In Your Heart Forever……. Intro

I am back with my new ff . I know i was in a long vacation but I will surely update

Ritik :  A fun loving, straight forward, handsome and intelligent boy. He is one of the best doctors .He is always ready to help the poor and needy . He loves his family.

Shivanya : A sweet, simple, smart and pretty girl . She loves and cares for her family .

Yamini : A loving mother of Ritik.  A really good house wife

Ankush :Ritik’s father . One of the best biggest business tycoon.

Angad : Ritik’s younger brother

Angana : Ritik’s and Angad’s younger sister

Rita : Ritik’s younger  sister older than Angad

Shikha : Shivanya’s mother . A caring mother.

Shesha : Shivanya’s older sister

Sekhar : Shivanya’s father.  A caring father but wants Shesha and Shivanya to marry soon .

Both positive and negative reviews are welcomed . ☺☺☺☺

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