Heart Feelings (Few Shots : RagSan, Aksh [10th Shot])

?Heart Feelings? (Few Shots : RagSan, Aksh [10th & Final Shot])? Heart Feelings ? (Few Shots : RagSan, Aksh [10th shot])

Hello Friends.. Thank you all for the comments and love, meant a lot. So here is the 10th shot & also the last one. Will come back soon with another Fan-Fction. So let’s go in the story.

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Yesterday’s episode : Entry of Arnav, Gunjan and Preeti. GunLak proposal. RagSan conversation.

************* 10th Shot (Final One) ************

(The other side Laksh and Gunjan are spending time with each other and are in the park hugging and Gunjan’s head is over Laksh’s shoulder and she is holding his tight.)

After a year, the sun rises and shines brightly upon the earth and there in a house “Maheshwari Mansion”, it falls in the room of a beautiful girl who is around 3-4 years old and is happily sleeping and her room is all occupied with toys, Teddy bears. She slowly wakes when she hears her mother calling her, Kria. The scene shifts to the hall where all Maheshwari’s and Singhania’s are seated and all ladies are running up and down, seeing the arrangements. Arnav, Preeti and their son Pranav are also staying here.

DaddaJi : Sujata, ask your Bhabhi Maa and all you ladies come and drink tea. You can see arrangements later.
Dadi : Yes, you all come. We have already seen everything is ready. Guests will start coming in a while. So come drink tea and then all should get ready.
SS : Maa, did you see where Akshara and Gunjan anywhere? Don’t where these 2 went.
AshGun : We are here Maa. Now all of you come sit and have this. We will get Ragini.
(When they turn, they see RagSan coming down the stairs and we can see Ragini with a big belly just like 8 months pregnant women look and Sanskar is holding he from her shoulders and Laksh is holding her hands and they bought bring her down and sit together.)
Akshara : Wow, Sanskar you care for her so much. I wish my husband did something like this for me. He doesn’t remember my birthday also.
Laksh : Di, when is your birthday? Even I don’t remember.
Sanskar : Why are you Troubling Di, Laksh? We all know her birthday is not today. Then why are you taking tension?
Ragini : Maa, is there any work to do? I. Can help you all.
SM : Keep quite and sit. We don’t want you to help us. Your family might not tell anything but your husband will kill me. So sit and yes. Sujata Ji, I want all the ladies of the house to give Ragini this dress to wear for her Godh Bharai.
(All ladies come forward except SS and Dadi)

SS : Maa, Sunaina Bhabhi you also come.
SM : How can we come? We are widows. It will be abshagun for us to touch it also. Our blessings are with her.
Bhabhi Maa : Sunaina Ji, there’s nothing Abshagun and things, we have made it. Come you are the one who has most right to hold it.
Ragini : (to SM) Mamma, won’t you give your daughter blessings. If it’s a girl it will be Khushi, the one who we all lost. Won’t you come and celebrate the birth of your daughter Mamma?
(All are happy and have tears in their eyes and Ragini is taken to the room to get ready and Sanskar is with her 24/7.)
Ragini : Sanskar, how do you know, it’s going to be a girl and not a boy?
Sanskar : Because I worked hard for it. Id you want a boy we can again get intimate after my princess comes out. I have no problem.
Ragini : You are utter shameless.
Sanskar : If I wasn’t shameless, you wouldn’t be looking soo pretty with this baby bump today.
Ragini : Pretty? I look like a football (turning to the mirror) A proper football. All fat fat.
Sanskar : You look like my teddy bear baby doll. I only made you get this football. Good we didn’t have twins. Because now I can get proper time with you for making an IPL team. By the way, this is for you. (He hands over a packet which has 2-3 boxes in it) I want you to wear this in the function. I have got for Di and Gunjan also. I will give them later.
Ragini : (opens the first box) Wow, Sanskar this chain and it’s pendant. I love it sweetheart. (opens the second box) Baby, these earrings, are the one that I saw the other day. (opens the third box) Sanskar, these cute dresses for our baby.. Aww.. They are so cute.. Small.. (she turns towards him) You know what Sanskar, you are the best person I could ever get. You have always loved, cared, trusted, understood me without any limit and anything in return. Not only you, but this whole family has always been with me, and I have never done anything for you.. This is a small gift for you. I hope you like it.
Sanskar : Cookie, this watch is the most famous brands one. Thank you soo much. I love you.. I love you.. I love you my life. Now get ready, before others come and start scolding me.
(Ragini gets ready and Akshara and Gunjan get her down and all their husbands keep hand over their heart as they might get a heart-attack seeing three beautiful angles descending the stairs. They make Ragini sit and AskGun start dancing with NakSanLak {on the song on which Swara danced on Ragini’s Godh Bharai in SWARAGINI} and all elders and guests enjoy. After the ritual is done.. All guests leave and Gunjan faints and Laksh and Arnav run to her and pick her up and take her to the room. Sanskar called the doctor and Laksh is pacing outside the room)

Sanskar : (coming to Laksh) Laksh, chill. Everything will be fine. It might be because of weakness.
Laksh : Bhai, I don’t know. I hopes she is fine and there’s nothing to worry.
(The doctor comes out and calls Laksh and tells him something and tells everyone that she is fine. It was because of weakness that she fainted. Laksh goes to Gunjan and sits beside her)
Laksh : Gunjan, after 8 months again we will have the same function but in place of Ragini you will be sitting.
Gunjan : Same function and me sitting.. You mean? You mean our child is going to come in this world?
Laksh : Yes, thank you for the best gift in the universe my love. I can’t tell how happy I am. And no one knows it outside. So we have to tell them. (They come out) Di, let’s give RagSan their gift. Right na Jiju?
Naitik : Yes, Yes let’s go. Gunjan you take rest. First come lets give the gift and then you take rest.
(All young couples close RagSan’s eyes and take them to a room – * where all toys, teddy bears, 3 tables with one common computer and a cupboard with all arts and crafts materials and all board games and outdoor games sets and walls painted with white and have beautiful wallpapers and few frames hung with few pictures and the rest empty. There are 3 beds and still place for another 2-3 beds and 2-3 tables.* They remove the cloth from RagSan’s eyes are they are amazed to find the whole room with a new look and it’s children room, where they can play, study and sleep all together in one room.)
Ragini : Wow, whose idea is this? The room is so pretty and well managed. I am sure Gunjan arranged this.
Laksh : Haan, Haan Give credits to her only. We are simply standing here.
Sanskar : Oh Brother, why are you getting pissed? Whosoever idea it was and who ever did it, doesn’t matter. All that matters is it is so nice and awesome.
Naitik : Okay, we will discuss all this later and now let’s go to their actual room and again close their eyes.
RagSan : Why are you closing our eyes again and again. At the end we have to see na, so let’s see like this itself.
(Now, their eyes are opened and they see their – * room is decorated with balloons and baby pics and a small cupboard is there in which everything which will be needed for a baby is there and one portion has everything in pink and the other one has everything in blue.)
RagSan : Wow, it’s simply amazing. This is for sure the best gift and from the best siblings.
Arnav : Ragini, this is a gift from us (he keeps a cradle. Just then, SM comes and gets a cradle)
SM : Ragini, this cradle is the one in which Khsuhi was put. (she looks at the cradle which Arnav gifted and tells) Its okay, I will keep it aside.
Arnav : Aunty, it’s Khushi’s and another Khushi will sleep in it and grow up. Let it be here. Ours we can use some other time. No problem.
Laksh : (looks towards Gunjan and smiles) Bhai, you can keep that in our room. We will anyways need it and make sure you all have to decorate my room also the same way as we did for them.
Akshara : Same way, but why? Tell clearly.
Ragini : (smiles and goes to GunLak) Are you serious? I mean sure? Maa, Bauji, DaddaJi, Bhabhi Maa, Arnav Bhai, Preeti Bhabhi, Mamma.. Our Laksh has grown up so much that now his Ansh will come in this world. God you all still didn’t understand? Gunjan is pregnant.
(All are really happy and pamper Gunjan so much and Laksh has started doing all his work from home and is 24/7 with Gunjan. After a month. Ragini’s pain started and she is taken to the hospital and Sanskar is tensed and standing at one corner. Doctor comes out and congratulates everyone and tells it’s a baby boy. All send Sanskar inside)
Sanskar : Ragini, our son. Our baby.
Ragini : Our Ansh.. Sanskar he is our Ansh. Our son.. Our love’s sign. Thank you for making me a mother.
Sanskar : Next time, we will try for a girl. This time I missed it.
(Then everyone comes inside and all are very happy and after 2-3 days Ragini is discharged and they come home and she is welcomed grandly and all are happy. Like this 9 months pass by and now Gunjan is in the hospital for her delivery and Laksh is pacing outside the OT. Doctor comes and tells its a baby girl and without anyone saying, Laksh runs inside and hugs Gunjan)
Laksh : Gunjan, thank you so much.. You have given me the best gift. There’s no better moment than becoming a father.
Gunjan : I know Laksh. We now have someone to complete us.
Laksh : No ways, I need another cricket team and I will be vice captain.. And you captain..
(they laugh and all enter and take the baby in their hands and Gunjan takes the baby from Preeti’s hand before she gives SM and Sanskar. All see this and feel bad)
Gunjan : Laksh come here. And keep your hand under the baby. (Laksh does so and Gunjan says) Mamma, Bhai, this is your Khushi. Our family’s Khushi.
(All are over whelmed and shower blessings on all the couples and the naming ceremony day comes and names are)
Aksh’s daughter : Kria 5 (and Akshara is pregnant with her second child {Naitik and Akshara child})
AnPree’s son : Aditya 7 (and Preeti had a miscarriage {Arnav and Preeti’s son})
RagSan’s son : Raina 2 {Sanskar and Ragini’s son}
GunLak’s daughter : Khushi 1 {Laksh and Gunjan’s daughter}

[That’s it. Bidding you all bye and Take Care. Thank you people for reading it. Comments welcomed. ☺ I have tried my best to show the bond among the young couples. That’s the reason I didn’t focus more on the bonding of Elders and Children. Hope I have done justice to it. And thank you all for the love and comments. Sorry if I didn’t live upto your expectations. Take Care. Will be back soon.]

Role played by:

* Maheshwari Family *

Dadi : Vineeta Malik
VM : Sanjee Seth
RM : Lata Sabarwal
SM : Shalini Kapoor Sagar
Akshara : Hina Khan
Sanskar : Varun Kapoor
Laksh : Namish Taneja

* Singhania Family *

DaddaJi : Abhijit Lahiri
Bhabhi Maa : Medha Sambutkar
RS : Amar Sharma
SS : Sonica Handa
Naitik : Karan Mehra
Ragini : Tejaswi Prakash Wayangankar

* New Characters *

Arnav : Tarun Singh
Preeti : Akansha Chamola
Gunjan : Sanaya Irani

☺Credits : HisPrincess

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