From heart – episode 4

Hi guys I don’t have words to thank u guys but still love uuuuuu u guys r my inspiration u know what Boone have ever support Me like this so thanks a lot

Here the episode starts….

Yuvraj moved away by saying i love…
Suhani was confused and shocked
She asked her mind whether she is doing correct or not

The next day she said yuvraj that she need to meet him , she was really nervous
Suh: yuv yuvraj…
Yuv: oh no I can’t believe my ears ms. Jkr called me yuvraj
Suh: ya I need to know something
Yuv: what
Suh: yesterday what u said was true or not
Yuv: oh that which I said was true
Suh: really but….
Yuv: yes yaar it’s true
Suhani smiled and ran away

When she came to her home she was shock to see pratima
Pra: beta , I have said something to ur parents hope u will also agree for that
Suh: what aunty ji ???
Pra smiled and went

Pankaj: part in any came to talk about ur and yuvarj’s marriage
Suh: our marriage
Pan: yaaaa u know he is a good boy he can take care of u and we think he is perfect for u, now we just want to know that whether u love him or not???
Suhani’s: woh papa main….
Pan: what happen Suhani u dont like Him??
Suh: no nothing like that
Pankaj: that means v can arrange ur marriage right???
Suhani nodded

Yuvraj called Suhani and asked her to meet him
Suh: hai yuvraj how r u???
Yuv angrily: what’s wrong with u ???
Suh: what happened???
Yuv: how could u say yes to marry me ???
Suh got shocked
Yuv: how could u think that I … U can be my wife
Suh: yuv yuvraj what’s wrong with u ???
Yuv: u r ur just a nonsense

Suhani’s: but yuvraj u told me that u love ….
Yuv: I love u that’s true but in the way that thought I love u as my Friend and I just felt interest in u , u were so different so I was just playing a prank on u…
Tears rolled from her eyes she couldn’t believe her eyes
She turned and was about to move
Yuv turned and said: hey common yaar leave it
He was about hug her but she pushed him
Suhani’s: door raho mujse , pass aane kibkoyi zaroorat nahi
Yuv: y r taking this so serious???

Suh: for u thus is not a big matter right???
Yuv: no what is big in that???
Suh: meri mummy Papa or puura private boot khush hai khyunki use lagta he ki me side ek iinsaan se shading karni Vale hum joh mujse bahot pyar karenge oh kazhinno mere Barooz
Na tootne deghhe par tummmmm
Yuv: listen Suhani u r crossing the limits
Suh: but u have already crossed the limits amd one more thing for ur kind information I hate yuvraj birla I loved u from my heart but now I hate u more than anything
Yuvraj was shocked to hear this words from her
Suh: and one more thing I don’t want to get married to u
Yuv: but I want to

Suh; what r u crazy
Yuv: from now iam mad in love with u and one more thing their will be only one girl in my lie tand that girl will be uuuuuu
Suh: idiot
Yuv: idiot means I do ishq only tumse
He went closer he tuk one pen and moved closer to her
Sanam re plays….
He moved her hair in one side and wrote on her neck i love u by urs sadu Kumar
She smiled but after sometime she gained sense and pushed him
She turns and started to move
Yuv in loud voice: remember I will be ur hero no one have the rights to love u rather than me
I need u my jansi ki Rani


When Suhani reached her home everyone one were doing arrangements for her and yuvarj’s marriage
Suh: mamma what’s happening ???
Arrangement for my and your marriage my sweet heart
She heard a voice and turned back
It was yuvraj
Suh: tum yaha kya Kar rahi ho???
Yuv: actually I forgot something here and that’s with u
Suh: what ??? What ever it is just takr it and go
Yuv: r u sure so I take it and go??
Suh: yes of course u can take it if it is urs
Yuv: ok as u wish
Hr lifted her Sanam re plays ….

Suh: uuuu what’s wrong with u???
Yuv: u told me that I can take my things right ??
Suh: so what ???
Yuv: u have stole one of my important thing and u r say this
Suh: hey Mr yuvraj birla mind ur language I never used to steal anything from anyone
Yuv: then y did u stole my heart???
Suh: r u Really crazy???
Yuv: I told before itself iam mad in love with u
Suh: now just allow me stand properly
Yuv : ok , but still as u have my heart I won’t let u go away from me
Suh: hate u idiot
Yuv: love u sweet heart ???

That’s all about today’s episode hope u guys liked it don’t forget to add comment and suggestions
Once again love u?????

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  1. wowww…..khushi it is really very lovely epi i ever is really very interesting and i like this side of yuvraj.every wordevery line is superb yaar words r enough to describe.really i loved it ,i’m not able to express my feeling while reading because that much i love this epi.plz update nxt epi soon. As i’m very egarly waiting for it.

  2. 😀 😀 woooowww kushi…. when i read today episode…… in my mouth was fully smiled to red it yarrrr.
    ur just amazing….. keep writting regularlyyyyyyy….


    Khushi… WOW. Your story is so charming and it never fails to bring a smile to my face- its an interesting storyline too… love it… xxx

  4. Awesome ff….especially full form of…loved d way they always fight with love….i was constantly smiling reading this???

  5. it was just amazing.i like it a lot when yuvraj teases suhani.u r writing skills are amazing.keep going like this.we will support u.

  6. This is awesome

  7. Aqsxxh

    This is amazing Khushi! Keep it up dear x

  8. SuRb.but confused whether yuvaj likingsuhani or not.if he loves then why did he say no first plz clarrify.

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