From heart – episode 8

Hi guys first of all sry for the delay update
Here is the episode
It’s night Suhani came back from washroom and saw yuvraj in bed playing with phone
Suhani was nervous
Suh: tum yaha kya Kar raha ho???
Yuv: me than kya Kar raha hai Matlab oh hello this my room and it’s my right to sleep here
Suh: but now its my room and u r not suppose to sleep in my room
Yuv: oh hello ms.jkr maa said that this is ur room too she didn’t say ne to get out
Suh: oh ok then pls move from this bed I need to sleep
Yuv: ok sleep
Suh: ok sleep means. Hare move naala
Yuv: if u want just sleep here otherwise go out and sleep
Suh: uuuuu idiot
She took a blanket and went to balcony
When she started to sleep she saw a rat

Suhani pov
Hey raam rat…..
She stood in the table and started to scrream

Yuvraj heard the sound and came to her
He laughed at her
Yuv: oh god I cant believe ms.suhani lata shivasthav is scared of a silly rat
Suhani’s: u shut up
Yuv: hey ok fine I will stut my mouth pls this door also u play anthakshari with rat
Suh: hey raam rat
Yuv: oh that means for u lord raama is rat ???
Suh: oh pls shell know I am super scared
Yuv: ok fine u should do three tjings which I say u is that ok?
Suh: ok now help
He asked her to come down but that time she saw the rat moving ans she jumped on yuvraj she was in yuvarj’s arms
Eyelock Sanam re…..

He lifted her and dropped her on the bed
She go nervous she moved back yuvarj came closer ahe closed her eyes
Suddenly yuvraj took the blanket ans said : u sleep pnthe bed I will sleep on sofa
Suh: ok

Suhani pov
Yuvraj you itna bi bure bahu hai

They both slept in midnight 1:00
Yuvraj saw a crying Sound
He saw that Suhani was crying
Yuv: if u dont mind can u saying y r u crying
Suh didn’t say anything .
Yuv: if u didn’t say mesns I will call ma
Suh: maa
Yuv: what .
Suh: main mummy aur papa ko booth miss Kar rahi ho
Yuvraj laughed
Suh: hey u y r u laughing
Yuv: then what should I do u r so silly
Suh: iam not silly iam just emotional
Yuv: but y ??
Suh: y means just imagine if u were a girl and from a day a said to leave ur house and can u adjust with a new family it is not easy
Yuv: ok babaaa now pls stop cryibga nd sleep tmrw u can meet ur parents
Suh: ok
Yuvraj turned and said: ur big eyes luks cute but oms front spoil with tears
Suhani smiled

So that’s all about today’s episode hope you guys liked it and pls don’t forget to add ur comments and suggestions as it is a great support

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  1. Shilpa-Saraj

    Really really really very wonderful epi dude… Loved it.. Pls update nxt part asap..

  2. very lovely epi … i have been waiting for ur update very eagerly .every word is filled with love.

  3. Suhaniyuvrajbirla

    nice yaar….

  4. nice…make it little bit lengthy

  5. Really cute X I really enjoyed it

  6. Nice …

  7. too good episode


    Awwwww, each word was so cute and loving, this epi was amazing x

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