Heart Feelings (Few Shots : RagSan, Aksh [3rd Shot])


?Heart Feelings ? (Few Shots : RagSan, Aksh [3rd Shot])

? Heart Feelings ? (Few Shots : RagSan, Aksh {3rd shot})

Hello Friends.. Thank you for the comments, means a lot. So here is the 3rd shot, let’s go in the story.

1st shot Link :

Sorry, I forgot to mention Naitik and Ragini’s age. Naitik is 26 and Ragini is 23.

Yesterday’s episode : Akshara’s gift of Rakhi. Maheshwari family coming to Singhania Sadan and surprising them.

************* 2nd Shot *************

Aksh (from the door) : Because this year they personally got your gift and you will tie them personally.
(All Singhania house members turn their face towards the door and are over joyed seing Aksh at the entrance. Sanskar runs and takes their princess and stands behind them so that Singhania’s don’t see her.)

Ragini : Bhai, Bhabhi (she runs and Naitik opens his arms but she hugs Akshara and all laugh at him). Bhabhi the best gift. How are you? Bhai, Oh God you are angry for such a small thing. Bhabhi something’s burning.
Akshara : Something or Someone. (both laugh)
(they quickly go in and meet everyone and here Maheshwari family all stand and cover Sanskar with princess.)

DaddaJi : Always stay happy and keep us happy. Now, that my daughter has come, this house Lakshmi has come.
Bhabhi Maa : Ji, first ask when will they return.
SS : Naitik, Akshara how are you both? From a year thwre was no contact. I didn’t even know how my children are?
RS : Arre, Sujata Ji, First make them sit and give them something to eat. Ragini come tie your Rakhi.
DaddaJi : Wait One Minute, Did you guys go to Maheshwari’s first?
Aksh : Yes, DaddaJi, actually Sanskar would have left for office, so. We are sorry. (realising that they will ask for Sanskar.) Ragini, come fast tie our rakhi.

(Ragini comes and ties both of them rakhi and forwards her hand for gifts)
Ragini : Give my gift now, all are done tying Rakhi.
Aksh : Your gift is here. (They give her an envelope and a big carton with all her favourite things.

Ragini : (opens the envelope and screams) Are you serious? You both aren’t going back now? Wow.. Am so happy.
Akshara : Wait Ragini, there’s one more gift for you. Actually for you all.
All Singhania’s : What gift that to for all of us?
Aksh : The gift is….. (All Maheshwari family move and there Sanskar is with princess in his lap) This.
Ragini : Sanskar, you cheated me? I loved you so much. Bhai Bhabhi, did you see this? Your good, Sweet, down to earth brother cheated me. (funny scene)
Naitik : My doll, this is our daughter. Mine and Akshara’s. You are her Bua.

(The entire Singhania’s run and meet them and they pamper her.)

Ragini : What’s her name?
Aksh : We didn’t keep, because we wanted all your blessings and want you to keep it.
RS : So, let’s all sit together and get a good date and do the function.
RM : We will keep it grand. If you don’t mind.
All together : Of course.
DaddaJi : Ragini, go prepare tea for all of us. And Vish Ji, shall we call Pandit and get a date.
(Ragini goes to kitchen and Sanskar follows her.)
Ragini (to herself) : I can’t understand what I have to do? I am so happy. I didn’t taste the tea also.

Sanskar (hugs her from behind) : Sweetheart, it’s all going to be the best. Am there na. Even am so happy. We have one cute princess in our family now.
Ragini : (She holds Sanskar’s hands and keeps on her waist.) I am so happy, I swear this Rakhi couldn’t have been better than this.
Sanskar (kisses on her neck) : Yes, Di and Jiju have given the best gifts.
Aksh (from the door) : Ahem. Ahem. (Naitik to Akshara), I thought tea was being cooked here. But here it is something else which is cooking.
Sanskar : Di, Jiju, you guys also romance. No One stopped. Let me spend some time with my fiancee.
(They laugh and leave with tea and snacks.)

Bhabhi Maa : Aksh the date is of day after tomorrow. So we have to do arrangements soon. And you all go and see whatever you have to buy. We will handle your princess.
SS : (to Maheshwari’s) Can we do it here only? You can come early that day.
DaddaJi : (in angry tone, stands up) Sujata, they won’t come early nor will go late. Are you even in your senses? They will stay here till the function.
RM : DaddaJi, how can we stay here. It is our daughter’s house.
Bhabhi Maa : After tying Rakhi it your house also. So its decided.

(With all arrangements done, the day of naming ceremony comes. All come beautifully dressed where, Ragini and Akshara are wearing beautiful ghagra’s and Naitik and Sanskar are wearing sherwani complementing their loves ghagra’s)

Sanskar : Welcome to the Naming Ceremony of our cute little princess. (suddenly lights go off and falls on the stairs where a guy is standing. He starts singing the song : Aasmaan se hain utri {the one played on Naira’s naming ceremony} and descends the stairs. When the lights fall on him, he is revealed to be Laksh)

[That’s it for today. Thank you people for reading it. Comments welcomed. ☺]

Tomorrow’s episode : Siblings moment and Naming Ceremony of Princess (continues). Family Picnic.

Role played by:

* Maheshwari Family *

Dadi : Vineeta Malik
VM : Sanjee Seth
RM : Lata Sabarwal
SM : Shalini Kapoor Sagar
Akshara : Hina Khan
Sanskar : Varun Kapoor
Laksh : Namish Taneja

* Singhania Family *

DaddaJi : Abhijit Lahiri
Bhabhi Maa : Medha Sambutkar
RS : Amar Sharma
SS : Sonica Handa
Naitik : Karan Mehra
Ragini : Tejaswi Prakash Wayangankar☺

Credits : HisPrincess

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