From heart – episode 7

Hi guys iam really sry that I couldn’t update it yesterday but today is a very special episode it’s yuvani marriage

Suhani git ready as a bride she is looking gorgeous
Suhani’s pov
Oh god I can’t believe that iam getting Married tmrw I really respect a husband wife relationship but today iam gonna get married to that person who don’t even know the value of respect he does not bother about other’s feeling what I will do?? But as this much days I couldn’t hate him i don’t understand why I can’t hate him

Yuvraj’s pov
Today is my marriage iam not even interested in a husband wife relationship but still today i will be a husband Suhani is crazy I told her that I need her but she can’t understand that she is doing to be a birla bahu every girl wish to get married to Mr . Birla but she….

Suhani and yuvraj came to Mandap
They made wear garland each other bandit ji said them to take 7 rounds
While taking round
Suhani’s pov
God pls be with me I don’t know y he want me but still pls change his attitude and pls try to make me get rid of this life

Yuvraj pov
I will give her everything which she didn’t have till this day

Sanam re plays….
Yuvarj made her wear the mangalsutra and filled her maang with sindoor she closed her eyes
Yuv: phas gayi ho tum
Suh: dekhte hoon ki kisne kisko phasaya hai
Suhani hugged her parents and cried

Suhani’s grehapraveshan
Ahe kicked the pot filled with rice
Anuj: wait one minute when oir grehapraveshan was done then we have to lift our dulhan so u also have to lift her
Yuv: oh ok actually but her weight
Suh: I know u can’t lift me u just six pack but strength
Yuv : oh so u want challenge Mr yuvraj birla
Suh: yes
Yuv: ok fine
He lifted her in his arms Sanam re plays….

He went inside the room and made her stand properly
Her earring got stuck with his kurta eyelock…
He removed it and have her back
Yuv: I will come now
He went out
Suhani’s closed the door but didnt lock it
She removed her jewellery and then she removed her dupatta which covered her waist and Chest
Shr tried to remove her blouse string
Suddenly yuvraj opened the door and he saw Suhani
Yuv: iam really sry I didn’t see u
Suh: u idiot can’t u just knock and come
Yuv: hey u first u should have to lock the room
Suh: oh ok now u get out I need to change my dress.
Yuv: what did u say get out to me
So I won’t g out of the room this is my toom
Suh: uuuuu idiot
Yuv: remember I do ishq only tumse
Suh: batamez I will Change from wash room
She went to washroom and came back but she didn’t change her dress
Yuv: what happened ???
Suh: gp and call mass
Yuv: hey how can I call ur maa she is in ur home and ur mom used u make u Change u Dres?????
Suh: bakwaas math karo tum and I told u to call ut maa
Yuv: oh u r calling my mom maa she is my mother
Suh: oh hello she is my husband’s mother
Yuv: wait wait what do u say this means u accepted me as ur hubby
Suh: the fact is that ur crazy and pls nie call ur mom
Yuv: y
Suh: becoz my Dres string I can’t open by my self
Yuv: oh that it no problem I will help
Suh: what u
Yuv : ya me see maa slept so it is not good to disturb her soo I said other wise u wear this dress and sleep no problem
Suh: no no so pls help
He moved her hair a side she was wearing a backless blouse .
Hr touched the string and opened it she turned towards him they both went more closer he went near her lips and was about to kiss suddenly his phone rings and both of the gain senss sh event inside the washroom

Yuv smiled

So that all about today’s episode hope you guys liked it and pls add ur comments and suggestions love u????????????

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  1. its is mindblowing epi i like it very much.

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    Stunned. I lobes that epi it was so so so so sweet and cute and hot. Amazing… x

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    Loved it..

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    Loved it sis… Pls make it a bit more long..

  6. Aqsxxh

    Sweet episode- a long love journey yet to come! hurray! x
    Amazing episode to welcome Saahil’s re-entry

  7. Super ….waiting for next update

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