From heart – episode 6

Hi guys thank u for ur support for each iam getting so excited ????????

Here the episode starts….
It’s Suhani yuvraj haldi and marriage today

Bhavna: hey my Jaan I love Suhani I can’t believe that u r getting married
Suh: u chori y ur marriage git delay???
Bhavna: what to do yaar my exams r there so I won’t be able to concentrate in that
Suh: so that means after exams urs and Sharad jiju’s marriage right ???
Bhavna blushing : ya that’s true but now its ur marriage
She saw a chain oh suahni’s neck
Bhavna: hare yaar who gave u this??
Suh: woh muje woh sadu…
Bhavna: oh that means Mr yuvraj birla gave u this can I say u something ???
Suh: what ?
Bhavna: this chain really suits you pls don’t remove it
Suh: oh ok as u wish

Haldi ceremony starts
Everyone apply haldi on yuvarj , then Suhani and her family comes

Yu are saw Suhani
Yuv: hai jkr
Suh: hai
Yuv: actually I didn’t know that u will start accepting my request fastly???
Suh: what ??? What do u want to say??
Yuv: I know that no one can hate me but still do u hate me ?
Suh: for ur kind information I don’t hate u
Yuv: I knew it
Suh: and I don’t love u, u r just a stranger for me
Yuv: oh seriously
Suh: yes
Yuv came closer to her , she moved back
Sanam re plays….
He hold her waist and pulled her towards him: now say dont u love me ???
Suh: no
He again came closer to her he touched her face and said : now also u dont love me ??
Suh closed her eyes
Suh: I…I….
Yuv: u love me I knew it
Suhani opened her eyes
Suh: yeh kya bakwaas Kar rahi ho tum ???
Yuv: will u accept a stranger’s gift ??
Suh: no way I will only accept the gifts given by my loved ones
Yuv: r u sure ???
Suh: yes iam….
Yuv: si that is clear that u love me…???
Suh: what’s wrong with u???
Yuv again came closer to her and touched her neck and said by holding that chain : then y r wearing This chain Suhani
Suh: woh main…
Yuv touched her lips and said: ushsh I got my answer and pls don’t remove that chain to prove that u hate me I know that u love me but u can’t accept it but it’s ok
He came closer and kissed on her pendent Sanam re plays….
He turned back buy again hr came back
Yuv: I don’t know y iam so affected with u but now I came here for something else
Suh: for what??
Yuv: tum par haldi lagane keliye
Suh: no way I … I won’t allow
Yuv cake closer and holded her hands
Suh: y y u want to apply haldi on me ???
Yuv: I don’t know y but I just know that only o have the rights to apply haldi on u
He rubbed his face with her
She closed her eyes
Yuv moved backwards and said : theyyar hikkar rehna mere patni ban Jane keliye

So that’s all about today’s episode pls add ur comments actually I have one problem I thinkn I have to wind-up my ff as I won’t be able to update it regularly otherwise I will not end my ff but will not be able to update it regularly so I need ur suggestions . What should I do ????.?????
Hope u guys will help me

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  1. i didn’t have words to describe this epi ….the way u write every line about our cute yuvani , it is amzing yaar…i just loved it.

  2. U r ff is so nice n cute as our saraj.but why posting shortly.anyway i know u r busy.still requesting u to post next epi asap.iam big fan of saraj nbusy with my work.iam35+ n housewife only watch ssel in hindi lan.but ssel current track is worst.not watching reading u r ff i get old ssel memories of yuvani love n romance thank u.all the best for u r future.its u r elder sis blessings to u.if possible reply me

    1. Uniqueangel

      Thank u thanks a lot madam

    2. Uniqueangel

      Guys say should I continue or stop like u need this ff to end it delay update???????

  3. pls don’t stop….ur ff is really nice….eagerly waiting 4 nxt episode.

  4. Aqsxxh

    Khushi, don’t end it, do what I do- updates whenever you can (and to make up for really late updates make them longer) x
    I really love your FF Khushi, it keeps me coming on this website so don’t stop

  5. Suhaniyuvrajbirla

    dont stop yaar pls…. its really awsm…

  6. Nice … Plz dont stop

  7. Shilpa-Saraj

    Never end it sis.. Update whenever u can.. But pls.. Im in love with ur ff… Pls.. Dont end it..

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