Heart Feelings (Few Shots : RagSan, Aksh [8th Shot])


? Heart Feelings ? (Few Shots : RagSan, Aksh {8th shot})

Hello Friends.. Thank you for the comments, means a lot. So here is the 8th shot, let’s go in the story. (Sorry for the emotional episode without Romantic scenes)

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Yesterday’s episode : Ragini’s rasoi Rasam. Laksh’s guilty conscious. SM slapped Laksh.

************* 8th Shot **************

(Laksh realizes his mistake and that his guilt is wrong. He apologizes to everyone and they all are happy.)


(After all this, Ragini serves everyone the food and is tensed whether they will like it or not.)
VM : Ragini, the food is really delicious. Do cook everyday. Come here, take this. Don’t say NO. (He hands over a gift packet of Platinum Set)
SM : Ragini, this is from my side. (She gives her the property which is on her name.) Ragini, this Sanskar’s Papa had kept it. He had said that he will give this to Sanskar’s wife. He decided it when Sanskar was 4 years old. So, today am fulfilling his wish. Take this. It’s on Your name. It’s my husbands dearest things. He bought this land from his own money. Right Bhaiya?
RM : Ragini, now it’s time you handle this house. I always wanted Choti to take the responsibility, but she never agreed. Now, you being the Eldest daughter-in-law of his house. Take these keys. I am tired now.

Ragini : But Maa, how can I?
SM : Keep it. When Jiji is there, you need not worry. She will be there for us always. Even bhaiya. I am grateful to them for everything.
Akshara : (to lighten the atmosphere) Sanskar you should also gift her something. She cooked for you also. Anyways give fast and then we shall eat.
Sanskar : Di, even you didn’t gift my wife anything. How bad?
Naitik : (from the door) Because Akshara wanted Ragini’s sister-in-law and brother-in-law to give the gift together. Right?

Akshara : Yup, so here is your gift. Your honeymoon tickets to Kashmir for next month.
Naitik : Where is Laksh? He isn’t to be seen anywhere.
(From the door)
Laksh : Sorry, Jiju, actually I had gone to out to get a gift for Ragini’s Rasoi rasam. I got late. Sorry. (to Ragini) Here’s your gift.
(Laksh hands over a big frame and a big box with a small box)
Ragini : (opens the frame) Wow, Laksh. It’s soo pretty. It has all pics of me, bhabhi, Sanskar, bhaiya and Khushi’s. But where are your pics? (opening the big box – It has a cut big teddy and a big card, in which words straight from Laksh’s heart are written). Wow, Laksh. You never fail to surprise me. I mean this teddy and this card. I love it.
Laksh : Ragini wait. That small box isn’t yours. Give it please.
(Laksh handover the box to RagSan)

Laksh : Am sorry for being late. This is your wedding gift, from me. And one more thing can all of you sit? (All sit apart from SM. Laksh looks at her) Mamma, I.. I mean Choti Maa (all are shocked because Laksh always called SM maama, but today he didn’t) please sit. I want all of you to see the video.
(She sits and then he plays a video an old one in which OM has recorded msgs for all the family members and Ragini. All have tears in their eyes and are happy)
Laksh : This was the video of the day before our picnic. I, Papa and Khushi princess had recorded it. By the time, I could recorded mine, camera battery had to be charged. I had always kept it close to my heart and there wouldn’t have been a better option to show this than this day and this album has all memories with moments captured and written in it.
Dadi : Ragini Beta, this is your gift from me. This is our family’s necklace. My great great grandmother had given it to her daughter and it is still going on. I had kept it to give my Grandson’s wives. Don’t worry, I have one for Laksh’s wife also.
Sanskar : Now that everyone has given you gifts. I should also give you now.
(He gives her a big box and inside it all her favourite things from her childhood to date and every small thing and all the gifts which she had given him. Ragini’s eyes are filled with tears and everyone is very happy.)

Akshara : Come let’s all have food. All only tasted that time. Ragini, you sit I will serve.
(RagSan sit together and Sanskar holds Ragini’s hand under the table.)
Ragini : Sanskar please leave my hand. Everyone’s there.
Sanskar : No ways Sweetheart. I will never leave it.
Ragini : Then, how am I suppose to eat? You have held my right hand.
Sanskar : Do anything, but am not going to leave your hand.
Akshara (understands and speaks) : Sanskar leave her hand. Else You feed her.
Laksh : Good Idea, let all females feed the males today and I will record this moment.
(Laksh starts recording it and is very hungry but doesn’t tell anyone. SM understands and get food in a plate for him)
SM : Eat, you are hungry. You haven’t had anything since morning.
Laksh : No, Ma, Choti Maa. I don’t want to. I am not hungry. I will have it later, when I feel hungry.
SM : Shut up and sit. I didn’t ask you whether you are hungry or not. And don’t dare lie to me.
(After everyone has food. All sit in hall and are having sweet)
Naitik : Maa, Bauji, I wanted to tell you something.
VM & RM : Yes, beta. Tell. What happened?
Sanskar : Woh Maa, (All are happy as Sanskar called RM as Maa and he realizes how much she waited for it) I and Jiju have planned that all of us should go on a picnic. A family picnic.
Everyone shouts What?

VM : Akshara : Give me my phone. I will speak to DaddaJi. (On call) Radhe Krishn DaddaJi. Yes, everything’s good, there? I actually called up to… To.. To invite you all for the picnic these children have planned to some Resort. We all will spend time together. Okay Thank you DaddaJi. Yes yes, tomorrow morning. (After ending the call) Go get ready. We will leave by tomorrow morning. Sanskar does Laksh know about it?
Laksh (coming from his room, comes down with his luggage) : know what Bauji? What happened? Why is everyone excited.?
Ragini : Woh, Laksh. Come sit here. From yesterday so many things have happened and from when Bhaiya Bhabhi have come, we all didn’t spend time together. So we all have planned for a picnic. (Laksh’s face becomes dull. Ragini and all understand) And we are leaving tomorrow morning. But no one is as quick as you. Why are you so dull?
Sanskar : Laksh what had to happen, happened. We all know there is no mistake of yours. Yesterday everyone spoke about it also. Then why are you thinking about it. Remember after 4 years of Papa’s and Khushi’s death, we went to picnic, then nothing happened. Then why are you scared now? We all are there with you.

Laksh : Bhai, actually I was about to tell you all that I am going to Hong Kong for my job. Choti Maa, isn’t speaking to me and I am not able to meet your eyes after yesterday. So I thought I will go away from you all.
Sanskar : Dare you do that Laksh. If you do, Remember that you don’t have any brother in this world. I am no more anything to you if you go away this time. I need you brother. Please don’t leave me alone this time. I can’t handle this family alone. We are 2 pillars of this family.
(All convince Laksh and at last he agrees and thanks Ragini for everything. In RagSan room)
Ragini : Thank God, packing is done. Finally.
Sanskar : You got to still keep this dress. (hands over a packet to her) I want to see you in this dress. (He hugs her from back and kisses her ear lobe)
Ragini : Sanskar, what are you doing? Someone might come and what’s so special in this dress?
Sanskar : No one will come as all are busy (tightening his grip on her waist) Open and see NOW.
Ragini : (after opening the gift) Sanskar, how can I wear this short dress? In front of everyone? I can’t.
Sanskar : Who asked you to wear it in front of everyone? Wear it when only we are there.
(Ragini changes and comes wearing that short dress. Meanwhile Sanskar is on the call with his friend)

Sanskar : Yes, Arnav. It’s really fine (turns and looks towards Ragini) abd really hot too. (realizing) I mean the whether is hot too, so let’s meet some other day and I have prior plans with my family. Yup, take care. Bye. Love to Gunjan. (comes towards Ragini and moves his fingers on her face) How can you look so beautiful? I mean you look stunning hot and burning s*xy. (He leans forwards and kisses her neck)
Ragini : Sanskar, Wh.. Wha.. What are y.. Yo.. You doing? Co.. Con.. Control y.. You.. Your. Yousel..yourself.
Sanskar : (coming even more close and there’s no Place for air also to pass through) When the wife is so stunning s*x and smoking hot, how can the husband be expected to control himself. I won’t get intimate now. But in the picnic, for sure.
(Sanskar winks his eyes and kisses on her cheeks and Ragini changes and all sleep early for the picnic next day.)

{ I will end this fan fiction after 2 shots, i.e., 10th Shot will be the last one)
[That’s it for today. Thank you people for reading it. Comments welcomed. ☺]

Tomorrow’s episode : Family moments. Family picnic. Romance. Leap of 1 year

Role played by:

* Maheshwari Family *

Dadi : Vineeta Malik
VM : Sanjee Seth
RM : Lata Sabarwal
SM : Shalini Kapoor Sagar
Akshara : Hina Khan
Sanskar : Varun Kapoor
Laksh : Namish Taneja

* Singhania Family *

DaddaJi : Abhijit Lahiri
Bhabhi Maa : Medha Sambutkar
RS : Amar Sharma
SS : Sonica Handa
Naitik : Karan Mehra
Ragini : Tejaswi Prakash Wayangankar

* New Characters *

Arnav : Tarun Singh
Gunjan : Sanaya Irani

☺Credits : HisPrincess

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