A heart full of love [A Shivika (Ishqbaaz) One-Shot by Manya]

Hello everyone!! This is Manya back with my OS hope you all like it its conclusion is not good but I hope you will like it especially junior Shivaay and Anika. Here goes my OS,

Shivaay looks at a lady’s picture continuously.
Shivaay: Anika you know our daughter Ansh, he is now of 8 years and our baby, our Shivika she is of 4 years now. Ansh never saw you after he was born but he saw your pictures only. Why do you left us Anika we miss you very much what was the need to go away….
Suddenly a voice interrupts him.
Om: Shivaay if you are not busy can you help me in making something for Shivika, she is hungry and wants something made by you.
Shivaay: Come let us go. (He keeps the picture at its place.)
Rudra: Bhaiya you were crying no?
Shivaay: No I was not crying something…
Rudra: Don’t lie to me, I know you were crying. I also miss her especially at this day this was the day when she met with that car accident.
Om: I too miss her I keep telling Shivika and Ansh about her. Shivika saw her but Ansh he never saw her and never got her love.

Shivaay goes into FB: Shivika is born in hospital; Anika sees someone hiding behind the door. After an hour a lady comes and takes away Shivika. Anika see her but nobody was near her so she runs after that lady. That lady sits in a car and leaves taking away Shivika. Anika drives after that lady Shivaay in his car watches her driving some car and drives after her. Anika reaches at end point of a cliff where that lady was standing. Anika snatches Shivika from that lady and confronts her. Lady is revealed to be evil Roop. Anika sees Shivaay coming and handover him Shivika.
Anika: Shivaay please take away Shivika from here.
Shivaay: Anika what happened? Tell me something.
Anika: First take away Shivika from here.
Anika forces Shivaay to go he leaves from there.
Anika goes to Roop,
Anika: What is your enmity with us? Why are you after my family? Please leave us.
Roop: I told you to help me in escaping out my husband but you didn’t listen and informed police. They are after me and want to arrest me.
Anika: Believe me I didn’t tell anyone about this thing. ?
Shivaay standing at some distance watch them silently he sees Roop there and calls police. Roop while talking to Anika brings her near the edge of the cliff and pushes her down the cliff. Shivaay was dumbstruck OmRu come to know about this and take away Shivaay and Shivika from there. Meanwhile police arrives and arrest Roop.
FB ends.

Shivaay: Let us forget about this Shivika is hungry. Let us go to her.
OmRu see Shivaay going and walk behind him. Shivaay goes to Shivika,
Shivaay: My princess what do you want to eat?
Shivika: Papa I want to have vegetable quiches with your special soup.
Shivaay picks her up and make her sit near the stove. Ansh comes there,
Rudra: Welcome my buddy. (Rudra kisses him on his cheeks. Ansh rubs his cheeks glares at him angrily.) Why are you staring like this see what your father is making.
Ansh: Papa do you know this girl she had eaten lots of things since morning first she took me to have cheese-pizza that too extra large for her and then she went to have ice-cream. See her, her stomach is puffing like a football she eats too much and is becoming like an elephant.

Shivika makes faces. Pinky comes there quietly and listens to their argument.
Shivika: Papa you know I am so kind that I gave away half of my cheese-pizza to a dog…
Ansh: ….who then left it over disliking its taste. (He speaks in an angry tone.)
Shivaay: Shivika you did this?
Shivika: No papa that dog left it so I ate up that pizza you need not to worry I saved your money. (Ansh glares at her just like Shivaay.)
OmRu laughs seeing them and Shivaay just smiles at their fight.
Om: Both of them remind me of Billu and Billi. (OmRu laughs and Shivaay reminisces that day smiling.)
FB: Anika and Shivaay go with Gaurika and Rumya to a restaurant, while Anika was eating her favorite burger a tomato falls down on the seat. Anika picks it up and gobble it. Everyone stares at her Anika smiles. FB ends.
Pinky suddenly speaks,
Pinky: (Making weird faces.) Oh my mata! What did you says you ate up that Pizza left by dogs?
Shivika: No.
Pinky: But you were saying just now.
Shivika: Offo dadi not there were not many dogs it was just one single dog I ate pizza left by him…
Ansh: …How do you know it was he and not she?
Shivika: Point to be noted when we were leaving from there I gave that dog a flying kiss and he felt shy and left running.
Ansh glares shocked.
Ansh: He was not shy he was scared by seeing your ghost like face.
Everyone laughs. Shivika gets angry and runs after Ansh with her little teddy-bear.

A big mansion larger than OM is shown a man goes to the owner of house with some papers,
Man1: Mr. Sharma please sign these papers you are taking Anika from our Orphanage we are taking her care from 4 years and we still need to assure she won’t have any problem here.
Another man signs the paper. That man leaves and three ladies bring a girl there. Two girls come downstairs and run to that girl, (Those girls are Gauri and Saumya and the third girl is Anika.)
RiSaum: Di finally you are back to home.
Anika: I am unknown but still I have some familiarity to this house I feel I know all of you (Guys Anika had memory loss after that falling down from the cliff.).
RiSaum gets emotional and hugs her again; lady comes down and does Anika’s aarti. That man and lady hug Anika. (That lady is Anika’s mother Anjali and that man Anika’s father Niranjan.)
Anika: Aunty, Uncle you are giving me so much love I don’t know what to do…
Anjali: First of all I am your mother so don’t call me aunty and he is your father.
Anika gets emotional and hugs them. Doctor comes there and talks to Niranjan,
Doctor: Mr. Sharma you can’t give her stress you can show her old albums or anything like that but don’t force her to make her remember anything.
Niranjan: Fine doctor I will take care of it.
Niranjan instructs everyone there about what doctor told and leaves from there.

Next day Gauri and Saumya get ready to go to Oberoi Mansion.
Anika: Where are you going?
Gauri: You know we both are going back to our in-laws home soon we are going to get married and there is a marriage so we are going there.
Anika: What will I do? I will get bored here.
Saumya: So di come with us there you will have lot of fun.
Anika smiles hearing it and leaves to get ready.
Gauri: Hey Shankar ji bas kuch aisa jaadoo kijiye ki humare didi ki yaddasht wapas aa jaye. (Hey Shankar ji do some miracle so that our didi get her memory back.)
Saumya: Di we can just hope it can’t happen.
Gauri: I believe something will happen.
Anika comes and trio leaves to OM.
In the OM Tia enters. (Tia is good here and is wife of Dushyant and both of them are friend of Shivaay everyone knows about her that she is married to Dushyant. Here Tia is pregnant.) Pinky goes and hugs her,
Pinky: You came at right times. In sometime Prinku’s engagement will start.
Tia: Thank god I thought I am late. So how are you now?
Pinky: I am perfectly fines and you tell your beauty is increasing day by days.
Tia: I am also fine.
Pinky: Where is Dushyant?
Tia: He has some business tour to Italy so he left me here till that time.

Suddenly Ansh and Shivika come there running and hugs Tia joyously. (Tia hugs them. She took their care after Anika left.)
Tia: So my little babies you have grown up a lot?
Shivika: I am no more a baby but of 4 years.
Tia: Aww!! So you are not a baby now.
Shivika: Yes now I am a big girl and papa’s princess.
Ansh: Yes- yes so big that you cry after hearing school’s name.
Shivika throws her toy on him and run away. Tia smiles at them.
AniRiSaum reach OM. Shivaay was standing near his car and Anika passes by him Shivaay don’t notice her but suddenly he feels something and cuts the call.
Shivaay: Anika?? Why I felt her presence? No Shivaay concentrate on your work. He goes back to the mansion.
Anika: This mansion is just like our mansion Gauri but why I feel I am not new here?
Gauri and Saumya get excited and take Anika to Shivaay’s room.
Saumya: Bade bhaiya are you busy?
Shivaay: Come in Saumya.
Shivaay turns and find Anika standing with RiSaum. HE gets happy and hugs her.
Shivaay: Anika you came back? I don’t believe you came back.
Anika: How do you know my name?
Shivaay: Anika stop joking you are my wi… (Saumya stops him. She takes him aside and explain him everything.)
Shivaay realizes and get sad,
Anika: Tell me how do you know my name?
Gauri: We told him.
Anika: You are very clever you told him beforehand.
Shivaay: Hello (Says with attitude.) I am Shivaay Singh Oberoi.
Anika: Not Shivaay Singh Oberoi but you are like Bagad Billa. (Shivaay gets happy hearing it.)
Gauri: Saumya I think di is regaining her memory.
Anika: Why are you smiling I called you Bagad Billa and you are smiling.
Shivaay: No nothing.

Tia comes there with Ansh and Shivika. (Shivaay takes them aside and explain his plan to make Anika regain her memory. Tia comes and greets Anika.)
Tia: Hello I am Tia. Meet my children Ansh and Shivika.
Anika: Oh hello I am Anika and your kids are really cute.
Anika (She thinks.): These children are cute but why I feel like hugging them and not leaving them for the whole life. Maybe they are so cute that they have grabbed my attention just like Mr. Bagad Billa did.
Anika: Where is your husband?
Tia: Shivaay he is my husband.
Anika get dumbstruck and tries to go from there.
Anika: (Thinking.) I must not feel bad both of them are couples and look good together I am just getting between in their relationship.
Shivaay asks Anika to wait and everyone leaves from there.
Anika: Shivaay how can you do this to me? Why are you doing this? I know you aren’t married to Tia then why are you acting?
Shivaay: What Ms. Anika I didn’t understand anything?
Anika: The thing is my memory is not lost.
Shivaay get shocked.
Shivaay: What are you saying Anika? Your memory is not lost? Then why they said it?
Anika: Because they don’t know I told the doctor to say this I wanted to get evidence against that evil Roop she still believes that I have lost memory but it is my plan she is trying to harm our family. She is roaming freely she escaped from jail and is making plans.
Shivaay: My Panika you won’t change same jasoosi always. Don’t worry it was my plan to bring your memory back both of them are our child and Tia isn’t my wife you know she married to Dushyant. I thought you will regain memory but you shocked me.
Anika: Shivaay you know I love you so much that I can’t see you with anyone else.
Shivaay: I love you too Anika. But what is your plan how to expose this Roop? (Pinky who was standing outside gets happy)
Pinky: Oh my mata! My Dil is back and I won’t tell it to anyone tomorrow I will tell when both of them come after handing that Roop to police.

Anika tells Shivaay her plan and both of them leaves from there. Next day, both of them go to the house where Roop lives. Anika acts as if she is some girl who needs help Roop brings her inside her house and tries to kill her thinking she may expose her after regaining memory. Shivaay shoots the video and calls the police both of them handover Roop to police and Roop get jailed.
Shivaay and Anika get back home. Everyone stops them and Pinky brings aarti thaali.
Pinky: Oh my mata! You thought we won’t know your plans? We know everything you hid this truth to expose that Roops na?
Dadi: How much you both hide from us but we come to know.
Shivika see towards Gaurika and Rumya but all the four refuses.
Pinky: Yesterdays I was standing outside your rooms and heard everything. Now you are back so I won’t let you be here as just Anika Sharma now go and come as our bahu go and change soon.
Shivika go to their room. Anika come down after changing. Pinky does her welcome. Shivika goes to her.
Shivika: So you are my mumma I heard about you from Om Chachu he told you are very nice and kind but you are too cute. Do you know I am also kind like you?
Anika (Smiles): Oh so you are kind like me what kindness you did?
Shivika: I…
Ansh: …She gave a dog her extra large pizza and when he left she took it up ate it. Then she gave that dog flying kiss and he left feeling shy. This is her kindness.
Shivika (Shouts): No!!!
Ansh: Then what?
Shivika: I am so kind that I ate all your chocolates so that your teeth doesn’t get cavity I am such a nice sister and kind too. (She smiles after telling her kindness. And Ansh gets angry.)
Anika and everyone laugh. Anika hugs her tightly.
Shivika: Mumma why all of you are laughing am I not kind?
Ansh: Now I will tell you how much kind I am.
Both of them run after each other.
OS ends at Shivika’s smiling faces.

First of all I thank all of them who wasted their time on reading my OS. Second a big sorry if you felt it boring and for wasting your time. It was long OS and I think not really like an OS. Please forgive me I will try next time to make a good OS.

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