My Heart Is Fully Filled By You (Chapter 2)


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Episode 2
Guys i do know any places in north india….i refer net nd wrote guys….if it s wrong please forgive me….

The conference hall s fully filled by the teachers!

Outside the hall there is a notice board in which the vacancy list s placed…..swara saw a place jhalong(i know it is a village but consider it as a place where there s no basic facilities) where a school has vacancy of all subjects….she was very upset by seeing dat so she took dat place as first preference and she also noted some place for her other preferences….then she went inside and sat in a chair…..a teacher sitting beside swara saw her and smiled….

swara:do u know about d place jhalong?
Teacher:ya i know d place bcoz i m staying near dat place only.
swara:then u know fully about dat place right?
Teacher:ya i know dat place fully mam….its a pakka village…there s no basic facility….even dey face electricity pblm often….no water facility….no bus facility….the road are very damaged…..only by two wheelers or car we can go….but many dont have any vehicles bcoz all r very poor there….even we want to get grocery item from my village….like these there s no basic facility so that only there s more vacancy in this village but y r u asking about dat village?(guys i do no whether that place is like this???its just imagination)
swara:i want to get transfer to that village.
Teacher:what r u saying mam?which place u r?
swara:here kolkatta only.
Teacher:after being here y u want to get transfer to that place?
swara:because i want to give good studies to the students there and want to show a nice future to them so that only by going against my parents i m going there.

He just saw her in astonishment…..

swara:what is ur name?which place u r?now where r u working?
Teacher:my name is arjun…my hometown is darjeeling….now i am working in kolkatta only mam.
swara:whether u have vacancy in ur hometown?
swara:ur hometown s a main place….to get transfer there many r fighting but they are thinking a lot to get transfer to the place where there s no facility….but u have born there…y cant u come to jhalong and teach them????they r ur people…..if we have a two-wheeler then we can reach within 20 to 25 minutes…see we youngsters should not think to work and serve the people….we have to come forward for these matters…..what are u saying sir?
Teacher:but i have vacancy in my own place.
swara:i m a girl….but i m going against my parents to work in dis village….but u r men nd thinking sooo much to work in dis place???

A lady was listening to the conversation of swajun….swara turned and asked d lady

swara:which place u r mam??where u r getting transfer mam?
lady:my name ranjini….my hometown is howrah….if i get a order there then i will go there mam.
swara:by cing u i can understand u r same as of my age…till u get married with good heart u can come forward to work in jhalong….we should not be like we born then we grow then we studied then we worked…then married….we should do something to our society….

After listening to swara ranjini started to think….after sometime she told swara that she will also select the same place….then ceo came…counciling also started…..the clerk started his work….all d places are filling one by one….then the clerk called those who all r willing to get transfer to jhalong?then nearly 10 people came and get their orders…..then ceo called all of them

ceo:i m very happy to c dat u all selected this village.
arjun:sir d reason for all dis s only swara mam….she told us patiently nd explained d situation nd pain of the students studying in d village….she only called all of us to serve d students and we thought she is right….so she s d reason we chose this village sir
ceo:we need teacher like u only swara…..this society need person like u swara….my wishes and blessings r all there for u swara….the students and people of dat village r very lucky swara….

After hearing d appreciation from ceo swara was very happy….but she do no dat her future s going to change…


Here comes the end of 2nd part guys……but u have to wait a little for our hero’s entry….this story does not concentrate only on couples guys… pls have patience…..i m sry for that…..thanks for ur support guys…..pls support me till d end guys….


Credit to: Shan

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