From heart – episode 5

Hi guys thank u thank slot for ur support????? I don’t know what should say…. U guys r just awesome and super supportive love u?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????t
Here the episode starts….

Lata: after 2or 3 days u will be someone’s wife iam so happy that u r getting married to someone who will support and will never broke u trust
Suhani’s eyes were filled with tears

Suhani’s pov
I… I can’t understand what I should say …. I loved him before 1 hour and now I hate him ge have broken promise so how can I love him after 2,3 days I will his wife ????, god I can’t understand anything…

Next day it’s sangeet

Yuvarj saw Suhani she was wearing a blue laccja she was looking so pretty that yuvraj couldn’t take eyes from her
And yuvraj was looking handsome
Suhani’s pov
Aaj to yeh sadu bahot hansome lag Raha hai
Ektham mere bachan Saab JAISE

Yuv : hey jkr I know that iam handsome but don’t stare at me like this in fact after 2 days we will in one home
Suh: hey don’t be so over smart u dont like good in fact Bandar bhi tujse zyada handsome lagta hai
Yuv: excuse me… What did u say I look like a Bandar you mean monkey
Suh: exactly…
Yuv: oh ok if iam monkey means u r future Mrs monkey
Suh: hey shut up what did u say

Yuv: what did I say ??? After sometime days u will be Suhani yuvraj birla
Suh: don’t u dare to pronounce my name like that iam Suhani lata shivasthav
Yuv: what what did u say …. Y lata shivasthav ???
Suh: if a mother can carry a child in her womb for 9 months and give birth and can love more than anything else so of course they have the right to be apart of their children name…. And what did u say I should change my name can I ask u something?? Y a girl should always change amd adjust with everything thing she need to forget her surname from the day which she got married that’s not fair

Yuv: oh really
Suh: but u won’t understand this kind of stuffs if a person have heart means surely they will understand but u won’t….
So that means v can’t adjust each other so it will be better if u break this marriage proposal
He came closer to her
Yuv: what u said is right iam heart less becoz my heart is with u?????
Suhani’s: y r behaving like this yuvraj I know u dont love me then y??? Tears were flowing from her eyes
Yuv: I don’t know whether I love u or not but I need u in my life u r something to me which I can’t lose …..
Suh: but…. Yuvraj marriage is not a game
Yuv: it is not a problem too I Believe that we should something which can make us happy and here anyway I we should get married so I wanted u as my life partner….
Suh: u proved it yuvraj u don’t want to know my wish u just love and u want me that’s it

Yuv: pls stop giving me lecture I have a gift for u he took a heart shaped pendent and moved her hair aside a tried to make her wear it
Sje moved back: I don’t want this as this is given by someone who doesn’t know the value of love , friendship
Yuv angrily : r u sure u won’t wear it
Suhani’s: yes
Yuv: no problem u dont wear it I will make u wear it
Suh : v will see
Yuv: thus time I will win becoz iam trying to gift something to some who is really important iny life
Suh : zzzzz I just hate u ?????
Yuv: but I like u ??????

Everyone dance in sangeet and the number comes for yuvani

Suhani was so nervous yuvraj camd closer to her and touched her waist she closed her eyes
Chand chupa baadal mein plays…..
He lifted her and roam around
He moved her hair aside and Suhani didn’t react
He made her wear that chain and he couldn’t lock it properly so he bite on lock his lips touched her bare skin he said in her ears
I won the challenge and kissed her ears
She was shocked and couldn’t believe her ears

Yuvraj smiled and went she went back of humans said : tum apne aap ko samjthe kya ho???
Yuv: aashiqu ?????

Si that’s all about today’s episode hope you guys liked it and pls keep supporting me don’t forget to add comments

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