Heart Feelings (Few Shots : RagSan, Aksh [4th Shot])


?Heart Feelings ? (Few Shots : RagSan, Aksh [4th Shot])? Heart Feelings ? (Few Shots : RagSan, Aksh {4th shot})

Hello Friends.. Aww, these comments and this love is too much. Thank you for the comments, means a lot. So here is the 4th shot, let’s go in the story.

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3rd Shot link : 3rd shot

Yesterday’s episode : Rakhi moments between the Singhania’s and Maheshwari. Sibling moments. Lakah’s entry.

********** 4th Shot **********

Sanskar : Welcome to the Naming Ceremony of our cute little princess. (suddenly lights go off and falls on the stairs where a guy is standing. He starts singing the song : Aasmaan se hain utri {the one played on Naira’s naming ceremony} and descends the stairs. When the lights fall on him, he is revealed to be Laksh)

(All family members become happy and RagSan join them.. They Complete the song)

Ragini, Sanskar and, Laksh : So our cute princess name is Kria (Akshara’s KR and Naitik’s IA) Naitik Singhania. Welcome our princess.

(Laksh goes and meeta everyone and takes their blessings and goes to SM, who was busy and didn’t notice his arrival)

Laksh : (Hugs her from behind) Hey, Sweetheart.. How are you? Won’t you meet your love?
SM : Leave me, who are you? What do you (ahe turns and sees Laksh).. Laksh.. My Laksh, how are you? When did you come? And you have still not come out of this lovers drama na?

(All are looking towards them with happy teary eyed faces)

Laksh : Mamma, you know that I love you the most. And my mother can see nothing apart from Sanskar (wipes fake tears) and di is so busy in her family. And this Ragini, she calls Herself my childhood friend and she didn’t even call me once. See, now am grown up. Only you and Jiju care for me.
(Sunaina hugs Laksh and kisses his forehead And the whole family is happy watching this drama and admiring this bond)

DaddaJi & VM : (go on stage and take the mike) Attention..! Thank you everyone for coming and blessing our grand daughter. With all announcements and function going on.. We want to announce news. A very good one. Ragini and Sanskar’s wedding date is fixed after 15 days. So we all want you and your family to attend it and give blessings to this wonderful pair.
(Where all elders are happy, RagSan are shocked, happy and all guests are attended and they leave giving the princess Kria blessings and are escorted till the gate)
Naitik : (goes to Sanskar) Now, you will be getting a permanent licence to romance anytime without much disturbance.

Sanskar : Jiju, you also. Staying with di you have also become naughty like her. But am scared jiju. I never had this feeling till date.
Ragini : (pulls Akshara aside) Bhabhi, I want to speak to you.. Can we speak?
Akshara : We will speak later. I promise I will come.
Bhabhi Maa : Akshara Naitik come here. All of you come here. Sit and let’s have some family time and (to VM) Maa you all are staying with us for today. (to Aksh) Beta, how did you both manage during Aksharavs pregnancy? You were alone. It would have been difficult for you right?
Naitik : (looking towards Laksh) Bhabhi Maa, when God has Blessed you with an amazing brother and friend, you need not worry.

Akshara : Yes Maa, do you know our Laksh has grown up. Bauji you have now got the Most Eligible person for your business.
Naitik : 9 months.. Akshara pregnancy’s.. I got to see a mature, loving, caring Laksh. Maa, all the 9 months he had come to Cape Town and did his project staying with us. He asked me to collect information for him and he stayed with Akshara at home.
Akshara : Maa, I never knew I could be pampered so much by Laksh there and Sanskar here {note its almost 3 days that they came down, so Sanskar has pampered Akshara a lot}
Sanskar and Laksh (coming to Akshara and sit on their knees) : When we get a sister who cares and loves like a mother and who is kept like a queen, then can’t we pamper and love our sister?

(With the whole family laughing, talking, they go to sleep and Kria is sleeping with all the elders by her side.)

Naitik : Akshara, Doll (Ragini), Sanskar, Laksh, come lets go to the terrace. We will talk there.
(All go. To terrace with snacks to spend time with each other)
Ragini : Bhabhi did this duffer, really take care of you so much?
Laksh : I am not a duffer. You idiot. I took care of my princess.
Akshara : He hardly let me do anything. I never knew he would grow up so soon.
Sanskar : Di, you remember when he went for studies how much he cried? I still have his pic.
Naitik : Whatever, But this mature Laksh is the best. Matured still a kid.

(They keep talking and Aksh send RagSan to spend some time alone)
Ragini : (entering her room) Sanskar what are you doing? What if someone sees?
Sanskar : Hugging wife is not a crime and by the way you are looking amazing in this dress. And yes, I love you. (he says and starts kissing her neck)
Ragini : Sanskar, listen (she turns around and kisses Sanskar on his cheeks and hugs him and keeps her forehead on his chest) Bhai and bhabhi have done a lot for us. Why don’t we surprise something for them?
Sanskar : Princess, what an idea. Their anniversary is in a week. Lets plan something.
Ragini : Call Laksh also, he will help us too.
(Sanskar texts Laksh asking him to come to Ragini’s room without telling them anything)
Laksh : I am going to sleep. I am tired. You guys carry on. And have to give Ragini her gift.
(Saying this he leaves)

Laksh (entering into Ragini’s room) : Bhai, where is Ragini?
Sanskar : She has gone to the kitchen, to bring water. She will be coming.
Laksh : Bhai, I have a gift for her. I will takw it out and you see to that she doesn’t come in.
(Laksh then takes out a huge photo frame and hangs it on the wall. The frame has all pics of Ragini’s childhood memories, snaps from her life till date with everyone and Sanskar proposing her, with Naitik, Akshara and even with Kria. {he had asked Naitik to take a pic and send it to him} He then switched off the lights and was waiting for Ragini with Sanskar)
Ragini (enters the room) : Why are the lights switched off. Power is there. (just then she feels someone putting a cloth on her eyes). Who is this? What are you doing?

Laksh : Ssshhh.. You speak a lot. (He asks Sanskar to switch on the light above the frame and as the light is on, he asks Ragini to remove the clothes from her eyes and see. Ragini opens her eyes and sees the collage and tears start flowing from her eyes and she goes and caresses each pic and emotions are beyond control and then she turns to Laksh and hugs him tight {they are childhood friends so their family has no problem with their bond})

Ragini : Thank you Laksh. Thank you. Its the best ever gift.
Laksh : Ragini stop crying, I didn’t mean to make you cry. Its all your bday gifts which I missed and didn’t give, combined into one. Did you like it?
Ragini : Like? I loved it duffer. (looking towards Sanskar she smiles and Sanskar reassures her with his eyes and looks at the frame and his eyes full on a particular pic. He goes to it and touches it and has tears in his eyes)
Sanskar : Laksh, this pic. How did you get this pic of Papa and all of us together and tbis one in which me, papa, Ragini are there.
Laksh : This one, I had removed it from the album once and takrn a pic of it.
(They have a friendly hug and all go to sleep. SanLak in one room)

*(After 6 days, on the day of Aksh’s 4th anniversary, they were sent out to celebrate and the whole house was being decorated for the surprise and RagSan were in Aksh’s room decorating it)*

Ragini : Sanskar, why are you taking so much interest in decorating this room so well? I will do it.
Sanskar : Nothing, am just seeing how will it look. It should look good. Because one day our room also will be decorated like this.

Ragini : (Without realizing), yes on our wedding. It should be decorated with roses and its petals. Candles all ove the place. A beautiful fragrance and few fragrance candles and the there should be red and white satin, net cloth hanging from the fan with long trails of red and white flowers and the bed should be filled with rose petals and in the middle there should be a heart with RS written on it and the moonlight should directly fall in the room. I need a room like this. Will you do it?

Sanskar : Wow, I never knew am marrying sucha a romantic girl. I will make sure each of this is there as you want it. How come you spoke your heart out today?
Ragini : (realising the atmosphere in rhe room) I.. I didn’t mean anything.. Anyways I have a lot of work. (She turns to go but Sanskar holds her and pulls her towards him and her back hits his chest and he moves her hair aside and keeps his chin on her shoulder and plants kiss there.)
Sanskar : Good, you said about it. Now I can make the room as per your wish. And it was so romantic, I can’t wait for that day.
(Ragini turns and blushes and hugs him tight and surrenders her head in his chest)

[That’s it for today. Thank you people for reading it. Comments welcomed. ☺]

Tomorrow’s episode : Siblings moment. SanAshLak moments, NaRa Moments, AkRa Moments, NaSan Moments, SanLak Moments, AshLak Moments, RagLak Moments, AshSan Moments

Role played by:

* Maheshwari Family *

Dadi : Vineeta Malik
VM : Sanjee Seth
RM : Lata Sabarwal
SM : Shalini Kapoor Sagar
Akshara : Hina Khan
Sanskar : Varun Kapoor
Laksh : Namish Taneja

* Singhania Family *

DaddaJi : Abhijit Lahiri
Bhabhi Maa : Medha Sambutkar
RS : Amar Sharma
SS : Sonica Handa
Naitik : Karan Mehra
Ragini : Tejaswi Prakash Wayangankar

☺ Credits : HisPrincess

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