Heart Connection (Undefined Love) Maha aur Akhri Episode… Episode 12


Episode 12:
Mahaepisode… Kaise love story banegi?

The episode starts with Janvi and Laksh composing themselves.

“Excuse me.” Janvi says and leaves.

Laksh also leaves, DP was standing and he sees this.

“Why did they come so early?” DP says.

“Where are the rest?” DP adds and starts thinking.

Scene shifts to the village, Sanskaar sits down and Swara gives him water. Sanskaar looks at her and takes it, she turns to leave but Sanskaar holds her hand and Swara stops.

“Swara, thank you.” Sanskaar says.

“Thank you?” Swara asks and turns to him.

“For coming back for me.” Sanskaar tells.

Swara then looks down and says “I think I made a mistake by coming back, I wasn’t meant to, I just turned up and broke you’re marriage with Anjlai and now…” Swara says and stops.

She gets tears in her eyes, Sanskaar stands up and pulls Swara in to a hug. Swara then hugs him back.

Ragini is shown sitting outside the room Aansh is in. A woman comes there.

“Beta, give this to that chora.” The woman says and forwards the glass.

“Me? Nahi, I’m not going…” Ragini says and backs out.

“I asked nearly all the girls in the village but no ones ready to go, some are shy while others are scared… He scared all of them.” The woman says and sits besides Ragini.

“Obviously he would… He’s a Kadoos who gets angry easily and tortures innocent girl… His face also reminds me of a bull, always ready to attack, Saand kahika!” Ragini says and makes an annoyed face.

“But why does he have a problem with girls?” The woman asks.

“I don’t know, ask him and Aunty, why don’t you go?” Ragini asks and looks at the woman.

“Um…uh…” The woman tries looking for reasons.

“Same reason Na?” Ragini asks.

The woman then gives up and nods yes.

“Whenever I go to give food and check on him, he’s always like don’t come near me, let me go, how’s Sanskaar, he’s gets annoyed a lot and easily. You’re right, he’s a Sadu!” The woman says and makes a face.

“He doesn’t know how to talk to girl, always ready to argue!” Ragini complains.

“Haa! But beta, he needs to have this and if I go again then he would say ‘you came again? Leave me alone, where’s Sanskaar Shantanu and Lucky! No! What are you doing? Hey, what is that? Are you sure it’s hygienic? Ewe, why does that smell? What if something happens to me?! It doesn’t look good!’ Oh God! No one does complaining the way he does!” The woman says and makes fun of him.

Ragini then chuckles and takes the glass.

“Now only God will protect me.” Ragini says and stands up.

The woman puts her thumb up to indicate good luck, Ragini then walks inside very nervously.

Scene shifts to a high way, Anjali and Shantanu are shown.

“Now this goon will go to the police station and we will be back home.” Shantanu happily says and looks back through the mirror.

The same person that shot Aansh is shown and he is lying unconscious.

“Is he okay? I mean he hasn’t woke up ever since you hit him.” Anjali says.

“Well, I made him unconscious again with chloroform.” Shantanu says.

Anjali nods okay and they reach the police station. The police men come and take the man.

“I told the police in advance…” Shantanu says.

“Thank you for bringing him here and don’t worry Sir, we will get all the information out from him.” The inspector says.

Shantanu nods okay and drives off.

Ragini enters the room and sees Aansh sleeping.

“Thank god he’s a sleep.” Ragini says.

Ragini then walks forward and places the cup on the table and turns.

“What the hell?!” She hears Aansh say.

Ragini turns around and sees Aansh awake and he’s glaring at her.

“Vo…hum…” Ragini says and gets interrupted.

“You can leave.” Aansh says.

“He’s so rude.” Ragini thinks.

Ragini turns around but feels someone grab her hand. She turns around and sees Aansh losing her hand.

“Take what you brought in away too because I’m not going to drink it.” Aansh says and leaves her hand.

“But you have to.” Ragini says.

“I don’t want to.” Aansh says.

“You have to.” Ragini says and picks the glass up.

“It will make you feel better.” Ragini adds.

“But I don’t believe in all this, God knows what they put in it, I hope you haven’t added poison.” Aansh say.

“I wasn’t lucky enough to.” Ragini says.

Then both glare at each other.

“I can’t trust you girls, you say something and do something else!” Aansh angrily says.

“We actually do what we say!” Ragini says.

“Really? You girls love someone else and marry someone else?!” Aansh angrily says.

“If you’re on about Swara, then se loved Sanskaar and she came back for him!” Ragini says.

“Girls are two faced! The best advice is to stay away from them but I don’t get why some men marry them!” Aansh angrily says.

“How can you even think like that? Your mother is also a women!” Ragini says.

“My mother? She’s pure and selfless! If you’re talking about my Maa, she is two faced!” Aansh says.

Ragini is confused.

“What?” Ragini asks.

“Meaning that Annapurna Maheshwari isn’t my real mother.” Aansh says and looks away.

Ragini is surprised, Sanskaar hears this and walks in, Aansh looks at him and looks on.

Laksh reaches Janvi’s room and sees her sleeping. He looks on.

“I’m here in trouble and she’s enjoying her sleep?!” Laksh says to himself.

Just then he sees her Mangalsutra out and gets shocked. He goes near her.

“If someone sees this then along with her, I’ll be in trouble.” Laksh says.

Laksh thinks what to do.

“Janvi!” Laksh whispers.

Janvi doesn’t listen.

“Kishmish?” Laksh says.

Janvi still doesn’t respond.

“Is she breathing or not?” Laksh asks himself.

He then decides to take the Mangalsutra off and leans forward. Janvi feels something and opens her eye.

“What the hell?” Janvi says and moves.

Laksh stands straight and Janvi glares at him.

“No… I was just trying to cover that.” Laksh says and poings at the Mangalsutra.

Janvi misunderstands and cover herself with the blanket.

“The Mangalsutra.” Laksh says.

Janvi then sees the Mangalsutra out and hides it again.

“Anyways, here are the divorce papers and the court said to stay together for 6 month.” Laksh says and hands the papers to Janvi.

Janvi takes it and starts reading.

“Oh god, I have to stay with you for 6 months?!” Janvi complains.

Shantanu enters with Anjali,

“I’ll leave.” Anjali says.

“No, you’re staying and doing the arrangements.” Sujata comes out and says.

“So, how was the Shadi?” Sujata asks.

Shantanu goes up and Anjali walks up to Sujata.

“It was good.” Anjali says and looks down.

“If I tell them about Aansh then they will get worried.” Anjali thinks.

“Arey Anjali beta… You must be tired, let me get you a drink.” AP says.

“No Aunty…” Anjali says.

AP smiles and walks towards the kitchen.


“What do you mean?” Sanskaar says and walks towards him.

Swara also comes in, Aansh looks down.

“Vo, I heard Maa and Papa talking.” Aansh says.

“They said she’s not our real mother, after misunderstandings they got together but our real mother is Sanskriti, Maa’s sister. She left us after Laksh was born and then Papa married his first love but never loved her again because she broke his heart, he used to torture her and they never slept in the same room. Maa always found comfort with Laksh and yeah, she’s not our real mother.” Aansh says and looks up.

Sanskaar is shocked.

“But we are leaving tonight right?” Aansh asks.

Sanskaar nods yes and leaves, Swara follows him.

Sanskaar is shown thinking about what Aansh said.

“I never knew that she isn’t my birth mother, she loved me more than my birth mother, she always took care of me, Aansh and Laksh.” Sanskaar says and tears develop in his eyes.

Swara keeps her hand on his shoulder.

“She’s an amazing woman.” Sanskaar says and turns to Swara.

Swara nods yes and Sanskaar smiles at her.

“Shall we start making arrangements to leave?” Swara asks.

Sanskaar nods yes, Swara was about to leave when Sanskaar pecks her cheeks and walks away while smiling. Swara is stunned and stands there. She widens her eyes and touches her cheeks. After a while, a smile appears on her face.

Ragini was about to leave when she slips and loses her balance, she then falls on Aansh which makes Aansh scream.

“Are you blind?! I’m hurt and you… Aah!” Aansh says and feels the pain of his wounds.

Ragini gets up and composes herself.

“Sorry.” Ragini worriedly says.

“Will it be okay with your sorry?!” Aansh rudely asks.

“I said Na sorry!” Ragini says.

Aansh tries standing but feels pain.

“What are you doing? You need to rest.” Ragini says.

Aansh finally stands up and faces Ragini.

“What did you think? I’m bedridden and you can do anything?!” Aansh says angrily.

“Oh god! You take the wrong and wired meaning out of everything!” Ragini says.

“Don’t think you’re too smart!” Aansh says

“Ugh!” Ragini gets annoyed.

“I did everything Na? No no, even blame me for this wound!” Ragini angrily says and leaves.

Aansh then smirks.

“Isko Tapane ka maza hi Kuch aur hai.” Aansh says and tries walking while holding his wound.

Janvi is shown helping Anjali decorate the house, Laksh walks past and deliberately kicks the basket. Janvi turns around and sees the flowers on the floor.

“What did you do?” Janvi says while bending and picking the flowers up.

“What did I do?” Laksh acts confused.

“You kicked the basket.” Anjali says

“No I never.” Laksh acts to be innocent.

“I saw you.” Anjali says.

“Anjali, you drank that juice.” Laksh says.

“I didn’t.” Anjali says.

“Yes you did, I saw you.” Laksh says.

“No I didn’t and how do you know if I did? You weren’t here.” Anjali justifies.

“Exactly, then how did you see me kick the basket when you had your back faced towards here?” Laksh asks.

“Um… But I know it was you.” Anjali says.

Janvi stands up and places the basket on the table again.

“Don’t touch it this time!” Janvi says.

“Fine, blame me.” Laksh fake pouts.

The servant comes and Anjali turns and Laksh smirks, he then sees the Laddos and gets watery mouth.

“Laddo…” Laksh says and was about to touch it when Janvi slaps his hand.

“You’re not allowed.” Janvi says.

“Why? I’m taking one.” Laksh says and forwards his hand but Janvi takes the plate and turns.

“Not fair.” Laksh says.

He then tries getting them But Janvi moves side to side. Laksh then thinks of something and slides his right hand across Janvi’s waist and hugs her from behind. Janvi is shocked. Laksh then uses his left hand to grab the Laddo and he succeeds. He then breaks the hug and eats the Laddo. Anjali and Janvi both turn to him and Anjali is shocked, Janvi glares at him.


Aansh walks out while holding his stomach and at the place where he got hurt. He walks out and eventually reaches the car.

“Where are everyone?” Aansh thinks.

He then sees Ragini approaching and smirks, he then makes his serious face as she came closer.

“Where’s Swara and Sanskaar?” Aansh asks.

“They’re coming.” Ragini says and turns around.

“There’s not enough space in this car.” Aansh says.

Ragini turns around and sees.

“We will fit, it’s a 5 seater and there’s 4 of us.” Ragini says.

“But I don’t want you to sit at the back! You would annoy me and take up three seats!” Aansh says rudely.

Ragini gets offended but glares at him, she then turns around and touches her stomach.

“I am gone fat.” Ragini thinks to herself.

Aansh tries to control his laugh, Swara and Sanskaar come and Sanskaar helps Aansh sit in. Ragini also sits on the other end, Swara sits at the front and Sanskaar sits down after putting their luggages in the boot. After a while Sanskaar drives off.


“Laksh!” Anjali says.

“Anjali!” Laksh copies to tease.

“Laddo?” Shantanu says and runs down, he takes one and starts eating it before Janvi can stop him.

“Shantanu!” Anjali says.

“Haa?” Shantanu asks put continues eating.

“These Laddos are for the Prasad.” Janvi tells.

Laksh finishes eating his and tries to take more but Janvi moves back along with the plate. Shantanu confines eating.

“Yeh Kya Ho raha hai?!” DPs voice is heard.

Shantanu is shocked and stuffs the Laddo in his mouth.

“Laddo ka Dushman!” Shantanu thinks and turns with a fake smile and tries to hide the Laddo.

Shantanu just smiles and keeps quiet. DP is shown standing near the stairs on the bottom and suspiciously looks at Shantanu.

“What happened to you?!” DP asks Shantanu.

Shantanu nods yes and DP looks on.

“He has a problem in his jaw and wouldn’t be able to speak much.” Laksh says and puts his hands on Shantanu’s shoulder.

Shantanu nods yes and touches his jaw in which he hid the Laddo.

“Hmm.” DP says and turns but stops.

Shantanu sighs but smiles again when DP turns.

“How’s the arrangements going?” DP asks Anjali.

“It’s going fine uncle.” Anjali says and smiles.

DP nods and leaves, Shantanu chews and swallows the Laddo quickly and touches his chest along with sighing a breath of relief.

“Done? Now don’t disturb us.” Anjali says.

Shantanu and Laksh then sit down on the sofa.

After a while, the arrangement for the Pooja tomorrow and the engagement of SwaSan is done. Anjali was about to drink water when Shantanu takes it and drinks it. Anjali looks on.

“Thank you, I was so tired.” Shantanu says and gives the glass to Anjali.

Anjali looks on and then glares at him.

“I got you something.” Shantanu says.

“Me?” Anjali asks.

Shantanu nods and takes something out from his pockets, Anjali smiles after seeing chocolate.

“Chocolate?” Anjali says with a smile.

“But since you don’t want it, I’ll eat it.” Shantanu says.

“But you said its for me.” Anjali says.

Shantanu opens the wrapper and Anjali looks on annoyed, he was about to eat it when Anjali grabs his hand and feeds her self.

“Aah, you are my chocolate.” Shantanu pouts.

Anjali smiles while eating and Shantanu pouts.

Aansh, Swara and Sanskaar reach MM, Aansh gets out the car and walks in with difficulty, Ragini decides to help him but thinks no. But since he was struggling, she goes near him.

“Did I ask for your help?!” Aansh says.

Ragini gets upset and annoyed and storms in. Aansh gets confused.

“What happened to her? She stayed quiet throughout the whole journey and here she still didn’t say a word, somethings wrong.” Aansh thinks.

Ragini comes in and heads straight to the room she’s living in. She sits down and starts thinking.

“He’s always rude to me, why does his words effect me?” Ragini thinks and lies down while sadly thinking.

Ragini hugs the pillow.

Swara and Sanskaar also enter, Swara goes to her room and Sanskaar goes to his after helping Aansh to his.

“I think everyone’s asleep.” Sanskaar thinks.

Janvi was walking to her room but meets Laksh on the way.

“Hey.” Laksh says.

Janvi ignores him.

“Why are you ignoring me?” Laksh asks.

Janvi starts walking, Laksh grabs her hand and pulls her towards him. Janvi gets shocked and worries.

“Someone might come Laksh!” Janvi whispers.

“Let them come.” Laksh says.

“No.” Janvi says.

Just then they hear footsteps of someone, Janvi looks there and sees RP heading towards them.

“You’re Chachus coming.” Janvi whispers.

Laksh turns around and sees RP walking while looking down and humming. Janvi and Laksh then hide in Laksh’s room. Laksh locks the door.

“Why did you lock the door?” Janvi asks.

“Shh.” Laksh says.

RP walks past and Laksh turns around.

“You’re so rude Kishmish!” Laksh says.

“I’m not rude.” Janvi says.

“You are.” Laksh says.

Janvi moves Laksh out of the way and opens the door, she then leaves and Laksh looks on.

“Aah, why is she driving me crazy?! Why does it hurt when she’s rude to me?!” Laksh thinks.

Aansh then walks down the corridor in his white vest, he is holding his wound and is walking with a jar. Ragini turns the lights off and fixes her bed to go to sleep. Aansh struggles to walk and makes sounds. Ragini hears and opens her door, she sees Aansh sitting down while moaning in pain.

Ragini goes up to him.

“Are you okay?” Ragini asks.

“Yes…” Aansh lies.

“You d..don’t look o…okay.” Ragini says and moves a little back because she knows he would shout.

But Aansh surprises her.

“I’m fine.” Aansh calmly yet lies again.

Ragini helps him stand up and takes him to her room. She then makes him sit on the bed, she walks up to the wardrobe and takes the first aid box out.

Moh Moh Ke Dhaage tune starts playing…

Ragini walks up to Aansh and lifts his vest up, he stops her but she shuts him up.

She then takes his old bandage off.

“Yeh Moh Moh Ke Dhaage…” Ragini finishes unwrapping then old bandage.

“Teri ungliyon se ja uljhe” she puts antiseptic on his wound which makes him flinch, she then wraps the new bandage around again.

“Yeh moh moh ke dhaage
Teri ungliyon se ja uljhe
Koi toh toh na laage” Swara is shown lying down and thinking about Sanskaar.

“Kis tarah girah ye suljhe
Hai rom rom iktaara
Hai rom rom iktaara
Jo baadalon mein se guzre” Sanskaar is shown looking outside at the moon and the stars, it then shifts to Laksh.

“Yeh moh moh ke dhaage” Laksh tries to sleep.

”Teri ungliyon se ja uljhe
Koi toh toh na laage” He sees Janvi smiling and opens his eyes.

”Kis tarah girah ye suljhe” He looks on.

“Tu hoga zara paagal, tune mujhko hai chuna” Janvi is shown touching her Mangalsutra and thinking.

”Tu hoga zara paagal, tune mujhko hai chuna” Swara is thinking about Sanskaar.

”Kaise tune ankahaa, tune ankahaa sab sunaa” Sanskaar is looking at Swaras picture while standing in front of the window.

”Tu hoga zara paagal, tune mujhko hai chuna
Tu din sa hai, main raat” Ragini finishes bandaging and puts first aid box away, she turns and sees Aansh sleeping.

”Aa na dono mill jaayein shaamon ki tarah” She walks up to him and looks at him.

“Yeh moh moh ke dhaage
Teri ungliyon se ja uljhe” Janvi then closes her eyes and tries to fall asleep.

”Koi toh toh na laage
Kis tarah girah ye suljhe
Ki aisa beparwah mann pehle toh na tha” Anjali is shown in her room thinking about something. She is trying to sleep.

”Ki aisa beparwah mann pehle toh na tha” Shantanu is shown sleeping peacefully in his room.

”Chitthiyon ko jaise mill gaya
Jaise ik naya sa pataa” Laksh changes sides and makes a disturbed face.

”Ki aisa beparwah mann pehle toh na tha” Ragini then puts blanket on Aansh.

“Khaali raahein, hum aankh moonde jaayein” Ragini takes the pillow and sleeps on the couch and looks outside.

”Pahunche kahin toh bewajah
Yeh moh moh ke dhaage
Teri ungliyon se ja uljhe
Koi toh toh na laage
Kis tarah girah ye suljhe” Sanskaar closes his eyes, so does Swara and Laksh, Anjali pulls the blanket up and closes her eyes and eventually Ragini does.

Sujata and AP have gone to the Mandir, Swara and Sanskaar are getting ready for their engagement.
DP is talking with RP. Anjali and Janvi are checking the arrangements and Ragini is helping them.

Aansh opens his eyes and finds himself in a different room, he then remembers what happened yesterday and sighs but closes his eyes again

“Aansh?” Aansh hears Laksh saying.

“I’m here.” Aansh says in a sleepy voice.

Laksh hears his voice and opens the door, he sees Aansh sleeping.

“What are you doing here?” Laksh asks.

“I don’t know.” Aansh says and slowly opens his eyes.

“Today is Sanskaars engagement.” Laksh tells.

Aansh then sits up in shock.

“Did the police call?” Aansh asks.

“Why would they?” Laksh asks.

“Didn’t Shantanu tell you?” Aansh asks.

“No.” Laksh says.

Aansh then tells Laksh what happened and Laksh is shocked and surprised.

“What? Someone wants to kill Sanskaar? I thought that too because I took his car and it exploded, someone planted a bomb blast in it but I got saved.” Laksh says.

Aansh is shocked.

“Thank god the shooter is arrested, now we can find out who done it and does it hurt?” Laksh asks.

“It still hurts.” Aansh says.

RP is walking past, Laksh presses on Aanshs wound and Aansh screams, RP is shocked, he peeks in and sees Laksh and Aansh and is stunned.

“Does anyone know about this?” Laksh asks.

Aansh nods no.

“Chi chi chi!” RP says and runs from there.

“Bhaisas sons are Gay?” RP thinks and gulps.

Ragini, Janvi and Anjali get changed.

Ragini comes out in a Orange Lengha choli with opened hair.

Anjali is wearing a green anarkali suit.

Janvi is wearing a red ghaghra choli.

Swara is wearing a pink and cream Lengha, Sanskaar is wearing cream

AP and Sujata come back with the pandit.

Aansh comes down with Laksh and is wearing maroon sherwani while Laksh is wearing leaf green sherwani.

The engagement ceremony starts, Ragini ignores Aansh, Laksh smiles while looking at Janvi, Janvi notices this and feels awkward and stands on the other side of AP.

The engagement is over and everyone clap, Anjali looks around and doesn’t see Shantanu.

“Aunty, Shantanu isn’t no where to be seen.” Anjali asks.

“He must be sleeping and he doesn’t attend these Pooja Paat…” Sujata says and walks with AP towards the Mandir.

Anjali thinks, Swara and Sanskaar start doing the Aarti, all are standing behind them. Ragini stands near Janvi while Laksh stands behind Janvi and near Aansh.

Anjali walks upstairs, she reaches Shantanu’s room. She sees the room door shut and knocks but the door opens, Anjali peeks in and sees Shantanu sleeping with earphones in his ears.

“He’s sleeping here?” Anjali thinks.

She turns around to leave but hears his voice.

“What happened?” Shantanu asks.

Anjali turns around and sees him sitting up and taking his ear phones off.

“The pooja is about to start.” Anjali says.

Shantanu checks his phone and looks on.

“20 miss calls from the police station?!” Shantanu shockingly says.

Anjali also gets surprised.

“Um… I need to get changed.” Shantanu says.

“But if you are okay with me getting changed then…” Shantanu adds.

“Eee! No!” Anjali says and walks out.

Shantanu chuckles while Anjali smiles at his stupidity.

After a while Shantanu comes down in a white t-shirt with jeans.

He sees the family finished with the pooja and the guests are having food.

“Beta, now you two go to the Mandir and take blessing.” AP says.

Swara and Sanskaar nod okay.

“Anju, where’s my car keys?” Shantanu asks Anjali.

“I don’t know.” Anjali says.

“You do know.” Shantanu says and signals her to come.

Anjali understands.

“Oh, they’re kept in your car.” Anjali lies.

She walks up to him and he whispers “come to the police station with me.”

“Why?” Anjali asks.

“I don’t want to go alone, I’m scared to go alone.” Shantanu says.

Anjali chuckles and nods okay. Shantanu and Anjali then head out, DP and AP look on but AP smiles.

Sanskaar and Swara also head out.

“I think Shan must’ve went to the police station.” Aansh thinks.

Aansh then messages Laksh to follow Sanskaar for his safety. Laksh receives a message and nods okay.

“Janvi, is it possible if you can get the flowers today?” AP asks.

Janvi then thinks and nods yes.

“I’ll take her.” Laksh says and takes the opportunity.

“No it’s okay.” Janvi says.

“Let Laksh take you.” AP says.

“But…” Janvi says.

“No buts, Laksh, take her.” AP says.

Laksh nods and walks out with Janvi while Janvi makes an annoyed face. The guests also start leaving.

“Who wants to kill Sanskaar?” Aansh thinks.

Anjali and Shantanu are in the car.

“Was me going with you necessary?” Anjali asks.

“Haa, you don’t know what people do now a days, say if someone attacks me on the way? This Zamaana isn’t too safe…” Shantanu says.

“Are you serious? This dialogue are meant to be for us woman… But how would I help?” Anjali asks confused.

“You give me confidence.” Shantanu says.

“Vo kaise?” Anjali asks.

“Pata Nahi.” Shantanu says.

“Hmm.” Anjali thinks.

Laksh is driving and Janvi looks on.

“You keep on missing every floral shop, where are we going?” Janvi asks.

“There’s not best ones here.” Laksh says.

“Wait, are we following Swara and Sanskaar?” Janvi asks.

“Nahi toh.” Laksh lies.

“Then why are we behind them?” Janvi asks.

“Because they’re going the same way.” Laksh says.

Just then Lakshs stops the car with a sudden jerk, the black cat crosses their way and Laksh loses the track of Sanskaars car and looks on.

“A black cat crossed our way.” Janvi says.

“I don’t believe in all this.” Laksh says.

“But I do, now something bad is going to happen.” Janvi says and starts thinking.

“Offo, nothing bada going to happen.” Laksh says.

“Like you know and can tell the future.” Janvi ask with an annoyed look.

“Why do you have a problem with me?” Laksh asks.

Just then it starts raining heavily.

“Oh god, this rain had to come now!” Laksh complains.

Janvi smiles at the rain.

Swara and Sanskaar come out of the temple and see the rain. Swara smiles.

“How can you like rain?” Both Laksh and Sanskaar ask.

Swara smiles at Sanskaar while Janvi glares at Laksh.

Shantanu and Anjali come out of the police station and Shantanu drives off.

“Please… Gadhi roko…” Anjali says.

“Nahi.” Shantanu says.

“I hate the rain!” – Shantanu
“I love the rain” – Anjali
Both say in Union.

“How can you hate the rain?” – Anjali
“How can you love the rain?” – Shantanu
Say in Union.

“Please… I really want to go…” Anjali requests.

“You can buy I’m not.” Shantanu says and stops the car.

Anjali smiles and a tune starts playing.

Dekho Na plays…

Anjali steps out, Swara goes down and Janvi is shown twirling around in the rain. Ragini sees this and steps outside and smiles.

“Yeh Saajish Hain Boondon Ki Koi Khwaahish Hain Chup Chup Si…” Swara sings and twirls with her arms spread wide.

“Yeh Saajish Hain Boondon Ki Koi Khwaahish Hain Chup Chup Si…” Anjali sings and then turns to Shantanu.

“Dekho Na Dekho Na… (2)” Anjali sings and signals him and asks him to come out. He nods no.

“Hawa Kuchh Haule Haule Zubaan Se Kya Kuchh Bole” Laksh sings and comes out, Janvi looks on.

“Kyon Duuri Hain Ab Darmayaan
Dekho Na Dekho Na… (2)” Sanskaar sings and comes closer to Swara.

Aansh smiles seeing Ragini enjoying.

Laksh comes close to Janvi and Janvi moves back.

“Phir Na Hawayen Hogi Itani Besharam” Laksh sings and pulls Janvi closer.

“Phir Na Dag Mag Dag Mag Honge Yeh Kadam…” Aansh sings and Ragini turns. She is surprised seeing Aansh.

“Phir Na Hawayen Hogi Itani Besharam.” Sanskaar sings and pulls Swara closer.

“Phir Na Dag Mag Dag Mag Honge Yeh Kadam…” Shantanu sings and comes out after Anjali opened the door.

“Haa Saawan Yeh Seedha Nahi Khufia Bada” Swara sings and hugs Sanskaar.

“Kuchh Toh Baraste Hue Keh Raha” Janvi sings.

“Samjho Na… Samjho Na…” Laksh sings and twirls her.

“Samjho Na… Samjho Na…” Sanskaar sings and hugs her back.

“Hawa Kuchh Haule Haule Zubaan Se Kya Kuchh Bole” Ragini sings and turns around. Aansh comes closer.

“Kyon Duuri Hain Ab Darmayaan
Dekho Na Dekho Na…” Swara sings and hugs Sanskaar tighter.

“Dekho Na… Dekho Na…” Shantanu sings and palms his head.

Anjali does Bharatnatayam moves and then laughs. Shantanu smiles.

“Jugnu Jaise Chahat Dekho Jale Mujhe” Anjali sings and dances.

“Meethi Si Mushkil Hain Koi Kya Kare…” Ragini says and spreads her arms.

“Jugnu Jaisi Chahat Dekho Jale Mujhe” Janvi sings and turns around.

“Meethi Si Mushkil Hain Koi Kya Kare…” Swara sings and breaks the hug.

“Hothon Ki Arzi Aaise Thukraaon Na… Saanson Ki Marzi Ko Jhuthlaaon Na” Aansh sings and turns Ragini towards him.

“Chhuu Lo Na Chhu Lo Na… (2)” Swara sings, she then gets shy and turns.

“Hawa Kuchh Haule Haule Zubaan Se Kya Kuchh Bole” Aansh dances which surprises Ragini and she joins him.

“Na Duuri Hain Ab Darmayaan” Laksh sings and hugs Janvi from behind.

“Dekho Na Dekho Na… (3)” Shantanu holds Anjali’s hand to take her inside but she hugs him.

Aansh and Ragini enjoy in the rain, Ragini is surprised to see his new side.

Dekho Na Hmm Hmm Hmm
Hmm Hmm Hmm Dekho Na.

Sanskaar hugs Swara from behind and she blushes.

Janvi turns around and glares at Laksh, he then pecks her cheek and goes inside the car, Janvi is shocked.

Shantanu is also shocked at Anjali’s sudden moves.

“Anjali, shall we go?” Shantanu asks.

“Sorry…” Anjali says and breaks the hug.

Shantanu then sits in the car and so does Anjali but Anjali curses herself.

Aansh feels the pain and Ragini helps him, he just looks at her.

Swara turns to Sanskaar and gets shocked, she sees a man with a stick approaching him.

“Sanskaar!” Swara shouts and she pushes him out of the way and gets hit on the head.

Janvi and Laksh hear Swara scream and look on. Janvi sits in the car and Laksh drives there.

Sanskaar is shocked, he sees that man and catches him before he ran.

“Who are you?!” Sanksaar shouts and hits him.

Laksh reaches then and comes out, he sees Sanskaar hitting a man, the man pushes Sanskaar and runs down but Laksh catches him, Shantanu was going past but stops as he sees Laksh and Sanskaar.

Anjali and Shantanu come out, Anjali rushes to Swara and Swara is bleeding from the head while Janvi is stopping the blood.

Laksh and Sanskaar beat the man up and it stops raining. Shantanu takes his hoddie off and all are shocked. They see Sanskaars business partner, Mukesh who wants to kill him.

“Mukesh?!” Sanskaar shouts angrily.

“It’s not only him, someone from our house is with him in this.” Shantanu says.

Laksh, Swara, Sanskaar and Anjali get shocked.

“How do you know that?” Sanskaar asks.

“It’s because when I went inside the police station, that man said it was a woman from our house but he doesn’t know the name but can recognise the face and voice.” Shantanu tells.

“And the most shocking think is that it’s…” Shantanu adds and bows his head.

“Who!” Laksh asks.

“I showed the photos and he pointed at…” Shantanu sadly says.

“Who?” Sanskaar asks.

Scene shifts to Aanshs room, Ragini places him and leaves.

“What’s happening to me?” Aansh thinks and ignores the fact.

Just then he hears someone speak.

“Now can he do that?! He failed to kill Sanskaar 4 times! Is this good enough?!” The person shouts.

Aansh is shocked and tries standing.

“And how dare he shoot Aansh?!” The person angrily shouts yet whispers.

Aansh peeks out of the window and sees a girl standing there.

“Don’t repeat this mistake and kill
Mukesh.” The girl says and disconnects the call.

She turns around and Aansh is stunned, Aansh hides and the girls face is revealed. It happens to be Uttra.

“Now the real fun would happen Sanskaar, watch how I’ll ruin you!” Uttra says and smirks.

“Uttra.” Shantanu tells.

All are stunned.

Janvi, Laksh, Swara, Sanskaar, Anjali and Shantanu enter but not alone. The police enter with Mukesh and the guy who shot Aansh. DP is stunned and asks what’s happening. Shantanu and Aansh tell everyone everything and Aansh comes to support. All are shocked. The man also admits it being Uttra and Uttra is shocked.
All ask her why she did this and she finally admits her crime.

“Yes, it was me! I did this because Sanskaar snatched my love away from me! He accused him on cheating on me and putting him behind the bars in the charges of stealing and trafficking! Rajat can never do this!” Uttra admits.

All are shocked and Sanskaar looks down, Shantanu and RP are ashamed, Sujata slaps Uttra and the police arrest her, Mukesh and The guy who shot Aansh.

Sujata cries and AP consoles her.

MM is shown decorated, Swara and Sanskaar are shown tying a knot, Sumi, Shekhar, Daadi and Dadaji are shown throwing flowers. Ragini and Janvi are also shown throwing flowers.

“Finally, after 6 months Sanskaar and Swara are becoming one.” Janvi says.

“Haa, last time because of Uttra, lots of tension was happening, upar se mahaurat time got delayed but at last, SwaSan are becoming one.” Ragini says.

Janvi smiles and nods yes.

“So much happened in these 6 months Na…?” Janvi says.

Ragini nods yes.

After the police took Uttra, Daadi, Shekhar and Sumi came there, they confront Swara and then decide to get her married to Sanskaar, Ragini and Janvi then go to the Baadi with Swara, Sumi Shekhar and Daadi where Dadaji was already present. Daadi matched their horoscopes and got the date fixed.

Laksh realised he loved Janvi after she left as he started missing her, Janvi also started to develop a feeling but didn’t know what it was.

Aansh and Ragini became friends and eventually fell in love as Aansh proposed first. Then DP declared to get Ragini and Laksh married which shocked Laksh, Aansh, Ragini and Janvi.

Laksh then admitted that he married Janvi and all are shocked, DP slaps him but Shekhar and DP decide to get JanLak married again so they will get married after Sanskaar does.

Then Aansh and Ragini started spending time with each other, no one knew that they’re in love. DP the talks about Aanshs relation with Shekhar and he agrees, later they tell RagAan/RagAansh and both act surprised and agree.

Shantanu and Anjali came back from London as they went to Anjali’s Aunty’s wedding. They’re really good friends. They spend time together but don’t know what to call the feeling that both of them have.

Laksh decides to help Shantanu and Anjali realise their feelings for each other, Janvi helps him.

Janvi made Anjali realise that she loves Shantanu by saying that how would you feel if he left you. It was hard to make Shantanu agree.

Anjali then went missing for a day as per plan and Shantanu started missing her.

The confusion of being Gay was also cleared by AanLak for RP.

Shantanu then proposed to Anjali with a chocolate in front of everyone. Rp, DP and Anjali’s father agree to them.

Ragini, Aansh and Shantanu Anjali are engaged.

End of Flashback.

SwaSan are officially married. All get happy and clap.

Laksh then takes Janvi to the side.

“Someone will come.” Janvi worriedly says.

“No one would.” Laksh says.

Aansh then hugs Ragini from behind.

Laksh hugs Janvi and she hugs him back.

SwaSan room:
Swara is shown shyly sitting on the bed, she clutches the bed sheets as Sanskaar enters. Sanskaar locks the door and comes near her, he then picks her pallu up and smiles at her. He slowly starts removing her jewellery. While taking her jewellery off, he kisses her neck, Swara tightens her grip and closes her eyes.

He finishes removing her jewellery and makes her lie down, he leans in and pecks her forehead and then her cheeks which makes Swara blush. Sanskaar then kisses her neck. He then removes his and her clothes and they consummate their marriage.

Then after few days., JanLak, RagAan/Ragaansh, Anjanu/AnjShan are shown taking Pehres.

Swara and Sanskaar are smiling. All are throwing flowers on them.

Just then Ronaldo, Messi, Neymar Jr and Mr Bean come in and start taking selfies.

The episode ends on everyone’s smily faces.

“Hmm… The end, thoda sa borning hai but Zaroor tell your opinion… SwaSan, Ragansh, JanLak and AnjShan got United… This story also gave a happy ending. Lucky, and married?” The manly voice says and starts laughing.

Sorry for the late update and thank you for supporting me… Love you all, take care, keep smiling and stay blessed ?

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