Heart Connection (Undefined Love) Episode 6


Heart connection season 3… Undefined Love.
Episode 6:

The episode begins with Ragini, Janvi, Aansh, Mugdha, Uttra, Laksh, Swara, Ronaldo, Messi, Neymar and Shantanu running.

“This is all your fault!” Laksh shouts at Shantanu.

“Haa, you also blame me.” Shantanu acts as if he’s upset.

“Continue running if you want your life to be saved!” Aansh says.

“But why are we running?” Ragini asks.

“To lose weight!” An angry Aansh says.

“We’re running to save our life’s…” Laksh nicely says.

Ragini nods while running and Laksh smiles at her.

They continue running.


Morning, in Kolkata, MM:

DP is going around the house and finds Laksh and Aansh missing. DP then sees Sujata walk past.

“Sujata…” DP says.

“Ji Bhaisa?” Sujata questions.

“Where’s Aansh and Laksh?” DP asks.

“I don’t know Bhaisa…” Sujata says.

“Hmm..” DP says and starts walking.

DP then meets RP.

“Ram.” DP says.

“Ji Bhaisa?” RP asks.

“Do you know where Laksh and Aansh went?” DP questions.

RP is shocked.

“Nahi… I don’t know…” RP shockingly says.

“Hmm…” DP says and leaves.

“Dono chore saath mein? Chi!” RP thinks.

He then imagines Laksh and Aansh running after each other lovingly.

“Nahi!” RP shouts.

He gulps and starts walking away.


It’s morning and all are busy in the wedding arrangement.

“Today, Swara’s groom is coming… Can’t wait.” Daadi’s sister, Saraswati says.

“Hmm…” Sumi says.

“Mausi… Did Maa go to collect them?” Shekhar asks.

“Haa, your Maa and cousin, Shailesh went.” Saraswati says.

Shekhar and Sumi nod.

Daadi is shown walking down the street, just then she bumps into some one.

“Excuse me? Do you know what this place is called?” A boy says in English.

Daadi looks at him and starts thinking.

“Kya yeh hai Swara’s groom?” Daadi says.

“Please tell… Me and my friends are lost.” The guy says again.

“Nah… You Swara ka Dhula?” Daadi asks.

“Swara k… What?” The boy confusingly asks.

“Offo, yeh angrez aur Wah Ki angrezi!” Daadi huffs.

She then speaks English.

“You, here, Shadi?” Daadi asks.

“Shadi? What’s that?” The boy says.

“You no Hindi?” Daadi says.

“No Hindi…” The boy says.

“Yeh Kya? This chora doesn’t know Hindi? What kind of groom is Swara getting?” Daadi says.

“Actually, me and my friends got lost… Can you help us get out of here?” The boy asks.

Just then two other me come.

“Hey Neymar… You found anything out?” The other man in yellow shirt says.

Yes, that boy is revealed to be Neymar, Neymar Jr.

“No Messi, I haven’t.” Neymar replies to Messi’s answer.

The man who asked Neymar a question is revealed to be Messi.

“I guess we’re in India because there’s too many Indians.” Another man says.

“I think you’re right Ronaldo.” Neymar says.

All three of them are revealed to be Neymar Jr, Messi and Ronaldo. The footballers.

“Wah angrezi me Kya khusr phusr kar rahe hai?” Daadi thinks.

Daadi then remembers the grooms mother saying that he’s coming with his friend and cousin. Daadi mistakes Neymar to be Swara’s groom and Ronaldo to be Neymar’s cousin while Messi is their friend.

“You come mhare saath.” Daadi tells.

“Wait, is she telling us to come with her?” Ronaldo asks.

“Do you know the way?” Neymar asks Daadi.

Daadi nods yes without knowing what they said.

“Yay, finally.” Neymar shouts in excitement.

“Come.” Daadi says.

They nod and carry their luggage and follow Daadi.

After a while Laksh comes out of the train station and looks around, he then finds a man and stops him.

“Bhai… Can you tell me where Swara Gadodia’s wedding is going on?” Laksh asks.

“Haa, it’s down that end… You walk straight and turn right and then left and then walk down and turn right again.” The man instructs.

“Or you can take me.” Laks says while remembering.

The man then nods okay and starts walking with Laksh.

Daadi manages to bring Neymar, Messi and Ronaldo to her house.

“Lo, sit down…” Daadi tells.

“Hey… Where have you brought us?” Neymar asks.

“Yeah, we were meant to get out from here… Anyways where are we?” Ronaldo asks.

“Are you sure this is Ambatolahy?” A confused Messi asks.

“I don’t think so.” Neymar says.

“How can we come here?” Ronaldo says.

“Bas! Bak bak can be done later!” Daadi says.

Just then Janvi comes out with Sumi.

“No!” A fed up Neymar shouts.

“Calm down Neymar.” Messi says.

“Why are they getting frustrated?” Daadi questions.

“Oh my god! Neymar, Messi and Ronaldo?” Janvi shouts and a smile appears on her face.

Daadi and Sumi get confused.

“You know them?” Sumi asks.

“‘Meethi Maa, who cannot know them?” Janvi says and walks up to them.

“Hi, how are you doing?” Janvi asks.

“Finally, someone came that speaks English… Sorry, we didn’t understand her.” Messi says.

“I can’t believe you three are here… In India.” Janvi says with excitement.

“India?” All three of them say confusingly and shocked.

“Hmm… Why are you surprised?” Janvi asks.

“We weren’t meant to come here… We don’t know how…” Ronaldo explains.

“But I still can’t believe it…” Janvi says and sounds like she’s about to faint.

“This is Swara’s groom.” Daadi says while pointing at Neymar.

Janvi is shocked.

“Neymar?” Janvi asks.

“Ke?” Daadi confusingly asks.

Just then Daadi’s sister comes and takes Daadi away.

“You take rest, I’ll be back soon.” Janvi says and heads towards Swara’s room.

“What’s going on? When did we reach India?” A confused Messi says.

Laksh then reaches outside Swara’s house, he sees the arrangements, just then Ronaldo walks out with Messi and Neymar which shocks Laksh and makes him take his glasses off.

“Am I dreaming?” Laksh says and pinches himself.

He felt the pain and realised that they were there.

“Ronaldo? Messi? Neymar?” A confused yet happy Laksh says.

They look at him.

“Yes?” All three say.

“I can’t believe you’re here, in India?” Laksh says.

“It was a mistake… Actually, we were going to Ambatolahy… But we landed here and met an lady outside.” Messi tells.

“And she brought us to her house.” Neymar says.

“And now we don’t know how to get back because we don’t know how to speak Hindi.” Ronaldo complains.

“Oh, but this is great guys… You can come with me but after I run away with someone.” Laksh says.

They look on.

“Run away?” Ronald’s asks.

“With your girlfriend?” Messi asks.

“Oh, so lovers?” Neymar asks.

Laksh nods no and says “Mere brother ki dulhan.”

They get confused.

“My brothers bride.” Laksh translates.

They understand and look on with a faint smirk.

“So you’re running away with your brothers wife? I mean bride?” Neymar asks.

Laksh nods yes.

“But do you like her?” Messi asks.

“I think you two are getting confused, he’s running away with that girl to take her to his brother.” Ronald’s explains while Laksh nods yes.

“Ohh.” Both Messi and Ronaldo say.

“But I need your help.” Laksh says.

“If we’re out of here then we’re ready to help.” Messi makes the deal.

Laksh nods okay and Messi, Ronaldo and Neymar smirk along with Laksh.

Kolkata, MM:

DP is in the hall and finds it silent, AP walks up to him and gives him the tea.

“Annapurna… Why is the house so silent?” DP asks.

“Because Aansh, Mugdha and Uttra went to Amritsar and I don’t know where Laksh is.” AP tells.

“Amritsar? Vaha kyu? Now Amritsar is going to drown definitely.” DP says and takes a sip.

“Drown?” AP asks.

“Aansh is going to flood it and get my respect down… He’s not going to keep sensible… blo*dy useless!” DP says and looks on while taking sips.

“But I’m happy that I got rid of Aansh and Laksh.” DP happily says and finishes drinking.

“Jiji… Why did you go Amritsar?” Sujata asks while coming down.

“They said their friend needed them.” AP says.

“Friend?” A confused Sujata asks.


Laksh manages to enter Swara’s room, Neymar is getting welcomed and he just smiles as per plan, Swara is shown putting her wedding jewellery on.

“Swara?” Laksh whispers.

Swara gets confused and turns around, she is shocked to see Laksh.

“Tum?!” Swara says and stands up.

“Listen… I know you’re not happy with this marriage…” Laksh says.

“What are you doing here?” Swara ask.

“I’m here to run away with you.” Laksh says.

Swara looks on.

“Stop being stubborn… I know you still love Sanskaar and I’m sorry, he needs you.” Laksh tells Swara.

“But it’s too late.” Swara says.

“It isn’t… You know those three men’s outside? They’re not here as for wedding… They’re the famous football players… Neymar, who is mistaken as your groom, Ronaldo who is mistaken to be his cousin and Messi…. They’re going to help.” Laksh tells.

Swara thinks about it.

“If you truly love Sanskaar then you would come with us…” Laksh says.

Scene shifts to the train station, Aansh, Mugdha and Uttra come out.

“We have to find Shantanu…” Mugdha says.

“Hmm…” Uttra says.

“Let’s go.” Aansh tells and they start walking.

Swara agrees to go with Laksh and gets changed, Laksh shows thumbs up to Ronaldo and Ronaldo tells Neymar and Messi. Neymar and Messi smile.

“Aunty, I need a toilet.” Messi says.

“I do.” Neymar says.

“Aunty, I need to make a call.” Ronaldo says and walks out with his luggage.

“He doesn’t trust us with his luggage?” Daadi questions.

“Rehne de, soon he would.” Saraswati says.

“I need a toilet.” Neymar says and stands up and walks out with his luggage.

“Your village is Beautiful, I would like to look around.” Messi says and walks out with luggage.

“Teeno hi chalegaye.” Daadi says.

Just then Sumi comes out worried.

“Maa… Shona isn’t in her room.” Sumi worriedly tells.

“Ke?” Daadi shockingly asks.

Ragini and Janvi reach outside and see Laksh, Swara, Messi, Ronaldo and Neymar run.

“Paru Daadi… They’re running away with her.” Janvi says.

Daadi, Saraswati, Sumi and Shekhar come out and see.

“But why is the dhula running?” Daadi questions.

“Because he isn’t… He’s a footballer.” Janvi says.

Ragini and Janvi start running after them, Saraswati sends some men’s to follow them.

“Why are there men’s following us?” Ronaldo says while running.

“To stop the bride.” Laksh says

Messi then sees children playing football and tackles the ball and kicks it at the men, it hits one of the men’s face and the stick falls down.

“Sorry Kids!” Messi shouts and runs.

“That’s when football skills help.” Neymar says with a smile.

They manages to take 3 balls, Ronaldo stops and kicks it at the men and it hits one of the men in the stomach. Then Neymar kicks the ball and it hits one of the men’s head.

Laksh and Swara smile and continue running with them. Just then Laksh sees Aansh and looks on.

“What is he doing here?” Laksh thinks.

Aansh asks a man, “Do you know where Mr Balram stays?”

The man nods no and walks away.

Aansh then turns and sees Messi, Ronaldo and Neymar running and kicking balls at some men.

“Footballers? And them three and in India?” Aanshs shockingly asks.

Laksh hides with Swara, Ragini and Janvi also run there and stop. They look around and fail to find SwaLak. Aansh walks there.

“Hey… Where did he go?” Ronaldo says.

“Who?” Aansh says.

“Lucky.” Messi tells.

“Lucky?” Aansh asks.

Aansh then bombs into Ragini.

“Sorry… Didi… But do you know where Balram Seth lives?” Aansh asks.

Ragini turns around and looks at him.

“Do I look like your Didi?” Ragini asks.

“Achcha sorry, aunty.” Aansh says.

“Aunty?” Ragini asks.

“Phir Maa Ji!” An annoyed Aansh says.

“Maa Ji?” An angry Ragini questions.

“Nahi… Aap toh DaadiJi hai!” Aansh tells.

Ragini drops her mouth and glares at him.

“Can you just tell me where Balram is?!” An frustrated Aansh says.

“Calm down and no, we don’t know where Balram is.” Janvi tells.

“And don’t be rude to Ragini okay!” Janvi says.

“But where’s Lucky?” Neymar asks.

“Lucky?” Aansh asks again.

“Haa Lucky, who ran away with our Swara.” Ragini tells angrily and looks away.

“Fish! Now Aansh will know I’m here.” Laksh moans.

“Swara?” Aansh asks.

Janvi and Ragini nod yes.

“Oh so Laksh came here to run away with Swara?” Aansh thinks.

“Oh okay, but do you know where Balram is?” Aansh asks.

Janvi and Ragini nod no again.

“Why are you so obsessed with Balram?” Janvi asks.

“We’re here to leave, we by mistake came to India, please help us.” Neymar says.

Mugdha and Uttra come there, Laksh is surprised to see them.

“Aansh!” A new voice is heard shouting in slow motion.

Aansh, Mugdha and Uttra look there. They see a man in white shirt, jeans and black adidas fluxes running towards them in slow motion.

His face is slowly revealed.

“Who raha Shantanu…” Mugdha says.

“But saath mein gunday Ki toli laa raha hai.” Aansh gulps.

Then behind Shantanu, 10 men are shown with sticks and swords.

“Don’t stop, continue running!” Shantanu shouts and runs past them.

“Run!” Aansh shouts.

All start running, Janvi and Ragini are confused, Aansh then holds Janvi and Ragini’s hand and makes them run. Laksh also comes out with Swara and both start running.

“I knew it!” Aansh says while running and let’s go off Janvi and Ragini’s hand.

“Hey, Lucky… Where did you disappear to?” Neymar asks.

“I’ll tell later, first run!” Laksh says.

The episode ends on Laksh, Aansh,
Ronaldo, Messi, Neymar, Swara, Mugdha, Uttra, Shantanu, Janvi and Ragini’s running position.

Precap: Ragini gets tired and Laksh helps her… DP and AP to go out on a date…

Aansh – Parth Samthaan

Mugdha – Sukirti Khandpal

Anjali – Tanya Sharma

Janvi – Vaishali Takkar

Shantanu – Shaheer Sheikh

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    1. Thank you Fairy…?
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  2. AMkideewani

    Superb dear, I’m laughing like hell while listening to my fav. Song and reading your story????

    1. Thank you crazy girl…?
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      Which song? If you don’t mind me asking…

      1. AMkideewani

        Siento(a spanish song which I posted in my latest update of A day to remember) and Main hoon hero tera(Armaan Malik version)

  3. _Angel_

    This was really awesome I loved the cameos I myself am I big fan of neymar and messi but neymar more lol

    Can’t wait till the next part
    Till then
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    1. Thank you Angel…?
      I’m glad you liked it…?
      Don’t you like Ronaldo? ?
      But Neymar Jr is hot…???
      Should I tell one thing… I like football, it’s okay but I love the players because they look peng…??

      I won’t be long… AP and DP… Khullam Khulla?

  4. Mica

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    1. Thank you Mica…??
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  6. Alisha

    You nailed it! Superb.. Rocked it as always. Simply amazing.. Beyond amazing.. ??
    Who could have thought of such a unique and different idea? The answer is our dear HALIMA.. ?? You never fail to impress us na? I bet there would be nobody out there who would not have smiled or laughed after reading this episode.?
    Plus, that scene where Aansh called Ragini Dadi Ji.. ? Poor Ragini, I could even imagine their expressions. How annoyed she would have been. ?
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    1. Thank you Alisha…???
      Your comments always make me smile… ?
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      Shantanu ke PEECHE gunde kyu the… That will be revealed in the next episode… And there’s more to come… ??

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    1. Thank you Akshata…??
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