Heart Connection (Undefined Love) Episode 8


Heart connection season 3… Undefined Love.
Episode 8:

All are shocked, Laksh sees their reaction and looks to the side and is stunned, Sanskaar and Anjali look on.

“Ye ke?” A shocked and confused Sujata asks who develops tears.

“Ram?” DP questions.

They see RP with bandage around his forehead and arm, he has his head down and is holding a varmala in his arms. Just then a woman walks out from behind him and is wearing Sindoor with Mangalsutra and Shaddi ka Jora.

All are double stunned, the woman looks around in her 40-50’s and is also looking down.

“Baba…” RP says.

All are shocked and confused.

“Baba? Yeh Baba kaun hai yaha?” Shantanu says to himself.

“Ram! Yeh Sab Kya hai?!” DP shouts.

RP is still looking down.

“Dad, what is all this? Meri jagah pe apne Shadi kar li?” Shantanu asks.

“Dad?” RP confusingly asks.

“Ram, you have a child?” RP’s new wife asks.

“No, I don’t have any children… Arey, if I didn’t get married then where did the kids come out from?” RP says.

All are shocked and Shantanu can hear the thunders striking.

“What? He has three children.” Laksh asks.

“Ram!” DP shouts.

RP gets confused after seeing Laksh, Shantanu, Sanskaar, Anjali, Janvi, Swara, Ragini, Mugdha and Uttra.

“Baba… I got married…” RP says.

“Baba?” DP questions.

Shantanu starts laughing.

“Wow, finally people realised he’s a Buddha… Bade Papa, after all your creams did not work…” Shantanu tells and laughs.

“Cream?” Laksh, Aansh and Sanskaar says.

“You guys didn’t know?” Shantanu asks.

All nod no expect from RP and his new bride.

“Bade Papa orders creams from other countries and tries them on… At the moment his favourite cream is from London… It works pretty well.” Shantanu tells.

All are surprised, even AP while DP fumes.

RP starts realising.

“You must be Harman?” RP asks Shantanu.

“Harman? Why is Harman remembered?” DP thinks.

“Harman? Kaun Harmaan?” Shantanu says.

“Oh, so you must be Rudra?” RP asks.

“Rudra? I’m not Rudra…” Shantanu says while thinking.

“If you’re not HP or RP, then you must be KP, Krishna Prasad…?” RP asks while confusing everyone.

“No, I’m not Rudra, Harman or Krishna.” Shantanu says.

“Then who are you?” RP asks.

“I’m Shan… Shantanu Maheshwari…” Shan tells.

“Shan?” A confused RP says.

“What is all this Ram?! How can
You get married again?!” DP shouts.

RP is confused and shocked.

“Baba, I married for the 1st time, with my love, Sunaina…” RP says.

All are shocked, the woman he married is revealed to be Sunaina, RPs love.

Just then a woman enters.

“Does Mr Durga prasad Maheshwari live here?” A soft voice says.

“Yes?” DP says.

“Baba… Why are you saying yes? Bhaisa has to…” RP tells.

DP and everyone are shocked and confused seeing RPs behaviour.

“I’m not your Baba and I’m…” DP says but stops as the woman signals him to.

“I’m sorry Baba, please don’t disown me… I really love her and I can’t live without her.” RP tells.

Sujata is crying as RP’s words prick her.

“Chachu? Why are you behaving weirdly?” Laksh asks.

“Chachu? Who’s Chachu?” RP says.

“Mr Ram Prasad Maheshwari… You need to take rest, let me talk to Mr Maheshwari and Sunaina, take him up.” The woman says.

Sunaina nods yes and takes RP upstairs while RP is confused.

“Yes?” DP asks again.

“I already knew his screw was lose but now seen it.” Shantanu says and DP hears.

“JiJi!” Sujata cries.

“Hi, I’m Dr Chopra… Mr Ram had an accident 3 days ago and has lost his memory, he remembers the past details.” The woman says.

All are stunned.

“I kindly request not to put too much pressure as it can affect his brain.” Dr Chopra says.

“”But how? And will Ram be okay?” DP asks.

“He had hit his head on a hard thing and we are not sure when his memory would come back but you all have to be very careful.” Dr Chopra says.

“JiJi, Ji Sab Kuch Bhool Gaye.” Sujata cries.

“So, for now, you’re his father.” Dr Chopra says to DP.

DP looks on.

Laksh then glances around and sees Sanskaar. He then remembers the bomb blast.

“Arey Haa, someone was thirsty for Raavan’s blood, but who?” Laksh thinks.

Laksh then by accident falls into Anjali which makes Anjali fall into Sanskaar and Sanskaar to fall on the steps. Anjali then looks at Laksh.

“Sorry.” Laksh says quickly with a smirk.

“Hmm, so memory loss?” Shantanu asks.

The Dr nods yes.

“So… Yes! Dad doesn’t remember anything and this can help me…” Shantanu thinks and smirks devilish.

“Bade Papa… Who is older, KP, RP or HP?” Shantanu asks.

“Krishna Bhaisa… Why?” DP tells and asks.

“Just… I’m KP for now…” Shantanu tells and rubs his hand.

DP shakes his head.

“Thank you for informing us Doctor…” DP says.

The doctor smiles and leaves.

Sanskaar then gets up and shakes off the dust, Anjali walks down, Sanskaar looks up at Swara and looks down. He then stops and looks up again with a shocking expression.

“Swara?” Sanskaar thinks.

Laksh sees his reaction and walks up to him.

“You can say Thank You Lucky later!” Laksh says and walks up.

Aansh walks down, Shantanu sits on the Sofa and relaxes like a King.

“Dad, tell us who is who so it would be easier for us and Chachu…” Aansh tells.

“Bade Papa, tell me the story of KP, Krishna.” Shantanu asks while feeling proud.

Anjali is consoling Sujata with AP.

Sanskaar then grabs Swara’s hand and takes her outside, Ragini was about to go when Janvi stops her.

“Ragini.” Janvi says.

Ragini stops and turns to Janvi.

“Let them talk alone, please.” Janvi says.

“Hmm. Anyways we can wait outside.” Ragini says and leaves.

Janvi looks on, Anjali searches for Sanskaar. Janvi then steps out.

Sanskaar brings Swara outside. Janvi and Ragini reach there.

“Swara, we will wait there.” Ragini says and points at the main gate.

Ragini and Janvi then leave and stand near the gate.

Sanskaar looks at Swara.

“What are you doing here?” Sanskaar says.

“I’m here to meet you Sanskaar… Lucky said you still love me.” Swara says.

“Lucky?!” Sanskaar angrily says and a funny tune plays.

“He said that you keep my photo under your pillow and still feel for me… I was getting married and he made me run away just for you…” Swara says.

Laksh is looking down from his window.

“What?! You ran away on your wedding day?” Sanskaar asks.

Swara nods yes.

“I’m sorry Sanskaar, I realised how wrong I was by rejecting your love because of Lucky… I missed you.” Swara says and hugs Sanskaar.

Sanskaar is shocked.

“I’m sorry Sanskaar… I still love you… I won’t be able to stay away from you… I know I was angry but later realised what I had done.” Swara says while feeling guilty.

Sanskaar wanted to hug her back but Anjali flashes in his head.

“It’s too late Swara… I’m already engaged and have a fiancé.” Sanskaar says.

Swara is shocked and breaks the hug. Swara then looks at Sanskaar.

“Lucky didn’t tell me…” Swara says.

“I’m sorry.” Sanskaar says and walks in.

Anjali happens to hear and hides as Sanskaar goes past, Anjali develops tears. Swara is in tears too and turns around only to see some goons pushing Ragini and Janvi.

“Ragini! Janvi!” Swara shouts and runs there but it’s too late, the car had already drove off.

Laksh also sees this and is shocked.

“Oh fish! Someone kidnapped them!” Laksh says and rushes out.

“Janvi! Ragini!” Swara shouts and starts crying.

Laksh comes and stands besides Swara. Anjali runs in.

“I saw that.” Laksh says.

“Then why didn’t you do anything?!” Swara says.

“Let’s go…” Swara says.

Just then Aansh comes out.

“Someone kidnapped Mugdha and Uttra…” A worried Aansh says.

“Mughda and Uttra?” A confused Laksh and Swara say.

“Yes, someone called me and said that your sisters, Muggu and Uttra have been kidnapped and save them if you can…” Aansh tells.

“Yes, but not Mugdha and Uttra…” Laksh says.

“Janvi and Ragini.” Swara cries.

“Oh.” Aansh says and turns around.

“Aren’t you going to help us?”
Laksh asks.

“Can’t be asked.” Aansh says.

Shantanu then comes out while stretching.

“Too much tension inside… Dad and Mrs Sujata Maheshwari are having a fight… Can’t be asked to listen.” Shantanu says and stretches.

“Fight? It’s not new…” Aansh says.

“Shan, we need to save someone.” Laksh says.

“Who?” Shan asks.

“Ragini and Janvi.” Lakh says.

“But what happened?” Shantanu asks.

Laksh and Swara then tell Aansh and Shantanu.

“But how are we meant to find them? It’s not like they will go past…” Shantanu tells and points at the fate.

Just then the same Van goes past and they see Janvi and Ragini banging on the window. All look on.

Laksh and Swara run after them.
Shantanu comes out in a motorbike with Aansh sitting behind him. Laksh sees them and hops in at the back.

“I don’t have space.” Shantanu says.

“Swara, we will text you and bring the police there.” Laksh says and Shantanu increases the speed as Swara nods her head.

They follow the van on Shantanu’s motorbike. The van then stops and a man steps out of it. Shantanu, Laksh and Aansh look on and Shantanu stops with a sudden jerk.
And it all happens in slow motion.

As the bike tyre touches the floor, everything goes to normal.

“Ga…Gabbar?!” Shantanu says

The man is revealed to be Gabaar Singh.

“How can I be Gabbar?” Laksh asks.

“Who’s Gabbar?” Aansh asks.

Gabbar is shocked and points his gun at Aansh.

“Hey!! You don’t know who Gabbar Singh is?! It’s me!” Gabbar shouts.

“But you’re not Gabbar! You’re a replica.” Aansh says.

Gabbar gets angry.

“Samba!” Gabbar shouts.

A man steps down with Janvi and Ragini.

“Who sent you here?!” Shantanu says.

Gabbar does the Gabbar laugh.

“Ewe… Gabbar scares me.” Aansh whispers.

Shantanu, Aansh and Laksh get out from the bike and stand in front of Gabbar.

“Chor de Ladkiyon ko!” Aansh says.

“Samba!” Gabbar shouts.

Samba then points a gun at Janvi and Ragini.

“Oh no…” Laksh says.

Laksh then hides behind Aansh and quickly texts Swara.

Gabbar laughs and Shantanu picks up a rock. He aims it at Samba and it hits his head. Samba drops the gun and touches his forehead.

“Bhag!” Laksh shouts.

Ragini and Janvi run forward.

“Who sent you here?!” Aansh shouts.

“I will never tell you that the Minister sent me!” Gabbar says and laughs.

Aansh, Laksh and Shantanu giggle at his stupidity.

“Haa, don’t tell us that the minister sent you…” Aansh says.

“Hahaha I would never!” Gabbar says.

“There someone else too in the car…” Ragini tells.

“Who?” Laksh asks.

Aansh walks forward and opens the boot.

“Hey!!” Gabbar shouts.

They see something moving in a sack moving. Gabbar loads his gun.

“Stay in your limits!” Gabbar shouts.

The sack falls into the floor and opens. Someone comes out but his back is shown and his hands are tied.

“So it was a man that was making those sounds?” Janvi says.

“Nah… It was your dad!” Laksh says.

Janvi gets sad while Ragini looks on, Janvi then leaves from there silently.

“Ummmmummmm” The man screams and tries to speak.

Laksh turns him over and is shocked, he takes the tape off his mouth and looks on and stands up.

Shantanu and Aansh are stunned, Shantanu faints.

Episode ends on Shantanu fainting and the shocked faces of Aansh, Laksh, Gabbar.

Precap: Laksh to ask for forgiveness from Janvi but Janvi ignores him… Ragini to help Laksh… Special appearance of 4 people… DP to slap Sanskaar…
Aansh – Parth Samthaan

Mugdha – Sukirti Khandpal

Anjali – Tanya Sharma

Janvi – Vaishali Takkar

Shantanu – Shaheer Sheikh

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I have also added some changes…

Thank you for the support and your wonderful comments…??

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  1. _Angel_

    It was Awesome loved it especially rp and shantanu ???

    Can’t wait till the next part
    Till then
    Take care
    Keep smiling
    Stay blessed

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  3. AMkideewani

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    Ap Dp ka romance thA? ??
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    I swear u are a big….. Leave all that…. ???????????

    But romance was less????
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    SwaSan???…. I ????don’t like this Sanskar ????

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    Aur ha Ap & Dp ke romance se mujhe kuch hua?????????

  5. woow marvellous mind u have. 2day epi was so funny as well as.in 1st season dp’s memory loss now rp.. shantunu was so funny.. now i came to know shantunu is rp son . pity forr swasan. want jalak and ragansh as pair.. tq for this nice and funny episode.

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    love this stupid gabbar, hahaha

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    You should be called a professional writer yaar.. ??
    I am addicted your fanfiction. Keep writing and phir ye special appearances.. Ab to wait hi naheen ho raha! Update soon.. ?

    1. Thank you Alisha… ??
      I glad you’re liking it… ?

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    full on entertaining, loved it. shantanu is so funny. liked shan and rp part. loved ap and dp cute romance. update soon

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