tu kyun usse bahar use doondhtha

Swara POV

Those words….. I feel like I had heard somewhere…. I don’t know what happened to me next few sec… I just follow the words… There was he… A person singing… I had never seen him before…. But I feel like ,I had a connected to him…. Unknowingly I called him SANSKAR
He turned n look at me… It was a surprise for me… How he heard me…I said too low… N y he looked back is he sanskar…so many questions popped at my mind then I realized everyone went he n me all alone n he is an inch differ from me… His eyes speak n I realized

San : how can u leave me like that…. He gave me ur responsibility….

I had only one to say…THAT SONG
he replied with a smile…these song is the one which laksh played only for me….I know u have too many question…. N most importantly I know what u were thinking ryt now…. U r wondering how u know this song

I am shocked… How he understand me I looked at him for an and n he replied

Because laksh is there in your every heart beat……. U have his heart

Flash back….
Sorry we can’t save him…but that girl she have a chance for survival ..if she got a heart….

N then I agree bcoz that what laksh wanted….

29 april my and laksh bday… Today we r here toether…. Its completly me but heart is his….People used to say a girl n a boy can never be friends but we proved… Our friend ship is unique…

Guys pls reply … Did u liked it or not

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  1. I loved it…and i believe d feeling of true frndship is more beautiful dan love..

  2. Mindblowing very nice concept loved it completely…

  3. Wow superb….true friendship is indeed the most pure form of relation ….outstanding concept

  4. I didn’t like it….I just love it……

  5. No words to describe. U r such an awesome writer. Thanks for the update

  6. Happy birthday mehra may god bless you

  7. Awesome

  8. Awwww…

  9. Is this true ur b’day is today then many happy returns of da day dr.my b’day also today

  10. Nice concept

  11. I loved it

  12. its awesome….

  13. wow!!!!!! loved it………

  14. I believe in true friendship more than love. So thank u so much for basing tge story on this theme. A thousand claps for you. I really loved SwaLak friendship. It is the keypoint of this sweet story! Keep writing.

  15. An osm frndship flick

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