From heart – episode 10


Hi guys iam back with my ff after a long time and I want to say something to u guys iam not gonna end this ff aa I got some new topics to continue …..
Scene 1
Suhani’s pov
What will I do , I can’t leave him but I can’t even leave him too
She opened his cupboard
And saw a diary she took and read

Didn’t believe in relation between husband and wife , I really felt that I won’t be able to forget my past but she entered and everything got chandged
Is she a angel ??? Who have the power to change my life when ever I looked in her eyes I can’t understand anything other than a spontaneous feeling in my heart is that called love ??? And her name is ….
Suhani turned the page
And saw the name SUHANI and it was written with blood
And I complete diary he wrote I love u Suhani
Her eyes are filled with tears and she hugged hthat diary with heart

Yuvraj is talking to Sharad
Yuv: Sharad , what does a girl like the most ???
Sha ; a loving heart and they didn’t like restrictions
Yuv: means ??
Sha : u have to give complete independence to them
Yuv pov
What Sharad told is true if u dont give them freedom how can they love u ?? So that’s mesns I was wrong I know that Suhani didn’t love me but still I married her what I did is really wrong I should leave her alone , ahe have so many dreams Iam not the one who can stop her

Yuvraj came to hime ans went to his room
He suhani was not facing him
Yuv: Suhani I need to say something to u ?? I understood what I did was wrong I cant force u to love me , u have to live ur life with full of happiness iam not the one who can stop u from achieving ur dream iam so sorry Suhani as u wish I will say ur parents about everything and u can go back to ur home this time I won’t stop
Suhani didn’t reaction or turned
Yuv: Suhani pls say something ???pls forgibe me all I did this just because i love u
Suh: I love u too
Yuv couldn’t believe his ears
Yuv: Matlab
Suh: I heard that u studied in London but u dont understand the meaning of I love u
Suhani ran and hugged him tightly
Suh: now I can hear u heart beats and it is beating just for me , I want to live with u
Yuv: but..

Suh: but what ???
Yuv: I can’t live without u
Suhani: idiot
Yuv: oh really ?? Idiot means
Suh: I do ishq only tumse
They both smiled and hugged
Yuv: I won’t let u achieve ur dreams
Suh: means…
Yuv: ur dreams r niw my dreams so y should I allow u to work alone iam with u
Yuv ( naughty) so what’s next
Suh : oh next we need ti have food I feel hunger
She was bout to go but yuv holded her hands and said : even iam hungry for so many days I

Ahe was totally nervous
Suh: yuv yuvraj kept fingers on her lips
Yuv: shshshshs pls ab tum Kuch mat bolna aaj meh bolonge
Yuv gave a cute kiss on her eyes
She was about to go but he holded her hand sandifted her

He placed Suhani in the bed
Yuv: aaj ka din shir Suhani and yuvarj ka hai
She covered her face with hands heoved her hands and kissed on her forehead and he was about kiss on her lips but …….

Precap : some more twist and turns in from heart

So hope u guys liked it and pls dont forget to add comments and suggestions

With love ur khushi

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    Its interesting !!!

  3. khushi luv u dear.episode was very very nice.keep rocking like this.

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  6. Aqsxxh

    really cute x

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