Heart Connection (Undefined Love) Episode 5


Heart connection season 3… Undefined Love.
Episode 5:

The episode continues from Amritsar.

Swara’s smile disappears as she turns and sees Daadi standing behind her with Ragini.

“What happened Swara? Itni happiness?” Ragini asks.

“Nahi, nothing.” Swara says and turns around.

“Oh, so this happiness doesn’t arrive when I’m here.” Ragini says and pouts.

“Bas Mera hi Intezaar tha Na?” The same females voice is heard.

Swara turns around again and a girl comes out from behind Daadi. Swara’s smile appears back on her face.

“Janvi?” Swara happily and excitedly says.

Ragini faint smiles and looks on. The girl’s face is revealed and she is revealed to be Janvi, Swara’s cousin.

“Janvi?” Sumi says.

Janvi turns around and smiles at Sumi.

“Meethi Maa? I missed you a lot.” Janvi says and hugs Sharmishta.

“Haa Haa, everyone misses her.” Daadi complains.

“Oh, Paru Daadi, yeh Kya?” Janvi says and breaks the hug.

“I misses you the most, especially your taunts and scolding… I bet no one missed me.” Janvi says.

“Everyone missed you, especially me.” Swara says and stands up.

Janvi then hugs Swara.

“Careful, her mendhi…” Ragini tells.

“Haa Pata hai…” Janvi says and continues hugging Swara.

“Achcha Bas…” Sumi says.

“Enjoy the function.” Daadi says.

Janvi breaks the hug and looks around.

“Meethi Maa? Phupha kaha hai?” Janvi asks while glancing around.

“I’m here…” Shekhars voice is heard.

Janvi then turns around and smiles.

Kolkata, MM:

“Mugdha… What is this?” DP asks.

“Bade Papa… I…” Mugdha says and while hiding behind Sanskaar.

“I’ll tell…” Aansh says.

“But Pehle free me.” Aansh adds.

The constable takes off the handcuff.

“This boy was blackmailing Mughda on the first day of college, so she told me, I sent her away….” Aansh tells.

Mugdha walks in Aansh’s room while Aansh was lying down.

“Bhai, I want to talk to you.” Mugdha says while looking down.

Aansh sits up.

“Haa bolo.” Aansh says.

Mugdha sits besides him and musters up some courage.

“Bhai… I’m getting blackmailed by this boy in my class and college…” Mugdha says all in one go.

“What?!” Aansh shockingly reacts.

“Haa, I thought to tell you…” Mugdha says worriedly.

“Since when?” Aansh asks.

“From the… Past 2 days..” Mugdha says.

“Okay… You’re going on a vacation for 2 weeks.” Aansh says.

Mugdha then looks up at him and he nods yes.

“But where do you want to go? Ek kaam karo, take Chaachi, Chaachu, Uttra and Anjali Bhabhi…” Aansh tells.

Mugdha then hugs Aansh. Aansh hugs her back.

“But Bhai… He’s powerful… He’s the ministers son…” Mugdha worriedly says.

“Don’t worry…” Aansh tells

“Thank you Bhai…” Mugdha says.

“Is he harnessing you along with blackmailing?” Aansh asks.

Mugdha nods yes and breaks the hug.

“Don’t worry, you can trust your brother.” Aansh says with a smile.

Mugdha then leaves the room while Aansh looks on.

Aansh then makes the ministers daughter elope with her boyfriend.

Then after Mugdha comes back, he shares his plan with her.

“Mugdha, you just have to meet him. Don’t worry, I will be there with the camera…” Aansh says.

Then Mugdha and Aansh reach the college field, Aansh hides as the Ministers son comes.

Then after the scene Aansh takes the camera and gets it on a CD and in a envelope. While walking he bumps into Sanskaar. Both Sanskaar and Aansh drop the same colour envelop.

“What the hell?!” Sanskaar angrily says.

Aansh picks the envelope up and leaves. Sanskaar shakes his head and picks the envelope up and leaves too.

Aansh then plays the CD and is shocked to see business stuff on it.

“What the hell?!” Aansh says.

He then remembers bumping into Sanskaar and then decides to go to his room. He finally searches and then Laksh and his scene happen.

End of Flashback.

But Aansh doesn’t tell Laksh and his part.

All look on after hearing this, Aansh then looks at DP.

“So the moral of today is… Not to slap anyone before knowing anything!” Aansh tells and walks up.

“Sorry.” The inspector says and leaves with the police.

Just then Anjali walks in and sees Mugdha.

“Muggu… Are you okay?” Anjali asks.

Mugdha then hugs her, all get surprised seeing Anjali.

“Vo, Maine news dekha and I came.” Anjali answers everyone’s unsaid question.

Laksh then receives a long message and looks on. He goes to his room and opens it.

Anjali, Mugdha and Uttra go to Mugdha’s room.

Sanskaar also heads up, DP and AP head up along with Sujata and RP.

Laksh’s room:
Laksh starts reading the message.

‘Bhai, you wanted a message so read now… You know the girls picture that you sent… Her full name is Swara Gadodia… She lives here in Kolkata but is gone out of town for her wedding… I asked ass pass and I found out that their gone to Amritsar… She has 1 sister, her name is Ragini Gadodia and Swara has 1 cousin whom she loves more and is like a sister, her name is Janvi Bose… Swara Ki Jaan basti hai in her younger sisters, Janvi and Ragini… Janvi is Sharmista Gadodia, who is Swara’s Mum, her brothers daughter… Her brother Arnab Bose is no more… Janvi’s mother passed away when she was born… So Arnab handled her… Janvi was 12 years old when her father had passed away and adopted by Sharmishta and Shekhar Gadodia.
Shekhar Gadodia is their father… Shekhar and Sharmishta married 10 years ago… Even I was like Hein? But I found out that unka parana Chakar tha and that Sharmishta was Bengali so Daadi Ji didn’t accept… Then lovers were separated for 20 years… But got untied 10 years ago by their daughters, Swaragini… They’re known as Swaragini… Now… Everyone accepted Swara and Sharmishta… Oh haa, Swara wasn’t born when her parents were separated… Swaragini are half sisters… Ragini’s mother is Janki and Swara’s is Sharmishta…
But when Ragini was 2 years old… Janki Maa left her… Nicknames… Shona, La… Oh Shit! My battery’s about to die! Bye bro and don’t kill me!’

“Daadi Ji? Janki Maa? When did they become his Maa and Daadi?!” Laksh says while reading the message.

Laksh then switches the phone off and looks on.

“Amritsar… Here I come!” Laksh says with a smirk.

Sanskaar enters his room and is shocked to see the state.

“Who broke my bed?” Sanskaar says angrily.

“LAKSH!!!!!!!!!” Sanskaar angrily shouts and walks out.

Anjali comes out and sees him angry, Anjali then walks up to him.

“Sanskaar… What happened?” Anjali asks.

“Where’s Laksh?!” An angry Sanskaar says.

“Lucky must be resting…” Anjali says.

“Please Anjali… Not today!” Sanskaar says and storms off.

Anjali follows him and tries to stop him.

“Sanskaar? Please stop, tell me what happened?” A worried Anjali says while following him.

Sanskaar angrily turns around and shouts “Please Anjali, LEAVE ME ALONE!!!” Sanskaar says and turns back around.

Anjali gets teary eyed and sees Aansh who was witnessing this, Anjali then runs off, Sanskaar stops and realises he spoke too harshly with Anjali and turns around to see her gone missing. He then goes downstairs and out, he sees her standing and crying. He feels bad and walks towards her.

“Anjali… Listen, I’m sorry…” Sanskaar says.

Anjali wipes her tears and turns around to him and fake smiles.

“It’s okay Sanskaar… I understand…” Anjali says.

Sanskaar looks on and asks “How do you do this Anjali?”

“What?” Anjali asks confused with faint smile.

Sanskaar then pulls Anjali into a hug and Anjali hugs him back tighter.

“I’m sorry… I spoke harshly…” Sanskaar says feeling guilty.

“Don’t worry Sanskaar… I’m not mad at you.” Anjali says.

“I love you… Always.” Sanskaar says.

“I love you too… Since day 1…” Anjali says with a smile.

“Anjali… You still accepted me?” Sanskaar asks.

“Haa, so what? We love our Papa’s and that’s what matters more.” Anjali tells.

“I don’t know what I would’ve done without you Anjali…” Sanskaar says.

“Same here… It’s great to have you in my life Sanskaar…” Anjali tells.

“You’re different from others and that’s what makes you special…” Sanskaar tells.

“You’re committed and honest… That’s why you’re special…” Anjali says.

Both smile and break the hug, Sanskaar wipes her tears and she smiles at him.

“Vaise, tell me one thing… Why were you so angry?” Anjali asks.

“Laksh broke my bed.” Sanskaar says.

“What? How can you be so sure that it was Laksh?” Anjali asks.

“Because only he can do this type of Harkat…” Sanskaar tells.

“Hmm… What if it wasn’t him?” Anjali asks.

“We will see after talking to him.” Sanskaar says.

“Chalein?” Anjali says.

Sanksaar nod and both head inside and upstairs.

Swara’s mendhi function is over, Swara is now in the room with Janvi.

“So tell me Janvi… How have you been?” Swara asks.

“I have been amazing, I got a news for you… I’m now back forever…” Janvi tells.

“This is great…” Swara says happily.

Ragini then comes in.

“Sorry, I guess I disturbed both of you…” Ragini says and turns.

“Nahi toh… You can join us.” Janvi says with a smile.

Ragini then turns back around.

“Haa Ragini… Join us…” Swara says.

Ragini then comes forward and Janvi moves up. Ragini then sits near Janvi.

“So… How have you two been?” Janvi asks.

“Fine…” Swara says.

“Are you not happy with this wedding?” Janvi confusingly asks.

Swara fake smiles and nods no.
She says “I am…”

“Hmm…” Janvi suspiciously says.

“Chal, I’m tired now… I’ll talk to you tomorrow.” Janvi says and stands up.

“Arey… Stay with us tonight…” Swara says.

“Vo… I don’t know…” Janvi tells.

“Haa… Aaj sleep with me…” Swara tells.

Janvi then looks at Ragini and then smiles.

“No Shona… Phir kabhi and I’m very tired, so I will fall asleep and you won’t enjoy the company…” Janvi makes excuses.

“But…” Swara says but Janvi waves bye and leaves.

“Pagal…” Swara smiles and says.

“Swara…” Ragini says.

Swara then looks at Ragini.

“Kuch Nahi…” Ragini says and goes to her side.

Ragini then turns the lights off and both Swaragini lie down.

Kolkata, MM:

Sanskaar and Anjali reach Laksh’s room, Sanskaar and Anjali are surprised seeing Laksh pack.

“Devar Ji… What’s happening?” Anjali asks.

Laksh sees her and Sanskaar.

“Where are you planning to go?” Anjali asks.

“Amritsar.” Laksh says and continues packing.

“Why?” Sanskaar asks.

“What’s it to you?” Laksh says.

“I’m asking why…” Anjali tells.

“It’s my friend’s wedding and he invited me… So I’m leaving tonight.” Laksh says and shuts his suitcase.

“Are you going alone?” Anjali asks.

“Haa.” Laksh says.

“Which friend?” Anjali asks on Sanskaar’s behalf.

“Anjali… Have you been spending time with him.” Laksh says while looking at Sanskaar.

“Obvio… He’s my fiancé…” Anjali says.

“No wonder you’re asking questions… My friend Narju’s wedding.” Laksh says randomly.

“Narju?” Laksh thinks to himself.

“Anyways bye Anjali… Rak… I mean Papa ko bata dena.” Laksh says and heads out with his suitcase and luggage but stops.

“Why am I taking my luggage?” Laksh questions.

“What are you going to wear there? Are you planning to stay nude?” Sanskaar angrily asks.

“Haa and dance too!” Laksh says and heads out without his suitcase.

“Faltu mein packing kiye…” Laksh says and heads out.

“You forgot to ask him.” Anjali says.

“Just forget it.” Sanskaar says.

“Anyways, it’s late… I’ll leave now.” Anjali says.

“I’ll drop you…” Sanskaar says.

Anjali nods okay and both AnjSan/ SanJali head out.

As soon as Sanskaar and Anjali come out, Sanskaar is shocked.

“My car… Where is my car gone?” Sanskaar worriedly says.

“Why are you so worried?” Anjali asks.

“Because I had my important files… It was my project… My whole project…” Sanskaar worriedly says and looks on.

“He done this on purpose!” Sanskaar angrily huffs.

Laksh is shown then driving the car.

“Oh god, Raavan’s car… Oh god, please bless me.” Laksh says while driving.

Laksh then needed a toilet and parks his car near a woody and deserted area and stands outside with his phone and jacket. Just then all of a sudden, the car explodes and blasts and Laksh is shocked, he touches his heart.

“Raavan is unlucky… What if something happened to me?” Laksh says and runs far while the car slowly falls back.

Laksh then starts thinking.

“So someone tried to kill Raavan?” Laksh thinks.

Laksh then looks up at the car and looks on.

Janvi is lying down in her room, she is thinking about something.

“Janvi… I don’t like it when you steal my Shona and Shomi Maa away from me… I know you don’t mean it but it hurts to see how you get more attention than me…” A young Ragini’s words echo.

“Janvi… I want to play with Shona today… Alone.” A young Ragini’s word echoes again.

Janvi then changed her sides and looks outside the window.

“Hey Bhagwan… I’m happy with what I have… Bas I don’t want Swaragini to separate because of me… I never want to ruin their relationship…” Janvi says and slowly closes her eyes.


Laksh is then seen at a train station, he is sitting in the train seat and is thinking about the incident.

“Who wants to kill Raavan?” Laksh thinks.

The train starts moving while Laksh is still in the shock of what he had witnessed.

Episode ends on Laksh’s confused and shocked face.

Precap: Laksh reaches Amritsar… 3 cameo roles to make a special appearance… Swara’s wedding day…

Aansh – Parth Samthaan

Mugdha – Sukirti Khandpal

Anjali – Tanya Sharma

Janvi – Vaishali Takkar

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