The Heart Is Crazy(Dil To Pagal Hai) ShivIka SS Part2

The Heart Is Crazy(Dil To Pagal Hai) Part2

Preeta went towards Shivay and pulled his collar towards her.
Shivay:What nonsense are you doing?Are you strangling me?
Preeta:No.I am dragging you to the shopping mall.Only then you will come with me.
Shivay:That’s because you take too much of time to select a dress.I can’t waste so much of time in the shopping complex.

Preeta:Ok..then this time you choose a dress for me.So that you can save time.
Shivay:Cool.I hope you will keep your word.

Preeta:Yes.I promise.
Shivay:Good.What do you want to buy?
Preeta:I want to buy a new dress for the Valentine’s party.


Shivay and Preeta went to the shopping mall.
Preeta was looking at the dresses.
P:I am so confused.
Shivay:As usual.But I will solve your confusion now.I will choose a dress for you.You promised me that today you will let me choose the dress.
P:Ok.You choose.
Shivay looked at the dresses and picked up a dress.
Shivay:This one is the best.This will look good on you.
P:Are you sure?
Shivay:I am sure.You don’t be confused.
P:Ok ok.I will wear this and see if it fits me.
Preeta went to the changing room.
Shivay:I hope now the dress does’nt seem to be tight and she won’t spend hours in choosing the dress which fits her.
Anika entered the dress section.She was holding the dress and walking to the trial room.
She slipped and was about to fall down.Seeing this Shivay ran towards her and caught her.She held onto his shirt for balance.
Their eyes locked onto each others.

Kitne Hi Door Door Hon Hum Donon Ke Raaste
Mil Jaate Hain Jo Bane Ek Duje Ke Vaaste
Ek Duje Ke Vaaste
Jaise Dil Hai Dhadkan Hai Ek Duje Ke Vaaste
Jaise Aankh Hai Darpan Hai Ek Duje Ke Vaaste
Jaise Barkha Saawan Hai Ek Duje Ke Vaaste
Ek Sajni Ek Saajan Hai Ek Duje Ke Vaaste
Ek Duje Ke Vaaste
Ek Duje Ke Vaaste

He released her.
Anika:Thank you for saving me.If you had’nt caught me I would have fallen down.
Shivay:It’s ok.
Suddenly Shivay’s eyes fell on her dress.
Shivay:Are you going to buy this dress?Sorry to say that it does’nt suit you.

Anika became dull:But how are you so sure about it?How do you know about girls’ dresses?
Shivay:Because my best friend is a girl.I have been with her since childhood.I think you should choose another dress.

Suddenly Shivay’s eyes fell on a dress near by.
He picked up that dress.
Shivay:This dress will look good on you.Try this if you can.
Shivay handed over the dress to Anika.
Shivay:Bye.My best friend must have come back from the trial room.
He walked away.
Anika:Why should I try the dress suggested by a stranger?
She was about to keep the dress back.Suddenly she noticed the dress.
Anika:The dress looks beautiful.I will try this.
Anika went to the trial room.
Shivay reached Preeta who was searching for Shivay.
Preeta:Where were you Shivay?I was searching for you.
Shivay:Leave tell me whether the dress is tight or loose for you.
Preeta:It fits me well.It’s correct size.
Shivay:Good.Now you won’t get a chance to spend more time on dress selection.
Preeta smiled:Stop teasing me Shivay.By the way your selection is amazing.

Shivay:I know.Because I am the best.
Preeta:Now no need of so much of attitude.Ok?
Shivay:Ok.Let’s go.
Shivay and Preeta went to pay the bill and after that they left the mall.
Anika came out of the trial room with a smile.
Anika:What if he is a stranger.He chose the best dress for me.If he is here I have to thank him.

Anika searched for Shivay.
Anika:Guess he left.Oh!

Valentine’s day….

Gauri:Today is Valentine’s day.The day of love and lovers.
Anika:This may be a special day for you as you are in love.
Gauri:Yes Anika.This day is special for me and Omkara.We are going to celebrate it.
Anika:That’s so romantic.

Gauri:Omkara has invited me for the Valentine’s party.
Gauri:You also come with me.
Anika:But how can I come?
Gauri:Why can’t you come with me?By the way it’s been said that we meet our life partner on the Valentine’s day.Omkara and I met on a Valentine’s day.I was impressed with his dance on the show and I congratulated him and exchanged our numbers.Then we kept in touch and our love blossomed.
Anika smiled.
Gauri:You never may meet your soulmate at the party as it’s Valentine’s day.

Anika blushed.

Gauri:Wear a beautiful dress.
Anika smiled.

Anika looked at her wardrobe.She remembered Shivay picking up a dress and telling her that it will look good on her.She smiled and took that dress to wear.

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    Awesome episode…
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    Updt soon

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  6. awesome episode . preeta-shivay scene at starting was cute . shivika meeting was nice . shivay is really good at choosing dresses , ? thats nice . waiting for next episode . if u can , could u pls send the link whenever u post the next episode of this ff too ?

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