my heart is with you epi.19 by sukor

Chakor woke up slowly and looked at the decorations around her room from last night that were ignored because of imli and vivaan. She looked at suraj sleeping peacefully and got up at took a shower. She came back out to see all of the decorations and stuff gone and Suraj getting his clothes out.

“Good morning” Suraj said while giving Chakor a kiss on the cheek.
“Morning” Chakor was a bit surprised to see Suraj normal after his wish uncompleted yesterday but who cares he’s happy, she thought.
“Oh, be ready in the evening, we’re going out tonight” he said closing the door at Chakor’s face.
*Rude*Chakor thought.
“Ok, I’ll be ready” she shouted and headed downstairs.
The whole day passed with Suraj only coming downstairs to eat. Chakor was a bit curious about what he was doing up there but whenever she tried to go and check something would stop her.
It was finally the evening and Chakor ran upstairs to her room. She saw Suraj already in a blue see-through shirt with black pant looking handsome.
“Wow, suraj you look amazing” Chakor complimented him.
“Thanks and your dress is in the bathroom, quickly get ready” Suraj said.
“You chose my dress??” Chakor a bit shocked.
“Yah, can’t I, now go quick”

“Ok” she said waiting to see the dress.
She entered the bathroom and saw a turquoise dress with lace on the neck and the rest simple. Beautiful black evening sandals were sitting in the corner. She quickly dressed herself and put on a blur sapphire necklace with matching earrings and she looked breathtaking with her light makeup and outfit. She came out of the bathroom and saw Suraj whose face was open in awe. She blushed and Suraj kept admiring her.
“Shall we go” Chakor said getting Suraj back in his senses.
“Yah, by the way you look hot” he said and chakor blushed again.* god, she’s going to kill me* Suraj thought.
They left in Suraj’s car. Suraj couldn’t stop touching Chakor. His hands would trail down her arms and her bare legs. Chakor was shivering by his effects on her. They finally came to their destination. It was a hotel.
“Suraj, why are we here” Chakor asked.
“To do, what was incomplete last night” and that made chakor blush again.
*God, why didn’t I think of that*
Suraj got the key to their room and they entered. The room was again decorated like last night. Suraj closed the door and picked me up.
“Suraj what are you doing” She asked in surprise.
“Why are you so surprised?” Suraj asked while taking her up the stairs to the private pool. It was filled with petals, blue, red and pink.
Chakor was in awe and Suraj put her down.
“Now first we will take an evening swim and then we will go to our room, so you can change” Suraj explained. Chakor was still looking around. Suraj shook her shoulder.
“Or do you want me to do it” he said.

“Do what” Chakor asked. Suraj slapped his head.
“God, I said do you want me to change your clothes or do you want to change them yourself” He said in frustration.
“I’ll change” she said and ran to the bathroom. She came back out wearing a pink swimsuit and Suraj was already in his shorts.
“God, chakor why are you so hot” He said.
“And why are you so muscular” Chakor said admiring his chest.
They laughed and had a sensual swim and then changed and went to their room.
“Chakor, I have a surprise for you” He said carrying the same surprise like last night.
“Yesterday, you couldn’t see this” he said and unwrapped it. It was photo collage. There must at least hundred pictures in that frame. Chakor admired it for a minute and then hugged Suraj.
“Thank you so much” She said while giving him a kiss on his cheek.
“That’s all??” and then Suraj gave her passionate kiss and stuff happened.

That’s all guys. I updated one more episode and I hope you guys liked it. Plz comment, love you guys!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Precap: Imli’s boyfriend revealed.

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  1. Wow very romantic episode cant wait till the next 1

    1. Sukor

      Thanks dear
      Glad you liked it..

  2. This is awsm nd next’ll be surprising.thnku so much next soon nd break the suspence please.lov u nd ur ffs.realy amazing.

    1. Sukor

      Thank you dear and you will need to wait for a few days to know imli boyfriend. Sorry and thanks again.

  3. Sukorlover

    Awesome. loved sukor romance.Waiting for next

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      Thank you dear. Glad you liked it????

  4. I can wait for preet wt about sukor twilight.please if u can post twilight ff please.

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      I am so sorry aanya. Yesterday at night I got a high fever so I may not be able to post it but I will try my best.???

  5. I love it ????

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  6. Wow what a romantic episode! Loved it! Eagerly waiting for the next update.

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  7. Annabeth

    Loved their romance waiting for d next one dear

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  8. Sukorian

    stuff happened ?

    1. Sukor

      Exactly I had no idea how to explain it so stuff happened

  9. Awesome episode. And sorry for replying late. Waiting for the next.

    1. Sukor

      Thanks dear

  10. Amazing epi . Sry fr late reply. It was cute n romantic. Waiting fr nxt part?

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