Hello guys I am Kiara back with another OS!!! Hope you all missed me after I wrote “the new found love” and “without us their is nothing” they both were OS on rikara. This is obviously another one and this time it’s totally different from the serial. Here Omkara isn’t much educated because during omkara’s time they were going through some issues so Jhanvi couldn’t educate om but shivaay and rudra are educated but gauri is very educated.

It’s a beautiful morning and rikara are sleeping in eo arms. Gauri is resting her head on omkara’s chest while he is holding her from her waist in a cuddling way. The sun ray’s hit gauri’s face and she wakes up. She looks around then sees om. She says om you are the world’s best husband. She leaves to go to the bathroom but someone grabs her hand. Obviously it is omkara. He pulls her back on the bed and she lands right on his chest. Her hair fall over his and her face covering them. Om plucks her hair behind her ears as he admires her. She feels shy and says om wha…what….a….ar…..are….yo….you doing

Om: jo ek pati ko apne patni ke saath karna chahiye.
Gauri blushes
Gauri: omkara please leave me
Om looks puzzled trying to grasp what she said. Gauri understands and in Hindi says mera matlab ki please mujhe chodo. He says oh toh yeh baat hai. Toh nahi main kyun chodo. Tum meri patni ho toh main kuch bhi karsakta hoon.

Gauri blushes so much then thinks if he doesn’t leave me then how will I go down. Everyone will tease us. She thinks of something then says maa. Omkara leaves her immediately and closes his eyes in embarrassment and says maa Maine kuch nahi kiya. Gauri smiles seeing om like this and quickly pecks his cheeks then runs to the washroom. He slowly opens his one eye to see if Jhanvi is still there but to his surprise no one was there. He realized it was gauri’s plan and she also kissed his cheeks. He smiles and says tum nahi bachogi gauri omkara singh oberoi.

All are downstairs eating breakfast when dadi says okay guys listen up. Today I have kept a party and invited all our business partners and colleagues. Shivaay says dadi that’s a good idea. Dadi laughs and says yes shivaay and it will also be a reception for our gaurika. Gauri says wow dadi that is awesome. Om says dadi thank you!! All disperse.
Gauri is setting the cupboard when om comes from behind and hugs her. He encircled his arms around her waist and as she was wearing a sari he holds her waist from under the sari so he can feel her bare belly. Gauri feels a current in her body and says omkara ji? Yeh kya kare hai aap?

Omkara: arrey main tumhe kitni baar bolo ki main tumhara pati hoon. He moves his face in her neck and smells her scent. He gets amazed and so engrossed in her. She feels so shy.

She pushes him back and says omkara ji! He again comes behind her and hugs her. She says omkara ji aapko office nahi jaana ka? Bade bhaiyya ko aapki madat chahiye hogi toh?

Omkara pulls back and says aacha mujhe office bheja jaraha hai. Tum mujhe tumse alag karna chaati ho? Gauri realizes he felt upset because she keeps pushing him back from coming close to her. She says omkara ji sorry mera matlab aapka dil dukhana nahi tha. He looks at her in a serious way where gauri feels scared then he bursts out laughing. She realizes he was joking and playfully hits his chest. Each time she hits she says yeh joke tha? Aapko pata hai main kitna darr gayi thi? Mujhe laga aap ko bura laga. She keeps hitting him then suddenly om falls on the bed because his feet hit the bedside and gauri falls on top of him. His hands are around her back and he pulls her more close. Gauri’s breath gets faster. He comes closer and closer when suddenly his phone rings. They realize their position and break away. Om says yeh phone bhi na. Gauri laughs and goes out.

He picks the call and says haan bhai main aaraha hoon. Waise bhi meri patni khud mujhe bol rahi hai ki office jao. Toh aab aana hi hoga warna mujhe khud meri biwi drop karne aayegi. Shivaay laughs and gauri hears him and feels embarrassed and blushes. She thinks omkara ji bhi na. She blushes and leaves.


shivaay and om are in the conference hall and are talking with their clients. Shivaay and the clients are speaking non stop English and om understands nothing as he isn’t that educated. Suddenly a client asks om in English “so mr.omkara can you show me some blueprints of the mall?” Om misunderstands his words and gets blue paint instead and gives it to him. The client looks puzzled and shivaay thinks how do I stop him. Om thinks does he want me to open the can? He starts opening it but all the paint splatter on the clients. Shivaay and om get shocked and clients get mad at om. Clients get up in anger and shout at om. “What the hell!? How dare you spill this shit on me? Do you even know what this is? I asked you to get me blue print not blue paint!” “You dress all up as if you are educated but in reality are just a illiterate person!” Omkara’s eyes fill with tears while shivaay can’t stand a insult of his brother so being the Great Wall of shivaay singh oberoi he starts answering back to the clients which of course he will lose millions of money but nothing is greater than his brother’s self respect.

Shivaay says excuse me mr.smith but you have no rights to speak about my brother like that? Clients says and what he did was good? Shivaay says I didn’t say that but. Clients stop him and says enough mr.oberoi. We don’t want to do this deal with you anymore? Shivaay says to hell with this deal. Om was seeing this and even though he understood nothing but he can tell from their faces and tone that his brother who never loses a deal lost his biggest deal of his life! His dream project all went to waste! Because of him. He feels very guilty for his actions and he feels more upset on himself and curses himself for not knowing hi-fi English. Client leave and shivaay says come om let’s go. Om still processing all that happened feels very upset.

They sit in the car and drive off but on their way it was so quiet which is not what happens daily. Shivaay understands omkara’s dilemma and tries speaking to him but stops and let him stay by himself. They reach OM. Om quickly rushes up to his room with eyes filled with tears and the whole family present there notices and asks shivaay what happened. Gauri says bade bhaiyya what happened to om? Why is he so depressed? Shivaay narrates everything that happened in office and all are shocked. Gauri says what the hell? How dare they point their fingers at om? I agree om isn’t that educated but that doesn’t mean they can do whatever they wish.

Shivaay says I know. They were so rude. I tried to talk to om but then I thought to leave him alone. Gauri says I’ll go check on him. She goes and sees om not in his room. She looks tensed then looks around. She sees the bathroom locked and thinks he is in there. She is about to go but then thinks he may listen to bade bhaiyya. She runs out and says bade bhaiyya. All look up and he says yes gauri what happened? She cries and says bhaiyya om…om has locked himself in the bathroom. All are shocked. Shivaay and rudra at once say what? They run up and others follow. They reach the room and rudra cries and says o bhaiyya. Shivaay says om open the door. Om inside is crying hard and feels guilty for his actions.

He says nahi please mujhe akela chod do. Shivaay says om shut up and open the door. Om shouts from the inside nahi shivaay aaj meri wajah se tune tumhari sabse badi deal kho di. Yeh hi tumhara ek sapna tha jo meri wajah se tune aaj kho diya. Main tera bhai kehne ke layak hi nahi hoon. Shivaay says shut up and get out om. He says what? Funny tune plays and all kind of giggle and shivaay’s frown turns into a small smile and says “om mera matlab chup chap baar aao” om says oh and he kind of opens the door. Shivaay and rudra hug him tight and shivaay playfully slaps him and says idiot why did you do that? We were so scared! He says shivaay mujhe bura laga ki meri wajah se sab huwa. He says it’s not your fault. Mr. Smith was accusing you so much and how can I keep quiet!? Gauri sees shivomru bonding and thinks only I can help om have confidence. I’ll have to teach om the proper way of speaking with someone and how to say English. She thinks omkara I will help you. She smiles and dadi says okay now everyone go get dressed. Guests will start arriving soon. Rudra says why dadi? Are we going to your wedding? Dadi looks at him with her eyes open then playfully hits him and says duffer it’s rikara’s wedding reception. Rudra says I know dadi but I thought it was also your wedding and before dadi hits him he runs out and all start laughing.

All leave and it’s only rikara in the room. Om looks at gauri and she walks towards him. He moves back in fear and says ga..gauri k..kya kari ho? He keeps moving back and she moves towards him. His back hIt’s the wall and she keeps her hand on either side of him on the wall and moves closer. Before he can say anything more gauri smashes her lips on om’s lips and both kiss eo. He reciprocates her kiss and slowly his hands start moving up and he grabs her waist. He pulls her closer and both kiss eo. Gauri breaks the kiss and outbursts at him. She says what if something happened to you?

Omkara: par kuch huwa nahi na?

She smiles and says aacha aab tum ready ho jao phir hum dono saath neeche jayege. He nods and they get ready. They walk downstairs hand in hand. All guests are mesmerized seeing rikara’s jodi. One guest comments wow Mrs. Oberoi your grandson and his wife look stunning together. Dadi smiles and thanks her. They come down and all are eating snacks and drinking cold drinks. He says main madat karta hoon gauri as she was serving the drinks. She says no omkara ji main karti hoon. He says Maine kaha na main karunga. She says theek hai. He starts serving when a lady asks om to get her a extra cup. He misunderstands her and gets her a cup filled with juice. The lady turns and bumps into him who was carrying a big designer bag. The drinks fall on her bag and she gets mad at om while he is shocked. The lady says what the hell?

How dare you spill the drinks on my 10,000 dollar bag? Do you not have eyes or you just don’t use them? My whole bag is spoiled!? I know you did this because you’re jealous that I have a expensive bag and you don’t know the worth of an expensive bag. Why are you roaming around as if you are a waiter? Looking at you it doesn’t seem that you are Tej Singh Oberoi’s son. Gauri sees this while all guests look on. Shivaay is about to go when he stops seeing gauri going towards the lady. The lady keeps remarking on omkara when gauri comes and stands besides om. She looks at him while his eyes are filled with tears. Gauri can stand anything but tears in his eyes. She says in English ” Mrs. Malik how dare you accuse om huh? You were the one who turned first so you bumped into him. It wasn’t my husband’s fault. You were the one who asked him to get you a cup na? You could have said get me an empty cup… she says the man who doesn’t understand the word cup then how would he understand empty cup.

Gauri says why? He isn’t that stupid. Yes he has trouble understanding people but he has trouble understanding people who don’t make their sentences clear and mrs.malik that is you. You roam around claiming to be hi-fi and very educated but in reality you don’t even make your sentences clear which is why he has trouble understanding you. Now watch me. She looks at om and in English says “om can you please get me a clean napkin” he looks at her then understands and goes to get it. Mrs.malik comments watch him get a dirty napkin. He comes back with a clean napkin leaving her shocked. Gauri says thank you om! He says you’re welcome. She is shocked. Gauri says did you see? He very well knew what I was saying. Maybe you should try improving your English instead of pointing your fingers on others. And what is this huh? A designer bag which was how much? She says 10,000. She laughs and says really Mrs.malik you have a 10,000 dollar bag well guess how much this bangle is. She looks at it and says huh maybe 5,000 dollars. She says what 5,000.

Mrs.Malik I thought you are very educated and smart and can tell what the cost is for each item. Well let me tell you it’s real worth. She looks at om and walks to him. She hold his hands and brings him near her. She shows her hand with her bangle on it and says Mrs. Malik this is a 50,000 dollar bangle. I’m sure you have never seen such an expensive gift right? She is shocked. Gauri says even though you are rich but you have no sense about the money! This bangle is real gold which is why it’s 50,000 but what about your bag? You think it’s real leather? No mrs. Malik this is roadside bag and they sell it for a very expensive price. She says no this is a good bag. I got it from a huge mall. Gauri says really? Okay let me show you! She takes a lighter and puts her bag on fire. Like paper it immediately burns into ashes.

Mrs. Malik is shocked. Gauri says if this was leather it wouldn’t have burned this easily. Mrs. Malik looks on shocked and embarrassed. The whole OM are proud of their bahu and omkara is stunned seeing gauri in this avatar. Gauri says so Mrs. Malik before you point fingers at my husband go and see your worth first! Mrs. Malik is about to leave when gauri says wait. She asks omkara where he put the tray of glasses. He points to the corner. She walks to it and grabs a cup of juice. She walks to om then hold his hands. She walks with him to Mrs. Malik and says now let me show you what a purposely fallen drink is. She takes the cup in her hand and throws it on her face. She feels insulted while the whole OM sees gauri. Dadi says to her family members now this is my real bahu. All smile while guests look on shocked. Gauri says now you may leave. Oh yes and taken this burnt cheap bag with you. She leaves while guests start leaving one by one. Om walks up to his room while gauri says let me see him. She goes but dadi stops her and thanks her for what she did today. She says he is my husband dadi I can do this much for him. Dadi hugs her and gauri goes after om.

In the room om cries while gauri comes and says bura laga? Koi baat nahi om. Uss aurat ko kuch nahi pata tha. Bas paise hai toh khud samajhthi hai ki rich and educated hai. He says gauri yeh sab meri wajah se huwa. Agar mujhe English aati aur baat samajh aati toh main kabhi tumhe ya shivaay ko insult hone nahi deta.

Gauri stands up and says om aisa kuch nahi hai. Toh kya huwa agar tum logo se English main baat nahi karsakte? Tum dil ke toh aache ho na? He cries and can’t hold it so he pulls gauri from her waist and rests his head on her belly and hugs her and cries. She holds his shoulders and moves her hand in his hair and says om please chup ho jao. Om cries and says sorry gauri mujhe tumhe insult nahi karna tha. She says om aap kaise bol sakte ho ki aapne mujhe insult kiya? Aisa kuch nahi hai. She gets on her knees and cups his face. She kisses all over his face and he cries. She kisses his eyes then goes down and kisses his neck.

He realizes what she’s doing and gets up. He wipes his tears and says sorry gauri mera matlab ki mujhe pata hai ki tumhe abhi tak time chahiye hai aur mera rone ka yeh maksaat nahi hai ki main tumhare kareeb aana jaa raha hoon. Sorry. She realizes he’s trying to maintain distance from her because she always told him that she’s not ready yet and he thinks she still needs time but now gauri doesn’t want to be away from om anymore. She wants to feel him. She wants his body on her. She wants to smell him. She wants to feel his body. She wants him to touch her all that he can. Om leaves the room crying. Gauri says no om not anymore now you are mine and you always will be. We will become one tonight. I will have a surprise for you. Hope to see you tonight om.

At night om returns and Anika says om do you want some food? He says no bhabhi I’m not hungry I’ll go upstairs. She nods. He goes upstairs and sees the room dark. He thinks hmmm it’s good it’s dark. I need to be alone. He goes and sits on the sofa chair. He rests his head back and closes his eyes. Camera shifts and it shows gauri coming in wearing a blue transparent sari where her belly is seen. She puts her one leg up and puts it on om’s chest. He immediately wakes up feeling something on his chest. He sees her and says tum? Gauri smiles and she looks hotttt. Om is dead seeing her. She says yes me. He says what are you doing here? She puts her leg down and sits on his lap. She comes close and their lips are inches apart. Her breath can be felt on his lips as she talks. She says aaj raat ke liye tum sirf aur sirf mere ho. Om is shocked and stunned seeing this avatar. She holds his collar and pulls him while his hands are resting on her waist. She kisses his cheek and says you are mine om.

She kisses his other cheek and says no one else has rights on you. She kisses his forehead and says you are my breath. She kisses his chin and says you are my soul. She rubs his nose with hers and says we both are one. Om understands all that gauri said in English just now because this is a heart to heart connection. Dil ki baat sirf om he jaane. He pulls her close and says gauri agar tum itni hot lago gi toh mujhse bhi control nahi hoga. She pulls him closer and says main bhi dekhna chaati hoon ki tum kya kya karsakte ho? He gives her a naughty look and carries her in bridal style. He takes her to the bed and makes her lay down. He goes on top of her and says tumhe bura toh nahi lag raha na? Gauri can’t control it anymore and says shut up and kiss me. He is amazed and starts kissing her lips. She reciprocates and both kiss eo. He uses his hand and moves her face to one side and makes his face go in the other side of her neck and leaves wet kisses in her neck. She breaths heavily. He moves down to her cleavage and kisses her there. Her blouse was in the way so he pulls it down and takes her bra out and kisses her cleavage. He unwraps the pallu from her belly and leaves wet kisses on her belly. She clutches onto the bed sheet. She turns him and starts unbuttoning his shirt. She takes it off and kisses his neck and chest. He pulls her up and kisses her on her neck as she’s on top of him. They get intimate and the night saw their passion for eo.


8 years later a big company is shown named as GO (gauri and omkara) company and stocks. Gauri is seen working with om on projects and om speaking very classy and perfect English. The clients like their project and accept the deal. Rikara hug eo then go home where a small boy around 5 years old says mom dad you both are home!!! The boy looks a total American with a spark of Indian habits. He hugs rikara when om says Varun did you eat? He says yes dad. But dad please my name is not just varun. It’s VOSO….varun omkara singh oberoi. Rikara smile at him when om gets a call. He says hey shivaay long time na. Shivaay says yeah om how is it in London? It’s been so many years. I still remember when you first got offered to start your own company in London and you all left us. Om says yeah shivaay I’m good and gauri is good too. Varun is doing good too!! Shivaay says varun? Om says video chat me. I’ll show you and the whole family. They hang up and get on video chat. Om sees his whole family and dadi says om beta how are you? He says great dadi. Where is gauri? She says here dadi. Suddenly varun comes in and says hi everyone!! Dadi says who’s this? Om says dadi and everyone this is varun…

varun omkara singh oberoi aka VOSO. All are surprised and all laugh. A girl around 6 year old comes and says hey chachu!! Om says shivaay is this yours? He says yes om anshika shivaay singh oberoi!!! Then from behind they hear a small baby cry around 2 year old and gauri says bade bhaiyya who’s that small baby? Rudra and bhavya come and show their little princess. Rudra says o this is raina rudra singh oberoi. Gauri says oh my gosh. Varun says mom dad are these my cousins? They nod and varun says I can’t wait to see them. All smile


Okay guys maybe it wasn’t really good but I hope it was decent. Hope to see comments and feedbacks of you all!! This is kiara signing off!!!

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