Heart Feelings (Few Shots : RagSan, Aksh [2nd Shot])


? Heart Feelings ? (Few Shots : RagSan, Aksh {2nd shot})

Hello Friends.. Thank you for the comments, means a lot. So here is the 2nd shot, let’s go in the story.

1st shot Link : 1st-shot
Sorry, I forgot to mention Naitik and Ragini’s age.
Yesterday’s episode : Intro of characters. And talk between Akshara and Sanskar.

************* 2nd Shot *************

(Before Sanskar could go, Akshara stops him)

Akshara : Wait, Sanskar, they might be coming. I.. I mean he is taling the luggage out. He will come. You come here. Dadi, Maa, Bauji, Choti Ma, I have a gift for you all. Don’t shout on me.
VM : Akshara, you came that only is the best gift. Just hoping that Laksh would come soon. He has almost finished his studies.
RM : Haan, you came back with Naitik, that’s enough. Why all this gift? We don’t want.
Akshara : But Maa, Bauji, atleast see the gift na. Why are you both saying this? Dadi, Choti Ma, tell them na.
Dadi : Vish, Badi Bahu listen to her atleast. She wants to give. Take it. Why are you both doing this. And my sweetheart, why gifts and all huh?
SM : Bhaiya, Jiji now she has got it, we can’t return. Let’s take this time.
Sanskar : God, Di Give me all their share gifts. They will keep fighting for this thing. Where’s the gift?
Akshara : The gift is with Naitik. Wait I will get it. But you all please turn the other way and close your eyes please. You all swear on me.
Naitik : Wait Akshara, I came.

(Akshara goes to the door and comes back with Naitik and having no option all had to accept Akshara’s wish and closed their eyes and turned the other way)

Akshara : (To her 2 year old child, on her lap) Princess, this is your Nanihal. They are angry with me because I said, I will give them a gift. Now when they don’t want to see, let’s go to Dadi’s house.

(Listening to Akshara, all turn and are shockedl

Sanskar : Di, this is your daughter. Aww, ahe looks just like you. So small and cute.
VM (to Dadi) : Maa, see my princess has grown up that now she herself has become a mother.
RM : Naitik, come sit. You always tell am your mother na, then why did you hide such a big thing from us?

(They all start playing with her and all are very happy)

Akshara : Maa, we will leave. We have to go home. We came here directly. No one knows we are coming.
RM (to VM) : Listen, what if we all go and surprise them.
Sanskar : Yes, BadiMaa, we can even show off. We can trouble everyone there.
Naitik and Akshara (in unison) : Everyone or…. Someone special haan?
Sanskar (blushing and trying to hide) : Jiju, Ask di to keep quiet. Look what and all is she speaking.
Dadi : Enough now, let’s go now, we have to take sweets and get ready all.

(After a while, all leave to SINGHANIA FAMILY [Aksh and Sanskar in one car, others in another car. Imagine the house of Maheshwari’s from SWARAGINI.] They reach SINGHANIA Sadan and get down. Akshara and Naitik go and touch the name plate and have tears of joy in their eyes. Now all proceed in with Aksh at the back.)

* The whole SINGHANIA house is running here and there *

Dadi : Radhe Krishn..!

(All turn and are happy to see the family there. They all come towards them. From the kitchen Ragini comes who is unaware of their arrival. Aksh are hiding behind the wall.)

Bhabhi Maa : Arey, Radhe Krishn. Come come. How come all of you are here? It’s good, we can will celebrate together.
Ragini : Bhabhi Maa, I am not finding the cake powder whixh I kept there. Do you know where it is? (after seeing Maheshwari family) Aunty, Uncle, Dadi Radhe Krishn (she goes and touches their foot).
Dadaji : Ragini, prepare your cake later. First go get sweets. It’s festival.
Sujata : Ragini, someone else is also there with them. How can you ignore them? Go speak.
RS : Vish ji comes, let’s all sit together in the hall. These ladies will also come. Bhabhi come.
(Aksh listen to this and run out of the house slowly)
VM (as Ragini was going to get sweets) : Ragini Beta, wait. Today we are going to make you eat sweets. Take Dadaji.
Ragini (to Sanskar) : Sanskar, you got your rakhi? Bhabhi couriered it? This year Bhaiya and Bhabhi didn’t haven’t sent the gift itself. I hope they got my Rakhi. But why?
Aksh (from the door) : Because this year they personally got your gift and you will tie them personally.

[That’s it for today. Thank you people for reading it. Comments welcomed. ☺]

Tomorrow’s episode : Singhania’s reaction. Siblings moment and Naming Ceremony of Princess. ☺

Credits : HisPrincess

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