From heart – episode 2

Hi guys thanks for ur support and I love u guys a lot???????? and I got a comment that u dont like Suhani calling bhavna by her name actually in my ff she is suhani’s friend in same age hope u understood what I mean
Here the episode starts…

Bhavna: Suhani what happened to u
Suh: what to say yaar one idiot poured water on me
Bhavna : did he marry u???
Suh: what the hell
Bhavna: hey paagal wait she click suhani’s photo and showed her
She got shocked to see sindoor or red colour on her maang
Bhavna: lagta he ki use tum boot pasand aagaya
Suh: shut up idiot but their was a slight smile in her face

Next scene
Sh: yuvrajjjj what happened
Yuv: one fatty dumb poured water on me she is totally crazy
Sh: hey then what did u do???
Yuv: nothing I shouted at her
Sh: just that guru if someone did wrong with u means u used to attack that person but this time…..
Yuv: this time what she is totally crazy duffer

Next scene
Suh: come let’s go to ur home and I need to change and we should meet that man also
Bhavna got sad and said : ok come
Bhavna pov
Y iam feeling so sad iam totally disappointed
Today iam going to meet my soul mate mamma told that the one who is going to meet is good so I have to talk to him but y iam thinking abouts that person whom I met today I don’t know his name , place , or anything but still….

Yuv: Sharad v r going to meet ur girl today uncle told me that she is pretty
Sharad was thinking about bhavna
Yuv: Sharad r u hearing me
Sha: ya ya

Sha pov
I can’t understand why aim thinking about that girl she was just a girl but she is disturbing me too much

Bhavna and Suhani reached in bhavna’s house
Suh: bhavna u got and get ready I need to change my dress if I go home with this dress surely mamma will shout at me
Bhavna: ok come with me u go and change in guest room I will give u my dress
Suh : otherwise wait first I will make u ready after that I will change ok?
Bhavna: ok in a sad tone

Sharad and yuvrajjjj arrived in bhavna home
Yuv: I will sit here u got and meet her my dress is not gud
Sharad: ok
Without interest he went inside bhavna’s mother and father welcome him he was thinking about bhavna he sat on the sofa

Suhani: now luk really pretty yaar , iam sure he will like u
Bhavna was totally disturbed

She entered in hall

Sgarad’s pov
No I don’t want to see this girl iam totally disturbed
He got up and he didn’t see her face he came out
Yuv: hey yaar what happened ???
ShA: yuv I don’t want meet that girl let us go from here
Yuv: but Sharad what happened
Sha: I told u know pls come with me
Bhavna came out of her home with her parents Sharad felt something strange hua he aaj pehle Baar plays…
He turned and saw bhavna he got mesmerized seeing her
Yuv: ok Sharad as u wish lets go from here
Sha: what shut up y should we go??
Yuv: tum paagal ho kya???
Sha: yes I mean no see
Yuv: what yaar u told me u don’t love her and now u r saying this
Sharad: I love her
Everyone got shocked
Bhavna’s parents : what
Sha: I mean iam ready to love her
Bhavna smiled
Yuv: achcha mere dost now iam out
Sharad: hi this is my bestie yuvrajj birla
Yuv: hwy idiot first say ur name
Sharad: oh iam sry iam Sharad Mishra
Bhavna: iam bhavna agnihotri
They shacked their hands and eye lock
Hua he plays….
Yuv coughsyuv: I will go now

Bhavna’s parent : beta what happened to ur dress
Bhavna papa: beta change ur dress I will give u my dress don’t worry u can go and change from guest room
Yuv: ok

Suhani in guest room
She is in wash room
Yuvraj entered in room he removed his short and went inside washroom
Suhani untied her dori they both didn’t see each other

Yuv onened the shower Suhani turned and got surprised to see him
Both together: tum
Suhani was about to fall both of them were standing under the shower
Eyelock Sanam re …????
Suhani’s hands were on yuvarj’s shirt less chest and yuvarj’s hand was on suhani’s untied dori

Both of them got conscious they moved away

Yuv: can’t u leave me alone at least in washroom
Suh: hey uuuuuu u r in my friends home and u r shouting at me
Yuv: what bhavna I’d ur friend
Suh: Ohooo so ur the one who is going to marry my bhavna I won’t let it happen
Yuv: no my Friend is going to marry her
Suh: thank God
Yuv: y u want me???
Suh: idiot don’t think too much I just thanked God that my bhavna didnt get a heartless man like u
Yuv: just shut up varna
Suh: varna kyaaa
Yuv came closer to her she got nervous and loved back he came near her and moved her hair behind her ear and went near her ear he said : wet kurti me tum hot lag rahi Hoon
Suhani git shocked and she tried to cover her self
Yuv: hey leave it I said simply I will go out u just change ok??
Suh: mmm ok

He turned and smiled
Yuvarj’s pov

Paagal he put bhi very interesting

Suhani’s pov
Sadu hai phir bhi childish

Suhani changed her dress from wash room
Suh: hey bhagvan this dress is so tight for me for me what I will do she tried to put the zip and it was tight but she didn’t notice it

She went out of the washroom one hand graves her and took her to the room
It was yuvraj
He xame closer to her she tried to slap home
He hold her hand and holds her close he said : pehle apni zip band kardo phir ban jao jansi rani
Suhani got shocked
She tried to close her zip but she couldn’t she aid : sadu ji can u help me
Yuv: oh my god I cnat believe ms jansi ki Rani need my help
Suh: pls help know iam sry
Yuv: hmmm ok
Suh: but u have to close ur eyes
Yuv: ok babaaa
He moved her hair aside he couldn’t find zip
Yuv: hareee this dress doesn’t have zip
Suh: wait for me ur hands
She took his hand and made him touch the zip she touched her skin she felt like a electric shock she closed her eyes …..

That’s about today’s episode hope u liked it pls add u r comment and yesterday I saw a comment that will it be the last episode or what actually I stopped my last ff because of lack of support from u guys so iam sry if I hurt u iam soo sry

Don’t forget to add comment and suggestions

Love u ????

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  1. Shilpa-Saraj


  2. Awww…its so amazing!!!…i loved it …plz plz continue…update asap???

  3. Suhaniyuvrajbirla

    thank u fr notice my cmnd.. its really superb.. pls continue.. now a days ssel ff not posted..i dont knw y..may b. bcz of leap or yuvani ki charaming get loss…. pls i am regular reader of ff… dont stp ..

  4. There is no need for lot of lovers but just need one lover who is mad in ur ff.thats my view.I am saying am one of them of u.u r excelent.u rwriting in the same way i thought.

  5. Aqsxxh

    I loved it! Kushi! Its amazing! Now I love the feature where you can like, but I also dont like that you can’t like a million times! This episode was PERFECTTTT! Amazing for the YuvAni fans’ souls

  6. it is amzing ….. words r not enough to describe this epi i love it………..

  7. Nithu

    Amazing khushi…you no what im badly missing saware nd yeh pyaar hein yeh ishq hein bgm very badly….

  8. Very nice…

  9. wooooooow ….its just amazing kushi….today’s episode was sooo hot …. tthank u so much fr this episode and continue ur ff..

  10. It’s amazing…..update o daily basis…..missing yuvani….so ur ff is making it up


    Soooooooo AMAZING… hot and cute xx i love love loved it! X

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