My heart is with you epi.21 by Sukor

Precap: Imli being rude with Chakor and imli’s drunk.
“What do you mean” Chakor says.
“You stole my love!!!! I hate you” Imli yells.
“What are you saying” Chakor says letting go of Imli’s hand.
“Don’t act innocent!!! You knew I still loved Suraj. You knew” Imli cried.
Chakor takes a step back in shock and then thinks. She comes forward and gives Imli a tight slap.
“So Vivaan was telling the truth” Chakor says shaking Imli.
“I don’t care about Vivaan, I love Suraj and you have to get back” Imli spits out and earns another slap from Chakor.
“Imli, I am not giving up My love this time. You’re the one who will have to back up” Chakor says pointing at Imli.
“No. you will. You betrayer. I thought you were my sister but you’re my enemy”
“You want one more slap, huh” Chakor says.
“He is mine!!!! Do you get that?” Chakor yells at Imli.
“He was mine from the beginning, I am sure you haven’t even done anything with him and I on the other hand was pregnant with his child”
“Imli!!! You shameless woman!!!” Chakor slaps Imli again.
“If you slap me one more time, you are going to regret badly” Imli says in anger.
“Really” Chakor says giving Imli another tight slap.
“Chakor” Imli says giving Chakor a push and she is knocked to the floor.

Chakor mistakenly puts her hand on the broken glass and gets a cut on her hand and yells in pain.
“Why are you always behind my love??? When I loved Vivaan you took him away from him and now when I love Suraj you want to take him from me.”Chakor says getting up.
“You’re always behind my love!!!” imli says accusing Chakor.
“Oh yah??? Why don’t we ask Suraj who he likes?” Chakor says.
“Good idea. Who will like you, Fatty” Imli says in confidence.
“Rude!!! And who will look at you? Filthy lizard” Chakor says heading to her and Suraj’s room.
“shut up” Imli says following her.
Chakor opens the door and finds Suraj sitting working on his laptop. Suraj looks up and see Chakor’s injured hand.
“Chakor, how did you get hurt” Suraj says taking her hand in his and examining it.
Chakor looks at Imli who is jealous.
“Suraj, who do you like? Imli or me”Chakor says.
“What?” Suraj says looking at Chakor confused.
Imli puts her hand on Suraj’s shoulder.
“Suraj, you love me right. You still love me hah” She says hugging him.
Suraj just stands there hell confused while Imli takes his hands and puts it around her waist under her sari. Chakor’s eyes swell up looking at this. Suraj takes imli of him.
“Imli, I do like you” he says.
Tears start coming out of Chakor’s eyes while Imli smiles.

I am leaving it here and omg what will Suraj say? Does he like Imli? Comment your Guesses and keep loving me.

Precap: Not telling!!!!

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  1. Sukorian

    oh nice i hope he says like a Friend or sister in law. Great n u r Writing 2 ff at the same time ? both very interesting

    1. Sukor

      Good guess and thanks. also I three ffs.

  2. Sukorlover

    Awesome. Imli is such a b*t*h. Loved chakor’s reply. You left on cliffhanger. I think suraj will say that he like imli as his friend . Suraj loves only chakor. Update next part soon

    1. Sukor

      Good guess and yes imli is very stupid. sorry for leaving it there.

  3. Nice update.. Finally Imlis truth is revealed to chakor..And I know that suraj will say that she likes Imli as a friend And a sister And he always love chakor only

    1. Sukor

      thanks and good guess

  4. Nice update, imli deserves what she got. I’m sure suraj will say he likes her as a friend and he only loves chakor. Looking forward to the next update.

    1. Sukor

      Thanks and your right about imli. she is very negative

  5. dear such a wonderful update i couldn’t control my self commenting imili is a really witch…two sisters fighting scene was sad…I m 100% sure suraj love chokor only

    1. Sukor

      Thanks dear, this twist was my frustration on imli in udaan so yah but imli and chakor fighting was sad. I agree with you on that

  6. I tjink suraj will say i like u as a friend imli and imlixwas so rude to chakor how dare she xall chakor fatshe isnt even fat and imli is a liazard gping after anyones man

    1. Sukor

      I know right!!! I totally agree with you and good guess

  7. ShanayaKhan

    Nice update loved Chakor’s new side and hope so Suraj’s says that he likes her but just as a friend or a SIL. Update soon.

    1. Sukor

      Good guess and thanks.

  8. Awesome. I think suraj will say that he likes imli but loves chakor. Waiting for the next.

    1. Sukor

      Great guess and thank u

  9. Bidisha Karar

    Yeah he likes imli but he loves chakor.
    Like and love both r different feelings.
    Anyway I really liked your ff.
    Plz update soon.

    1. Sukor

      I agree with you. Love and Like are totally different and thanks for reading

  10. Helo preet my heart is with u too.sory i couldn’t cment for ur ffs maine aaj hi pde hai sare.nice nd vo vampire wala bhut drabna n thodha lvly tha kya usme chakor bhi vampire bn jayengi?this is also amazing asusual waiting for next part.nd i think iss ff mai suraj yahi bolenge ‘i do like u imli bt i lov only chakor shes every thing for me’it jst my guss don’t know wt’ll hapen.egrly waiting to know.

    1. Sukor

      oh my god. Finally you comment. Do you even know how much I missed you??? Anyway it’s ok and I’m not telling you about sukor twilight. Just wait you’ll get the update soon. and good guess. My heart is with you too, aanya

  11. Sukor

    Ok so you guess probably know that your guesses are right.

  12. Hi preet i know u all missed me n i missed u to dear bt mai kya krti i’as in hospital thts y i couldn’t cment bt i told u na jb bhi pdungi aapka koi ff mis nhi krungi or ek bar cment jrur krungi .soooooo sory sb ffs k liye cment nhi kr pai bt sre pde. Lov u dear n ur ffs too.

    1. Sukor

      It’s ok aanya. I love you too

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