From heart – episode 9

Oh sry guys I was busy for some days and iam planing to end this ff becoz I don’t get topics to write but I got a new so I will start that ff after 2, 3 weeks so here is the episode starts……

It’s morning
Suhani in phone call : yes sir sure I will join the office tmrw ok ok sir
Yuvarj heaed their conversation
Yuv: excuse me , what’s wrong with u ??? U r wife of yuvraj birla and u need to work in a company
Suh: so what ? I am not just yuvraj birla wife but also a girl who Really dreamed to be independent
Yuv: iam sry to say but u can’t go to work
Suh: but y???
Yuv: in my house ladies never used to work
Suh : are u sure???
Yuv: yes iam
Suh: but u will change u r decision within one day
Yuv: we will see
Suh: yes we will

Suhani discussed something with rags menka in evening everyone cake to have food and their was nothing
And sauanuyuv saw ragssuhmen watching TV
Sau: for ur kind info it’s 9:00 pm and it’s time to have food
Rag: ya sure u can have
Anu: but we can’t have plate and glasses
Men: exactly first u have to makd food
Yuv: but Ladies used to make food right ???
Suh: but not only ladies eat food ???
Yuv: means ????
Suh: what ??! U said that ladies in ur home doesn’t work so I said ragsand men to stop working is their anything wrong ???
Yuv: what the ….
Suh: hell???
Yuv: nos guys pls make food for us I know that ladies works and they can do whatever they like suh : what did u say ??? We can do whatever we want right ??.
Yuv: yes.
Suh: tehn ok Mr yuvraj birla u lose the challenge .yuv: ok now what should I do ???.
Suh :. nothing becoz iam sure that u won’t be able to impress me
Yuv: actually that’s ering I can impress u
Suh: ok try ur best Mr sadu birla

It’s night Suhani came to her room lights were off
Suh: yuv… Yuvarj
Someone closed the door and touched her from back .Sanam re plays …..
She turned and saw yuvraj
Yuv moved her hair a side and took one earring and mafe her wear that he kissed on her ears
Suh smiled and closed her eyes

Yuv came from back a hugged her and they are standing in front of the mirror
Yuv: did u like it???
Suh: mmmmm
Yuv: so I also won the challenge

Suh got sad
Suh pov .
So did he do all this only for challenge???
Or did he really…..

So that all about today’s episode hope you guys liked it and don’t to add comments love u???????????????????

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  1. Nice episode..ur gonna end it..?..its so sad….anyways enjoying ur ff a lot…keep writing


    I poved loved loved it, so sweet and romantic. No! id be really sad if this ends! But im sure your next ff will be just as rocking!

  3. No plz dont stop.

  4. Aqsxxh

    Please don’t end this- I really love today’s concept of marriage and not working- woman lifts half the world- and you pictured that perfectly!
    I loved today’s episode! Please don’t end this too soon- I won’t be able to handle it when it ends

  5. Avanikamdar

    Really nice episode…

  6. it was very nice.actually i am waiting to see this type of love story between yuvani.u have a wonderful concept.pls dont end this

  7. very lovely epi …………todays epi is amzing words r not there to describe it.

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