From heart – episode 3

Hi guys thanks a lot ur comments was so heart touching that I will keep writing my ff but sry guys sometimes my ff length will be less as iam busy nowadays
Here the episode starts…
Suh: ok dear say did u like him???
Bhavna: I don’t know whether I liked him or not but I couldn’t say anything about me to him
Suh: it’s ok yaar we can invite him to my home u know he is my lovely bayya
Bah: oh I will call him and yuv
Suh: who that yuvraj???
Bhavna: ya so what ???
Suh: if that idiot come means
Bhavna: hey he is nice let him also come
Suh: ok as u wish

Next day

Bhavna , Suhani and suhani’s parents r waiting for them .
Sharad comes and Pankaj welcomes them
They give space to bhavna and Sharad to talk

Bah: Sharad ji I need to talk something imp to u
Sh: what ???
Bhavna: see u should allow me do work after marriage it’ is important for me
Sha: no can’t allow
Bhavna git shocked she was about to cry Sharad laughed and said
I won’t let u work I will make u go for the job bhavna ji u r going to be my wife and I respect u alot so I will surely let u work otherwise I won’t get u right???
Bhavna smiled and gave him a side hug

Next scene
Yuv: hey jkr how r u???
Suh: iam fine Mr halki dhardi bikre Baal
Yuv: hey don’t call me that word I just hate if
Suh: oh seriously then what do u think I love to be called as jkr ????
Yuv: I call u jkr becoz u r jkr
Suh : if iam jkr then u r sadu Kumar
Suhani’s: would u like to have samosa
Yuv: nope I just hate it
Suh: what can anyone in this world hate samosa ???
Yuv: yes I can
Suh: isliye to tum sadu ho
Yuv: I don’t like unhygienic fud
Suh: oh seriously
She tuk tomato sos and poured on him
Yuv: yuck how dare u ??? I won’t leave u
Suhani started to run he ran behind her they got slipped and fell down
Eyelock Sanam re …..????
Yuvraj moved suhani’s hair aside he came more closer Suhani closed her eyes he rubbed him face with sos on her face
Yuv: this is called tit for tat
He made her stand straight and blow near her ear and hair
She smiled

Bhavna’s and sgarad’s marriage is fixed akd it’s there Sangeet

Alll r coming in function yuvraj and sharad is searching for someone
Yuv: fr whom u r searching???
Sh: for my angel
Yuv: oh ok
Sha: for whom do u search ???
Yuv: me for no one
Sh: oh really
Yuv: ya
Sh: I thought u r searching for Suhani , and she won’t come today
Yuv: what !!!! Y can’t she come ???
Sh: yuv y u r so desperate???
Yuv: y can’t she come ???
Sha: becoz she is not well, yuvraj actually u are not interested to come for coming for Sangeet
Then y did u come now??
Yuv: becoz of jkr
Sha: jkr who is that ??
Yuv: no no nothing actually I need to go from here have some works ok???
Sha: but…
Yuv: pls yaar
Sh: ok bro bye

Yuv was about to leave on that time he saw Suhani she was wearing a red laacha he could see her waist with kamar band
He got mesmerized seeing her Sanam re plays

Suh: hai sadu ji he gain his sense
Yuv: hai
Suh how iam i looking??
Yuv: u r dress is beautiful but u???
Suh: I know iam pretty
Yuv: but no as Diya( Diya is one girl who came to attend the party)
Di: hai yuv ahe came and hugged him
Suhani was super jealous yuvraj understood that and he said ; Diya today u luk so pretty like anything , today I will dance with u
Diya: buy u were about to dance with Suhani
Yuv: no need I will Dance with u Suhani will dance with Ramesh( servant)
Suh : ji even iam happy to dance with Ramesh bayya atleast he is not sadu like u
Suhani went from there
Yuv smiled seeing her

They called bhavna and Sharad to dance they danced on Teri Meri ….

Sharad kissed in bhavna’s ears
She got shy

Next they called yuvraj Diya and Suhani Ramesh
While dancing yuvraj was continuously starting at Suhani
At last while dancing yuvraj pulled Suhani towards him Janam Janam plays
While dancing they got more close he lofted her her and he touched her waist he closed her eyes ??????????at last he moved her hair and said I love ……

That’s it about today’s episode hope u liked it and ur all comments were so inspiring….
Love u?????????????

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    Woooooooooooooooow. I loved the love between them so cute, you bring the old ssel with your ff and we have been missing that so much. Eager for your next update xx

  2. Shilpa-Saraj




    I HV NO WORDS…..



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  4. Nithu

    Ua ff reminds me my old ssel…how lovely it used to be…n ua ff…is lovely super…and a big teddy bear size hug and a kissy for making me to remember old ssel … those seasons soo much..n u no what
    Despite ssel is on.a worst track…its trp is in 9th position frm last two weekz….nd if yuvi.enters the show then imagine …trp wil increase more …

  5. Suhaniyuvrajbirla

    so supeeb yaar… i cant express my feelinh…ummmmahhh to u sis!

  6. Lovely …??

  7. yes khushi ur bringing the old ssel with your ff its is very nice feeling by reminding all yuvani moment….ant ur ff it very lovely epi i like cute converstion of yuvani which is filled with lots of love …..plz plz update nxt epi very egarly waiting !!!

  8. Awesome….waiting for next update

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