Heart To Heart Connection!! Episode 5


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………………………………………………..Let’s Begin……………………………………………………………….

5 year Leap

A man was standing in front of mirror wearing his coat then he was setting his tie…he was set his hear with comb….He turned and wore his shoe then came down stairs…..his was face shown he was none other than our handsome dashing Dr. kabir Kapoor….A gentle man.

On the other side an Old lady was running behind the Five year old kid….kid was laughing

Old lady was Kusum and she said to him….Stop Swabir see Dadi is tired na??

Swabir (kid) he was smiling and replying to her…Mujhe paklo dadi..

Swabir my son please finish your milk swabir

No Dadi I don’t like milk…keep stay away milk from me.

Kusum sat on the Sofa she kept hands on her Knees and said to him beta see Dadi’s knees are paining

Swabir came to her and said…Dadi are you okk??

Kusum grabbed him Badmaasshh pakr liya na now finish your milk.

Swabir is about to cry and said…NO Dadi I can’t..

Kusum caressed his face and said: My bacha please don’t cry…

Then swabir suddenly started laughed and ran away from her…and bumped with kabir.

What the hell is this?? Yelled at him

Kusum came besides them…swabir scared he hides behind kusum.

What is wrong with you kabir?? Why you are scolding him??

Maa, you know what App ke pyar ne isse bigar diya hai…kisi ki nahi sun’ta.

So what kabir he is child ager bachhe masti nahi karege toh kiya hum karenge?? And by the way what happened to you…In past 5 year you changed a lot…why kabir??

Swabir was sobbing

Kusum took him front kabir looked at him and realized his mistake. Then kusum consoled him. After that swabir’s eyes went on kabir’s shoe less…he was knees down and started tie the shoe less. Then kabir shocked at his antics then he went into Flashback.


Kabir was ready to go for hospital…when swarda came in to room with his breakfast…

Hey Janu I’m getting late give me morning kissi then I will go hospital

Swarda blushed…Chee Kabir Subah Subah kisi ne dekh liya toh??

He pulled her closer through waist and starring at her lovingly with naughty expressions…Hmm Kisi ko dekhna hai dekhne do..he leaned to kiss her then swarda shouted…MAA

Kabir choked and looking around them…

Where is maa, Maa

Swarda laughed at him

Kabir understand that this was her joke…and started laughing with her.

Just then swarda saw his shoe less was untied she make him sat on the sofa then started tying the shoe less

Ofoo kabir aap kab bade honge aj tak shoe less nahi badhna seekhe aj toh main kal ko main na hui toh??

Then suddenly kabir putted hands on her lips she became silent..,

Today you uttered but dobara aisa kabhi mat kehna…main jee nahi paunga tumare bins.

Flashback ends

Kabir’s eyes became moist to see his son doing same work that swarda was does….

He remembered swarda’s last words…Aj aap usse sambhalenge kal use Bhi aap ko sambhalna hai na.

He hugged him.

Swabir smiled kusum too.

A girl was lying on the bed she was seeing some flashbacks of a couple…

She was seeing a girl laughing. She was running in her bedroom and a boy was running behind her to catch her… Then he finally catches her from behind….she was laughing madly boy too…then girl was trying escaped her from his clutches she removed his hands but unfortunately boy fell down he got cut on the hand from something….girl worried and shouted… Goluuu.

Then Saanchi Woke up and also shouted Goluuuuuu.

She was gasped jaya came to her quickly.

What happened saanchi?? Are you all right??

Saanchi looked at jaya she was scared.

Maa woh …I saw the same dream which I was seeing since 5 years…the same couple…. And maa who is Golu.

Saanchi beta it was all your illustrations nothing else…so just forget it…leave it you need to make new start.

But maa after my surgery I’m seeing these types of dreams why maa?? What is mean of all that?? I think it has some mystery behind it?? Maa why my tongue uttered only one word Golu??

She stands up and walking in her own thoughts just then her phone was rang he picked the phone it was her boyfriend veer’s call….

Hi. Saanchi

Hello good morning my Miss golgappa.

She blushed

O hoo miss golgappa you are looking very cute while blushing

Saanchi shocked her smile faded she was looking herself

How you know I was smiled??

Jaya saw to he was stood on the room’s gate jaya is about to talk then veer sign her to keep silent jaya became quite but smiled..

Janab hum toh humari mohbbat ke zar’re zar’re main samaye hue hain…aap aakhen band keeje humen yaad Keeje him haazir hojayenge

Then shocked Saanchi closed her eyes when she open then she found veer in front of her….she was double shocked

Veer you here on that time….how you came??

Veer finger pointed to door and said mehrbaan hum darwwaze se aaye

On that he and jaya both laughed loudly.

Saanchi became frowned over them and leaved from there..

Veer ran behind Saanchi (just like in the real serial???)

Saanchi listen yaarr

Veer stop following me…you know na I don’t like pranks.

Acha baba so sorry he was holding her ears.

Saanchi stopped there and looked at him.

Veer made puppy face then Saanchi forgave him but with warning…. If he will do any prank with her in the future then she will breaks relationship with him.

Veer agreed.

Now Saanchi I have good news for you…do you want to do your internship at SDCH??

Yes, so what? Replied him carelessly and moved other side…actually she wasn’t interested in his talks…in fact she didn’t loved him…..she wasn’t love relationship type girl but veer proposed her and jaya liked veer do much that’s why she accepted his proposal and said him that she needs sometimes to understand him and she will trying to like him or may be love him.

So what what?? Arre you are selected for internship at SDCH..

Saanchi moved towards him and said what are yyyy…..she shocked for a while and became and didn’t believed what was she heard??

Are you serious??

Yeah I’m damn serious yaarr..You didn’t believed me look at this letter your internship letter at SDCH…

Saanchi held the latter she read completely from beginning to end…jaya came into hall…..Saanchi jumped in happiness she goes to jaya round her by grabbing her shoulders….

Maa maa maa I’m so happy I’m so happy finally my dream became true…. Look at this letter I got opportunity to work at India’s no. Hospital.The savitri devi college and hospital.

Jaya was really happy at her daughter’s success..

Sach saanchi??

Yeah maa according to this latter I will join from Tuesday after two days…

That’s really good news Saanchi…. You wait I’m bringing some sweets for you khushi ke mouqe per munhh meetha toh karna hi chahye..

Then jaya brought some sweets and ate them.

At kapoor mention

Dadi your knees are paining na?? Let’s go to park. In the park you will take some fresh air and will sit on bench and I’ll playing with my friends.

Okk swabir but just wait just a minute dadi will took water bottle for you from kitchen then we go.

Okk dadi but do fast I haven’t much time Gaurav and laksh will take my place they will never play with me..

Swabu just wait a minute dadi is coming na??

Okk dadi

Then they reached at park.

Dadi you sit here and I’m going to play with my friends

Okk swabu par door mat Jana dadi is watching you from here.

OK dadi

Then swabir playing with some other kids while playing his ball goes in to mud he find the ball but he failed then one girl took his ball and gave to him he saw the girl he was shocked to see the girl

Girl smiled at him and goes away from him

Swabir was looking at her

Mumaa mumaa then kusum reached at him

What happened swabu?? Asked kusum

Dadi mumaa he pointed finger to her

Kusum got worried

No beta she was not your mumaa….come let’s go…then kusum took him with her…

Saanchi where was you went??

Maa bacche ka ball mud main phass gaya tha bas waho nikalne gayi thi that’s it.

Okk now let’s go for shopping..

Okk Mom let’s go..

Precap: Grand Style kaanchi meeting at “Valentine DAY” GUYs Don’t Miss that…

So guys I know it was some boring episode but guys bear it I have very beautiful kaanchi meeting at valentine day so after that these developments was necessary….So hope you understand…

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