My Heart Is Fully Filled By You (Chapter 4)

Two boys were playing with each other outside their mansion and runs all over the garden..
Just then a middle aged an bought a new car parked infront of them.
Two boys runs towards him and hugs.
Boy1:-wow new car dad..
Man:- yes beta..
Boy 2:- that to blue colour i love it..
Boy:- can we drive it papa.
Ram:- no sanskar you were small You cant drive..
Laksh:- badai papa bhai can drive plss even i want to go..
Ram:- no means no and he takes them inside house….
After a while in mid to night sanskar wakes up laksh and both goes out by taking car..
By car starting sound security gets alert and tries to stop them before that they both drives off..
Security rushes and informs their family..
While on road..

As sanskar driving he is unable to control car and they heads towards highway where rp and dp were following them..
Suddenly sanskar sees a car infront of him and moves steering to another side resulting a car coming towards them saw the kids inside and tried to control their cars by joining their car head lights and finally it successfull.
Sanskar car stopped at foothpath Another car was at centre..
Rp and dp comes out and hugs their kids..
A man and women at their age comes out and about to cross road suddenly a druken lorry driver hits both of them badly and goes from their…

By sudden incident rp and dp both were shocked and run towards them and sees women was spot dead and man was showing finger towards car and dies..
rp and dp goes and finds a small girl holding a toy and seeing scenario with shock..
They both tired to talk but she didnt respond..
Ap:- she was frighten very much by seeing her parents death infront of her..we personelly handled this case so that you and lucky carrier may not spoil
Laksh:- that means those two kids are us..
Ap nodes.
Sanskar:- how is that girl .who is she.
Sujatha:- that girl was unother than ragini sanskar..
Sanskar and laksh both were horrified by the fact..
Swara:- after knewing this truth also she married you to save mine and laksh life…
Sanskar:- then why we didnt got punishment…
Ap:- we saved you..
Dp:- we got afraid that you both carrier may got ruined so we kept that matter as by using our name and our driver surrendered to police in name of you but we didnt did wrong we took care of his family and after he released from jail he is back to our home as driver..
But we enquired about that girl and they told that her chotai papa family took her so we kept quite..
And after so many years we met shekar family by laksh.
i dont knew why shekar jii lied to us that the girl was swara but later we got to knew that she was their daughter and ragini was that girl .

You dont knew many things sanskar directly or indirectly we people are responsible for ragini condition..
All has tears in their eyes..
Sanskar:- i was the main reason for her sorrow..
Sujatha:- you can be cause for her happiness too but you choose to hate her..
Sanskar:- but sumi maa said that ragini hates swara thats why she tried to snatch me and it didnt happen as i said ok to swara and then ragini got to knew her love towards lucky and again tried to do something..
Rp:-we people insisted her to marry you as swars ran away from mandap naa you were also their..
Sanskar:- haa sumi maa said that she is saying no to ruin their respect thats why she is regetting to marry him..and after marriage sekhar uncle said that he lisened to ragini talking with someone that she want to ruin swara and our family thats why she married to me and made swara run away…
Swara sits on sofa and started crying badly..
Laksh consoles her…
Swara:- i hate myself by being their daughter and you sanskar you are educated and dont you
tried to speak atleast once to me or you might have asked ragini and she might said truth to you.
Sanskar:- i asked her but she didnt said anything and infact she said yes..
Swara:- maa and baba might have blackmailed her by taking my name as always.. you knew what sanskar first i always lived in my world but one day i saw how my parents blackmailing her to be away from me and how they are Touring her from then i wished to protect her but atlast i became main reason for her distruction…

Scene changess..
Rajini was laughing on antics of her brother sameer who is flirting with maasi and mama angry and jeously face..
Rajini:- mama dont worry from now i am in your team so no one can tease you..
They both hi five to each other and mama sticks his tongue out by seeing sakshi and sameer..
Rajini again laughs out loudly which was seen by those three and feels happy and their eyes filled with happiness…
Doctor comes and says that she was perfectly alright and you can take her home.
Sameer jii and rajanth jii you people complete all formalities then you can take her..
Sameer:- ok we are coming with you doctor…
Sameera comes towards raj and says mama lets go and complete formalities..
Doctor cabin…
Sameer:- are you sure doctor..
Doctor:- haa 99 percent its impossible for her to gain memory back she was got injury in head and due to depression and extreme shock she forgot everything and yaa if she see her past incident she may not get flashes also so dont worry let her live her peacefully by seeing her condition she went threw so much..and yaa i am writing few medicines pls follow it for two months..
Rajanath:- sure…
They goes and says everything to sakshi without ragini(rajini) presence….
They three comes inside and says we are going to our home delhi..
Rajini:- who who will be there bhaiya i dont remember anything.
Sameer:- dadaji and dadijii..mama mami you and me and bojjo.
Rajini:- mummy and papa..
Sameera:- we lost them in our child hood only rajini its seems you forget it no problem.
Rajini:- who is bojjo.
All laughs..

Mama:- how can you forget bojjo she gone kill you..
Rajini:- is she my babhi bhaiya.
All laughs alot while sameer pouts and says ..
Sameer:- bojjo is our pet dog rajji.
Rajini:- i am sorry bhaiyaa.
They both hugs each other..

Precap:- leap of 5 months..

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    Amazing feeling bad for ragini and waiting for their meeting again and want to see ragini strong and independent

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  4. Cute bonding…

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    Superb part dear…sumi n shekher r soooo bad!!.dis story is full of suspence n is really very sanky wl realise his mistake..hope soon ragsan gets united…waitng for d leap …post nxt part soon!!! Keep rockng n stat blessed dear ๐Ÿ˜‰ ๐Ÿ˜‰ ๐Ÿ˜‰

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