Heart Feelings (Few Shots : RagSan, Aksh [5th Shot])

?Heart Feelings ? (Few Shots : RagSan, Aksh [5th Shot])☺
? Heart Feelings ? (Few Shots : RagSan, Aksh {5th shot})

Hello Friends.. Aww, these comments and this love is too much. Thank you for the comments, means a lot. So here is the 5th shot, let’s go in the story. This is a bit emotional episode.

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Yesterday’s episode : Naming Ceremony. Bond between families. Wedding date fixed of RagSan. RagLak bond. Siblings bond.

************* 5th Shot ************

(Ragini turns and blushes and hugs him tight and surrenders her head in his chest)

(Later, in the evening, when Aksh returned home. All surprised them gifted them.)
Laksh and Sanskar : We have a surprise for Di, we hope she would love it. Lights off and videos on. See here. (And the video plays with all Akshara’s memories from childhood to date and all her beautiful moments.)
Akshara : Laksh, Sanskar, this is the best anniversary gift and I am so happy to get brothers like you. Thank you so much.
(While all this happened, Ragini was standing away with tears in her eyes and a fake smile. Laksh looked towards her and called her)
Ragini : Bhabhi Bhai, I have a gift for you. But it’s nothing in front of that video. I will give it later.
Naitik : Hey, doll I want my gift right now. Please.
(Ragini brings the gift and when they open its a beautifully designed dress complementing each other’s dress and even Kria’s dress and with that a baby book Which she made with all Kria’s pics which Laksh had given her the day he arrived.)
Laksh : Bhai, hamara video fail hua. Yeh idiot ne sab le liya.
Sanskar : Yes Laksh, I didn’t know my fiancee will do this (fake tears)
(The whole family starts laughing and all are very happy and all head to sleep and Maheshwari’s leave for their house)

*(After 7 days, on the night of Sangeet {one say before the marriage}. Ragini and Sanskar both are moving here and there in their own room tensed about their future. {Akshara is in Maheshwari Mansion}) *

# Sanskar’s Side # [AshSan talk]

AshLak enter Sanskar’s room : Sanskar come here. Sit with us. What happened? Why are you tensed?
Sanskar : (putting his head on Akshara’s lap) Di, I don’t know. I am scared. I am worried whether I will ever be able to meet her expectations, will I ever keep her happy and give her all the happiness, love, trust, she deserves. Di, I swear I can’t understand anything.
Akshara : Sshh Sanskar. You know what everyone will be tensed. But you have known her from childhood. You have loved her. You should kill all these insecurities of yours, because now, Ragini will be more tensed than you. You know a girl will have so many things running in her mind. At times, what she speaks isn’t what is in her heart and what is in her heart, she doesn’t speak. She will leave her family, that house, those relations, those tantrums, that pamper.. Everything behind and come here to live with you, to change herself for you, to stand by your aide everytime, and wants only love, care, trust, respect from you. She will bear every pain if you are with her understanding her. I am not telling that your life won’t change. It will change. But remember you do less sacrifices than she does. I hope you understand.
Sanskar : (hugs Akshara) Di, this is why I made you my idol. I love you. (looking at the door) Arre, Laksh, come in and what’s that in your hand?
(Akshara’s phone rings and it is Ragini calling and she leaves the room and let the brothers talk)

# Ragini’s Side # [NaRa Talk]

Naitik (enters her room) : Doll, what happened? Why are you tensed? Come, tomorrow you will go.
Ragini : Bhai, I don’t know why, but I have so many questions. Which are making me go mad. I don’t know what to do.
Naitik : Ragini, what did I tell you? I always told you from our childhood that am your best friend first and brother later. You can always share your heart with me right? Then why not today?
Ragini : Bhai, I am scared. Tomorrow I will go leaving this house to a new place. I agree I know them but still I am scared.
Naitik : Doll, I know what you are feeling. Listen, Sanskar also will be tensed. As far as I know him, you cannot get someone better than him. He is the best one I have known. You are going to be a part of his life, his dreams, his wishes, his soul, his life. He will always be yours. He will keep your happiness first and then his. He will do anything to make you happy and love you. You will never feel away from us. Your one tear and he will kill the person responsible for it. Trust me, forget this, just remember that you are very lucky to have with you. He knows what pain is, what love is. Leave all this. And if you are still not convinced, call your bhabhi and speak.
Ragini : (Hugs Naitik) Bhai, you have made me feel light. Thank you so much and Bhai, I want to talk to bhabhi, can I please?

# Sanskar’s Side # [SanLak talk]

Laksh : Bhai, Coffee. Laksh’s coffee. Can we talk?
Sanskar : Wow, you seriously have grown up. Anyways tell what you want to speak.
Laksh : Bhai, I know you are missing papa. I agree he is my Chachu, but as you call him Papa, even I call him. Bhai, I wish Papa was here on this day of yours. I know how it feels when you need your dad by your side and he isn’t. You know what Bhai, Bauji always wanted you to call him as Bauji, he regarded you more than me and I have no problem with it. I know if I have to find a second father, it would be you. Bhai, when being so young you took the responsibility of Mamma, this house, business and everything, why do you think you won’t keep Ragini happy. There can never be someone perfect than her for you. She is the best. I know if Papa and Khushi would have been with us, things would have different. The thing that would be different is here, instead of me Papa and Bauji would be sitting. Bhai, trust me believe in yourself and your love. Rest elders will handle. Ragini is just like Di, finds happiness in simple things, keep her happy, understand her, love her, trust her unconditionally and she will do the same. Don’t hurt her Bhai, because she is too soft to handle it. And Bhai, right now apart from my brother, my bestie needs me.. I got to go.
Sanskar : Laksh (stops him and hugs him), I know you are missing Papa and Khushi. And I would have never known how mature you are if I didn’t get married this early. Thank you Bhai, you are really lucky for me. I wouldn’t have been able to clear of this doubt if it weren’t you and di. Bhai, girls tell soul sisters, like that we are soul brother’s.

# Akshara’s Room # [AshRa Talk]

(Akshara is on the call and speaking to Ragini)
Ragini : Bhabhi, I.. I wanted to talk to you..
Akshara : I know, chill. Ragini, we are soul sisters first. Remember Okay. Its normal to be tensed. You know what Ragini, Sanskar might be the most strict, Sweet boss, he has a heart of gold. I promise you he will never hurt you. All you have to do is love, trust, understand and care for him, then he is all yours. Ragini, I have also been married, adjustments are made in every relationship. From tomorrow your relationship with every member of this family will change. Because they will treat you as their daughter. Forget all this and remember your love and faith on it should be true. Everything will be right.

(Laksh reaches Ragini’s room through the back door, Naitik opens the door, as he knew Laksh will come to Ragini)

# Ragini’s Side # [RagLak talk]

Laksh : Best Friend, I am here.
Ragini : (hugs Laksh) I spoke to Bhabhi, she never told you are coming. How did you know am missing you?
Laksh : We are childhood friends. We know each other very well. I know you want to know about Bhai, and that’s why I came here. (They sit on the sofa)
You know what Ragini, Bhai has known what pain is. He misses Papa and Khushi a lot. And the way I saw bhai today I have never seen him that way before. He was crying and was broken, because he wanted Papa to be by his side today. Bhai has always tried to make sure Mamma smiles and doesn’t cry. I wanted to study abroad, he convinced everyone and sent me. I never thought if I go he will be alone because even Di got married and left. I never thought that the responsibility of house would fall on his shoulder. He has grown up faster than his age. Where his age guys used to enjoy, he handled Bauji’s business. He asks me not to feel bad, but I feel guilty for it. I wish Papa, wouldn’t have tried to save me that day. He would have been with Bhai today. Bhai’s world revolves around our family. Mamma is his biggest strength and weakness. If you want to make a safe place in his heart, make Mamma happy and that’s your entry ticket. Bhai, is the sweetest person you can ever get. He will keep your happiness before his. I know because of me he had to lose the beat years of his life and I will return it to him. Just don’t hurt him. I came here to speak about Bhai, because what you have to do, you know. He will even break his heart if you tell him to. He understands things slowly and takes things to his heart, but if you support him, he will never fall. Don’t hurt him Ragini. I have hurt him a lot. He will never agree, but I know he lost everything because I ne and still loves me. Ans about Mamma, ahe is the vest mother one can get. She loves me to the core, knowing that if Papa, wouldn’t have saved me he would be alive. She misses Khushi a lot. She will never let you know if she’s hurt or anything. But when she’s happy, you can see it in her eyes. That’s all that I wanted to say.
Ragini : I swear you are the best friend of mine and I promise I will never hurt anyone there. And you are not responsible for anything. So chill.

(Bidding bye, Laksh leaves)

# Sanskars’ Side # [NaSan talk]

Naitik (on a call with Sanskar) : Sanskar, you know what. Ragini is the most delicate ans sweetest person. She gets hurt at the very moment. Every small thing can hurt her. When you want to know how hurt is she, look deep into her eyes. You will see that.. You will know if something hurt her. She will hide her pain in her heart without a tear and keep thinking over it again and again. She will forgive the person, but will never forget. She has always been pampered and loved to the core. All her wishes are fulfilled, she will sometime not understand things, but you got to make her do it. Shower love on her and trust her. She will be the best person you will ever find. I know you know her from childhood, but still I felt I should tell you this. And try to see that she never sheds a tear from her eye.

(After all their talks, Sanskar and Ragini msg each other, they Don’t talk because others sleep might get disturbed)

* Phone Conversation * [RagSan]

Sanskar : Hey, Sweetheart. How are you?
Ragini : Hey, baby. Am good. How are you? You haven’t slept? Missing me haan.
Sanskar : Haan, Jaan You have snatched away my dreams. Why didn’t you sleep?
Ragini : Jaaneman, You have stolen my dreams and heart away. So what’s up?
Sanskar : 8 and 1/2 hours more, and then you will be mine forever. I will never leave you.
Ragini : I will also never leave you Sanskar. You mean the world to me.
Sanskar : Okay, i will send you a msg.. Read that carefully. Fine?
Ragini : Okay handsome.
Sanskar : (msg contents)
I can not promise that there will never be tears in your eyes, But I promise I will try never being the reason for them..?
I can’t promise that your eyes will never be wet, But I promise I will make them dry.. ☺
I can’t promise to come when you call me, But I promise to walk with you and be there for you.. ?
I can’t promise not let anything happen to you, But I promise to stand in between you and it ?
I can’t promise to give you all the happiness in world, But I promise I will fill your world with happiness..?
I can’t pray to God to increase my lifespan, But I will pray to increase your lifespan by a few minutes, because I don’t wanna live without you.. ?
I can’t promise to be with you everytime, But I promise I will never leave you alone in hard times.. ?
I am a person with flaws, A person with imperfection, A person who does mistakes and is at fault.. I am a person who lives in a dream land.. Who loves to be pampered, loved, attended upon, cared upon.. I don’t understand things easily.. I live for others.. I am strict.. Am scared.. I am an imperfect person, but wanna lead a perfect life..
Will you change my Surname and make me sleep by your side in your embrace forever? Will you let me accept your parents as mine and your family as mine? Will you love me for the way I am? Will you become the prince of My dream land? Will you step in my life and make my imperfect life Perfect? Will you let me wipe your tears? Will you let me die in your arms?
Ragini : (reads it and has tears in her eyes) Her reply to this msg..
Tu jo roothe, tujhe manana chahti hoon..
Tu jo muskuraye, teri muskaan banna chahti hoon..
Tu jo roye, tere aansu pochna chahti hoon..
Tu jo akela hoye, teri roshni banna chahti hoon..
Na tere aansu ki wajah, Na tutte dil ka khwaab,
Na naraaz hone ki wajah,
Main toh bas tera aasmaan, teri zameen, teri taakat banna chahti hoon..

In between these texts, Ragini texts Laksh. (matter of text)

Laksh, Thank you so much.. Thank you for being my best ever friend.. For never forcing me for anything.. For loving me so selflessly.. For caring for me every moment.. For pampering me.. For making me feel special.. For those promises.. For those memories.. For making me smile.. For making me laugh.. For teasing me.. For making me realise my mistake.. For trusting me so much.. For making me confident.. For believing me.. For letting me live my life.. For always being by my side.. For letting me speak my heart out.. For everything.. For becoming my pillow.. For handling me.. For bearing my tantrums…For everything..!! ?
Bestie.. Am sorry for everything.. For hurting you.. For making you cry.. For troubling you to give time.. And everything..!! ??
Thank You Sweetheart for always forgiving me.. Even if I didn’t deserve it..!! ?
I can’t tell you what you mean to me..
I love you to the sky and back.. I will love you till Mangoes grow on Orange Trees.. I love you to the core.. I will always love you.. I will become the partner you want me to.. You will always be the best part of me.. ??

(Both tell each other Good Night and sleep thinking about each other and their love)

Tomorrow’s episode : Laksh’s reply. Marriage of RagSan, Reception party.

Role played by:

* Maheshwari Family *

Dadi : Vineeta Malik
VM : Sanjee Seth
RM : Lata Sabarwal
SM : Shalini Kapoor Sagar
Akshara : Hina Khan
Sanskar : Varun Kapoor
Laksh : Namish Taneja

* Singhania Family *

DaddaJi : Abhijit Lahiri
Bhabhi Maa : Medha Sambutkar
RS : Amar Sharma
SS : Sonica Handa
Naitik : Karan Mehra
Ragini : Tejaswi Prakash Wayangankar

(I have tried my best to show the bond among AshNaRaSanLak. I might not be able to post tomorrow and day after tomorrow. So am posting it today.)

Credits : HisPrincess

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