Heart Feelings (Few Shots : RagSan, Aksh [1st Shot])


? Heart Feelings ? (Few Shots : RagSan, Aksh {1st shot})

Hello Friends.. I am back with another fan fiction. This is a Fan-Fction of Ragini and Sanskar (of Swaragini), Naitik and Akshara (of Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai). I won’t give the story hint this time. So let’s go in the story.

Characters :

? Maheshwari Family ( “SAL” Hotels ? ) ?

? Dadi : The lovely dadi of Maheshwari Family. Loves her son And daughter-in-laws a lot. Her grand children are her life. She loves her granddaughter a lot because after 7 years their family has been blessed with daughter.

? Vish Maheshwari (VM) : Eldest son of Maheshwari family. Husband of Rajshri Maheshwari. Loves his children a lot. His sister-in-law is like a sister to him and has fulfilled all her wishes after her husbands death. Never differentiated among the kids. {Loves all children equally and is close to all}

? Rajshri Maheshwari (RM) : Eldest daughter-in-law of Maheshwari family. Wife of Vish Maheshwari. Jiji of Sunaina Maheshwari. The Lovely mother of Akshara and Laksh Maheshwari. BadiMaa of Sanskar Maheshwari. Never differentiated among the kids. {Loves all children equally, but is more close to Sanskar}

? Sunaina Maheshwari (SM) : Youngest daughter-in-law of Maheshwari family. Her husband and daughter (Om Maheshwari & Khushi Maheshwari) died in an accident when their son Sanskar was 5 years old and Khushi was 2 years old. Mother of Sanskar Maheshwari. Is grateful to Vish and Rajshri. Never differentiated among the kids. {Loves all children equally, but is more close to Akshara and Laksh}

? Akshara Maheshwari (now Akshara Naitik Singhania) : Eldest child and daughter of Maheshwari Family. Wife of Naitik Singhania (Arranged Marriage). She has been married 3 years back. The apple of everyone’s eyes. Loves her family a lot. Loves her Choti Maa a lot and is very close to her. Loves all her siblings equally. {Daughter of Vish and Rajshri Maheshwari. Presently staying in Cape Town because of Naitik’s work. Age : 25}

? Sanskar Maheshwari : Eldest son of Maheshwari Family. His BadePa is his role model, idol. He is the CEO of SAL hotels. Loves his family a lot. Loves his Badi Maa a lot and is very close to her. Loves all his siblings equally. Idolises his Elder Sister Akshara. Ragini’s fiancee. {Son of Om and Sunaina Maheshwari. Age : 24}

? Laksh Maheshwari : Youngest son of Maheshwari Family. His Bauji is his idol. He is studying in London. Loves his family a lot. Loves his Choti Maa a lot and is very close to her. Loves all his siblings equally. Idolises his Elder Sister Akshara and elder brother Sanskar. Shares great bond with Sanskar. {Son of Vish and Rajshri Maheshwari. Age : 23}

? Singhania Family (Leading business of “NR” Diamonds ?) ?

? DaddaJi (DJ) : The strict, loving DaddaJi of this family. Husband of Bhabhi Maa. Is the head of the family. Strict as well as sweet. Loves all children equally. Daughters are Lakshmi of the house. Loves Akshara a lot. Is a father to his family and their idol.

? Bhabhi Maa (BM) : The Lovely, Adorable Bhabhi Maa of Singhania Family. Heads the family along with her Choti Dulhan as ladies. Loves her family a lot. Loves her sister-in-law Sujata a lot. Never differentiated among the kids.
? Ram Singhania (RS) : Younger brother of DaddaJi. Husband of Sujata Singhania. Loves his brother and sister-in-law like parents. A loving, caring, generous man. Runs the “NR Diamonds”, along with his brother. Loves all children equally.
? Sujata Singhania (SS) : Wife of Ram Singhania. Loves her Bhabhi Maa a lot. And has never differentiated among the children of Singhania Family. A loving, caring dutiful lady. Is very close to Ragini.
? Naitik Singhania : The Eldest Child of this Family. A doting son, husband and father. The CEO of “NR Diamonds”. Loves his sister a lot. His family is his life. Loves Akshara a lot.
? Ragini Singhania : The 2nd child of this Family. The MD of “NR Diamonds”. Loves the family a lot. Shares an amazing bond with Naitik and Akshara. Fiancee and childhood love of Sanskar.

(Laksh has a small role to play. I don’t know how long will this Fan Fiction go)

********** Story Begins ? **********

(Imagine the house of Singhania’s from YRKKH)

A big mansion is shown, the sun light falls on the Name Board of this mansion, which reads as ” Maheshwari Mansion”, the son of the house are waiting for their lovely sister as he can’t go without seeing her face.
Voice : Maa, Am getting late for my office. Will you tie me Di’s Rakhi today Oh God?? I have an important work today.
SM : Sanskar, This time your Di hasn’t sent Rakhi. I think she forgot this time. And I still haven’t tied Rakhi to Bhaiya. How can you tie?
RM : Haan, Sanskar. Your di forgot to send Rakhi this year. {To SM} Choti have you tied Rakhi? Arre, what no, do it fast. See there comes your Bhaiya.
Sanskar : Maa, BadiMaa, what do you mean, di didn’t send Rakhi this time? How can she forget it? Anyways Maa, you tie rakhi and then after pooja I will leave.
VM and Dadi : How come this time, Akshara didn’t send Rakhi? She doesn’t forget it. There’s something wrong this time. Because of the weather there *(its imaginary : terrible floods, all electricity, networks all down and their number isn’t activated due to some reason)* its almost a year, that we aren’t in contact with them. Sanskar did you ask Laksh whether he got his Rakhi?
Sanskar : Nahi Papa, his phone is not reachable. But how come, di didn’t send Rakhi this time is what am thinking.

*From the door, there comes a sweet voice*

Voice : Because your sis has this years come down to tie you rakhi personally.

* All turn at the door and find Akshara standing there with Rakhi in her hand. All run to her and meet her, apart from Sanskar, he is Still standing there and has tears in his eyes. Akshara ones to him after meeting everyone *

Akshara : Sanskar, what happened? You didn’t like my surprise? I wanted to make this rakhi special for you. See I came here directly without going to my house. Why are you crying? Give your hand, I will tie Rakhi and break your fast.
Sanskar : Di, I can’t believe you are here. I swear, this is my best rakhi after your wedding. Thank you so much. And tie Rakhi fast and yes, wait I have a special gift for you from past 3 years.

*Sanskar goes and brings a huge carton and keeps it besides him*

Sanskar : Di now tie rakhi fast. I have an important work *(seeing Akshara’s face) *, I had some work.
Dadi : Sanskar noe forget your work and stay with your di. God knows for how long will ahe be this time.
Akshara : Dadi, we aren’t going back this time. We will stay here forever.
Sanskar : Di, we means Jiju has come? Why didn’t you tell before? Where is he?

*Before Sanskar could go, Akshara stops him*

[That’s it for today. Thank you people for reading it. Comments welcomed. ☺]

Tomorrow’s episode : Akshara’s reson for stopping. Laksh’s entry and Singhania House.

Credits : HisPrincess ☺

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