Heart Feelings (Few Shots : RagSan, Aksh [9th Shot])


☺? Heart Feelings ? (Few Shots : RagSan, Aksh {9th shot})

Hello Friends.. Thank you for the comments, means a lot. So here is the 9th shot, let’s go in the story. The second last shot.

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Yesterday’s episode : Ragini’s rasoi and gifts. Video of OM. Picnic plans. Laksh to leave.

************** 9th Shot (Second Last) **************

(Sanskar winks his eyes and kisses on her cheeks and Ragini changes and all sleep early for the picnic next day.)

(Everyone wakes up early and all Singhania family members, come to Maheshwari Mansion. All are wearing Salwar Suits and Princess Kria is with Laksh and is looking pretty in a baby pink frock and a hairband. Everyone is seated in the bus. Its like, RM-BM, SM-SS, Aksh, RagSan, DaddaJi-Vish, RS is with the driver. Laksh is playing with Kria.)

Akshara : Laksh, what happened? Why are you so silent? This picnic is so boring. It was better to be at home.
Sanskar : Haan Di, its so boring here. Everyone is busy talking.
Laksh : Am not feeling bored, hain na jaan (asking Kria). Me and my gf are enjoying.
Naitik : Let’s sing songs. Anyone can sing with any alphabet. So Sanskar start. (Just then Sanskar’s phone rings and he answers and tells everyone that their business partner Arnav and Gunjan will be joining.)

Sanskar : Laksh, see what Papa is doing? And tell the driver to drive via Link Road, there we will pick them up and just inform Arnav, there is a lot of disturbance here. Take my cell.
Sanskar : (As Laksh leaves) Bauji, you know Mr. Arnav Singh? The youngest entrepreneur? He is one of our hotels share holder. He is a very good guy and his parents died few years back. His sister is the Manager of APK Fashion. He asked Laksh’s hand for his sister. He will come with us. If you all find it right. You can speak to Laksh.
All : Very good, it is Laksh’s age to settle. He is already working and many proposals came for him. Let’s try this also.

DaddaJi : Vish Ji, if the girl is Traditional and can easily live in your family with everyone and dwell in the family. Then ask Laksh, if he is fine. Go ahead.
Dadi : Haan, Bhaisab is right. Don’t tell a yes from your side. And Sanskar go see if they came.
(Sanskar gets them in and Gunjan mingles easily with all and everyone loves her and she has fallen for Laksh and Laksh too has fallen for her, but didn’t realise.)
Sanskar : Ragini, see outside the window. That beautiful shining pearl on that plant.
Ragini : Where Sanskar, I can’t see.

Sanskar : (comes very close to her and holds her hand and points out to the nature and kisses her cheek) Here my love, I am the plant which started glowing after I met you. I am sure, everyone would envy me, because I have the school’s prettiest girl as my life partner.
Ragini : And I have the school’s most handsome boy as my life. (She says and kisses on his cheek) Sanskar, Why do you love me so much? I mean what if I hurt gou and fail to understand you at times?

Sanskar : Ragini Mera Baccha (hugs her keeps her head on his shoulder and his head on hers and holds her hand), we breathe, we dream without knowing whether it’s good or bad. We do what we want without even knowing what are we doing. Right? Why do we do it? We know our all dreams, wishes don’t come true, then why do we even dream?

Ragini : Because we know we can make them true.. All the good ones and leave the bad ones behind.
Sanskar : Exactly Jaan, I love you to the moon and back. I will love you as a good dream and the times where you fail to understand me or hurt me, I will explain you and leave behind it. We will learn things from it and make sure we never repeat it. (he kisses on her forehead) And if we live we breathe right? So you are my every breath baby. And why do you love me so much?
Ragini : Just like air is needed to breathe, water is needed for plants to grow, food ia needed to survive. Like wise Sanskar is needed for Ragini’s life. You are my breath, my life, my soul, my heart, my love, my everything.
Laksh : We have reached. So let’s get down. Gunjan give Kria to me. I will take her.

(Gunjan gives Kria to Laksh and all go in the hotel and get fresh. Laksh and Gunjan went to a nearby shop to get something for Kria. All elders are there with RagSan, Aksh and Arnav)
Arnav : Mr. Vish, I think Sanskar spoke about Gunjan to you. I actually put forward her proposal because I have seen Laksh and heard a lot aboit your family. And about my family. Only me and my wife are there, and Gunjan. We lost our parents when we were young. I don’t think Gunjan can get a better boy than Laksh.

VM : Beta, don’t be so formal, Yes even I feel there will be no one better than Gunjan for our family. She has understood and dwelled in our family very well. We all are fine with her. Rest is upto them. Have you spoken to Gunjan? And sorry beta, but if you have any elder then their decision is really important.
Arnav : Sorry uncle we don’t have anyone with us. Its just we three and right now my wife is on her way with our 5 year old son. She will come here directly. As we have a meeting and she is the MD of my company.
DaddaJi : Vish, we are Arnav’s family. We will take up the responsibility of Gunjan’s wedding.
Akshara : That is fine but who will speak to Gunjan?
RagSan, Aksh : We will speak to Laksh.
(All laugh and suddenly from back)
Voice : I will speak to Gunjan.
(All turn around and Akshara is really happy and all of them)
Akshara : Preeti, how are you? How come here? And who is this prince?
Arnav : Akshara, That’s my wife Preeti, how do you know her? And he’s my son Ritvik.
RM : She is all Akshara’s childhood friend and our old Neighbours daughter. These two were very close.
Sanskar : Maa, now Laksh will definitely say a yes. After all his Doll Sissy has come.

# Laksh’s Side #

Laksh : Gunjan, I need to tell you something. I don’t know what will be your reaction but I can’t keep it inside me anymore. Actually…
In all the seasons, be it rain or winter, summer or spring, autumn or snow, I will always be with you.. In all the happy and good times, you will be ahead of me and In all the bad times and sad times, I will be ahead of you. I will always be like your soul.. Not as shadow, because even shadow leaves us in dark.. I will always love you, pamper you, care for you, trust you, love you.. I don’t know when and how I fell in for you.. But I just know that if I didn’t tell you about it today, I will regret all my life. Now whatever is your decision, I will agree.
Gunjan : Laksh, I also loved you from when I saw you. When you opened the door of the bus. I felt you opened your heart door for me. When we were playing with Kria and you cared for her, I was happy thinking that our children will have the most loving, caring father. I have always longed for the love your family has. I badly wanted to be with them. I love you more than anything.
(Laksh opens his arms and she hugs hum tight)

Laksh : Thank you Gunjan for giving me your life’s responsibility. By the way, you are too fast. I just spoke my heart out and you planned our future also haan? Come lets go and tell everyone.
(GunLak come and everyone’s back is towards them.)

# Family Side #
SM : Laksh, will you agree to me? I have chosen a girl for you and you cannot deny me.
Laksh : (felt like his world came crashing down and he remembered how she loved him and never asked anything and after OM’s death, she never asked anyone for anything) Ma.. Mamm.. Mamma, yes I agree (Gunjan was totally broken and before they she could speak. Preeti and Akshara take Gunjan and go) The girl is here. You get ready and you can meet her.
Sanskar : Why do I feel Laksh is broken? Did we break his heart?
Laksh : Ragini Bhabhi (he specifies the word Bhabhi and everyone understood that he is broken, but didn’t know the reason) Can you please tell me where Gunjan is? I have to return her wallet and phone. She left it with me because she was carrying Kria then.

Ragini : Haan, she went to her room. I swa her going there.
(Laksh goes to her and stops Akshara, and makes some excuse and talks to Gunjan)
Laksh : Gunjan am really sorry. I can’t deny Mamma, she has never asked me for anything in her life. Even after Papa’s death, she never stopped loving me knowing that just to save me he lost his life. I am really sorry. But I promise I will love you always.
Gunjan : It’s okay Laksh. Don’t hurt this family. They are the best. I was never destined to get so much love. Go get ready, your to be wife will be coming. Take Care and invite me for your wedding. I will come without an invitation also because we are friends right?
(Gunjan leaves heart broken and Laksh too)
Sanskar : Laksh, come you need to get ready. They will be coming. (they go to Laksh’s room)
Laksh : Where are Di and Bhabhi?

Ragini : What’s wrong Laksh? Why are you calling me Bhabhi? We are best friends right?
Laksh : I remembered you are eder to me and I thought you would also understand me and my feelings. Anyways, I am looking fine. Let’s leave bhai.
Sanskar : Laksh, where’s your smile? Di is with everyone there. Come. Let’s go.
(Meanwhile, Gunjan also gets ready and is unaware of what’s happening with her. All come and sit and everyone is unaware of Laksh’s feelings. Just then Sanskar saya they came and Laksh sits as if he doesn’t care. They all greet each other and Arnav asks Preeti to get the girl.)
Sanskar : Bhai, The girl is coming atleast look at her. Final decision is yours only. Get up.
Laksh : Yes, bhai. (He stands and sees Preeti standing in front and all smile.) Big Sissy.. How are you? What a surprise? How come here? (He is happy)

Sanskar : Now, meet the girl if you met her sister-in-law already. (And then all move and he sees Gunjan standing there and both are shocked)
Ragink : Laksh, it’s your decision. We won’t force you for anything. You can decide what you want. We felt you both are good together.
Laksh : (without realizing) Good? We are perfect Ragini.
All : What? What was that?
GunLak : Actually, we had come and were about to tell you that..
All : That?
GunLak : That.. We both love each other. And proposed each other. (They say and shut their eyes)

(All start laughing and fix the date after 2 months for wedding.)
Ragini : Laksh, now you don’t have the thought right that Picnics are never bad. Sanskar I am going. You speak to Laksh and come. Good Night
Sanskar : Yes, it’s never bad. Only situations and times are bad. Never the trip. Chalo, Good Night Laksh. We will leave. You will have to go and talk to Gunjan also. Right?
(When Sanskar enters the room, he see its dim lighted and there’s someone standing near the bed. As he moves closer he sees Ragini wearing the short dress he gifted her and was standing. He moves closer to her)
Sanskar : Uff. This much hotness I can’t handle. I can’t control myself.
Ragini : Who asked you to control? You can loose it.

Sanskar : Kria needs someone to play with her, I know. But seeing you ready for it this early is just two shocking.
(He then holds her waist and pulls her near him and moves her hairs to a side and plants kisses on her neck and she clutches her shirt. And slowly move towards the bed and fall on it and remove each other’s cloth and become one forever.)
The other side Laksh and Gunjan are spending time with each other and are in the park hugging and Gunjan’s head is over Laksh’s shoulder and she is holding his tight.

{ I will end this fan fiction after 1 shot, i.e., 10th Shot will be the last one. I am not going deep into GunLak’s wedding}

[That’s it for today. Thank you people for reading it. Comments welcomed. ☺]

Tomorrow’s episode : Leap of 1 year. End of Fan-Fction.

Role played by:

* Maheshwari Family *

Dadi : Vineeta Malik
VM : Sanjee Seth
RM : Lata Sabarwal
SM : Shalini Kapoor Sagar
Akshara : Hina Khan
Sanskar : Varun Kapoor
Laksh : Namish Taneja

* Singhania Family *

DaddaJi : Abhijit Lahiri
Bhabhi Maa : Medha Sambutkar
RS : Amar Sharma
SS : Sonica Handa
Naitik : Karan Mehra
Ragini : Tejaswi Prakash Wayangankar

* New Characters *

Arnav : Tarun Singh
Preeti : Akansha Chamola
Gunjan : Sanaya Irani

Credits : HisPrincess

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