In Your Heart Forever……. part 1

The Sun had done its job for the day . It was a cool night with chilly winds. A girl is seen standing near by the window looking at the moon .It is none other than Shivanya. Then , another girl enters . Its Shesha.

Shesha : Shivanya!

Shivanya : Yes Di ! What happened?

Shesha : Nothing ! Sometimes, I think father doesn’t loves me ….

Shivanya : Why di ?

Shesha : Tomorrow there’s another marriage proposal .I am frustrated of this .

Shivanya : Don’t be frustrated !  Di, father is doing all this for your welfare only .

Shesha : Let it be ! Shivanya which type of husband you want for yourself?

Shivanya : I want my husband to be smart, intelligent, handsome  and friendly. His prime priority should be his family. He must spend time with me . A relationship is incomplete without love . So, he must love me unconditionally. He must give me a certain amount of independence.

Shesha :  (smiles ) Ok ! Now let’s sleep.

Shivanya : Ya ! Ok

A big mansion is shown. A girl is seen holding a laptop. She is Angana .

Angana : Di ! Where is Bhaiya ? He promised that he will come early .

Rita : Angad is here somewhere,I guess !

Angana : I am talking about Ritik Bhaiya!

Ritik : Someone called me ? (Smiles near the door )

Angana : Bhaiya! (She runs and hugs her )

Rita : Angs ! (She calls her “Angs”in short )If you don’t mind,  can I join you two ?

Ritik : Why not Rita ?Any objections Angana ?

Angana : Absolutely not ! My lord (bursts laughing and hugs him anf Rita)

Rita : By the way, Bhaiya! You have a good news today

Ritik : What is it ? Tommorow’s not my birthday , not maa and papa’ s anniversary……then ?

Angana : Bhaiya! Try a little more , maybe you can guess

Ritik : No, I’m not that good!

Rita: Vikram Bhaiya is here and tommorow ma’s gonna fix his marriage with some …shesha

Ritik : By the way where is Vikram ?(Vikram is Ritik’s cousin )

Vikram : Here I am ! (Puts his hand on Ritik’s shoulder )

Ritik : Vikram!  Groom to be,huh ? (Hugs him )

Angad :  Bhaiya! We all are present here ! So why not make a night out ? What say?

Angana : Good Idea !

Ritik : Bad Idea ! All of us should sleep  now ! Tomorrow you all have to meet your Bhabhi !…. I mean not for you Vikram …

All burst out laughing

Next Morning at Ritik’s house

Yamini :  Common fast ! We have to reach there at 11 sharp ! Fast Ramu

Ritik : Maa, maa and maa ! Relax

Yamini : How can I relax ? I have to finalize this proposal.  The bride is really nice .

Ritik : Don’t Panic ! Just relax

Vikram : Massi ! Really , Ritik is right .

In Shivanya’s house

Shikha : Shivanya beta ! They’ll be arriving soon . See whether Shesha has got ready or not…

Shivanya : Ok maa

Shivanya goes to Shesha’s room. Shesha was wearing a orange colored salwar suit woth black borders .

Shivanya : Di ! You are looking beautiful.

Shesha : Thanks Shivanya!

Shikha calls Shivanya because the groom’s family has come .

In the hall
Yamini : Where is Shesha ?

Shikha :  She’s just coming 

Just then Shivanya enters with Shesha . Looking at Shesha Vikram was totally mad .

Vikram : Massi! Can we talk alone ?

Yamini : Ya ! Of course 

Shikha: Beta , serve them snacks (says pointing Shivanya)

Yamini :  What is your name ?

Shivanya : Shivanya !

Yamini : Here are Ritik and Angad and Angana and Rita my children

Shivanya : Nice to meet them

When Shivanya comes to Ritik the water by mistake falls on his coat .

Shivanya : Oops ! Sorry , come I will wash it for you

Ritik : No thanks

Shivanya : Please,  I will feel guilty

Angad : Bhaiya,We need another bhabhi so go right now(whispers )

Ritik goes with Shivanya . Here on the terrace
Shesha : Listen Vikram,  I don’t want to marry you . I am saying yes to keep the heart of my mother. 

Vikram : I understand Shesha.  I will also say yes but I have an idea

Shesha : What ?

Vikram : You or I can exchange someone right ?

Shesha : Thats a good idea . But ask me ,ok?

In Shivanya’s room

Shivanya come with a clean coat .Ritik wears it . Ritik is about to go but he slips with the water and Shivanya tries to hold him but also slips on him .

Ritik :  Ouch !

Shivanya : Sorry !

Ritik gets up and helps Shivanya to get up . The Marriage of Vikram and Shesha is finalized

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