Heart Connection (Undefined Love) Episode 4


Heart connection season 3… Undefined Love.
Episode 4:

The episode starts with Laksh and Aansh looking at a girls photo that they found near Sanskaar’s pillow and thinking who it may be.

“She looks familiar… But where did I see her?” Laksh says and starts thinking.

“But why does Sanskaar have another girls picture under his pillow? He’s engaged to Anjali.” Aansh says.

Just then Laksh remembers and says “Swara… Swara Gadodia.” Laksh says while looking at the photo.

The photo is revealed to be Swara’s, she is wearing a red and orange jumpsuit and is smiling.

“Swara? Yeh Swara kaun hai?” A confused Aansh asked.

Laksh laughs while telling, “She… She’s was Raavan’s pehla Pyaar…”

“Pyaar?” Aansh asks.

Along with Laksh, Aansh laughs too.
Aansh stops laughing and Laksh does too.

“Swara Gadodia used to go to the same college as me and Bhai…” Laksh tells.


Swara is shown standing at the bus stand and is waiting for a bus. Laksh then comes and stops his bike in front of her and looks up.
Swara gets confused seeing him.

“Do you need a lift?” Laksh asks.

“No.” Swara angrily says.

“Arey… Why throw so much attitude? You should be happy that Lucky is offering you a ride.” Laksh tells with a faint smile.

Swara gets angry and huffs, “Go or I’m calling the police” she says and crosses her arms while glaring at him.

“Haa, I’ll go.” Laksh says annoyed and drives off.

Sanskaar then comes with a rose and smiles at Swara wearing glasses, t-shirt and jeans.

“Swara…” Sanskaar says.

“Haa?” Swara angrily says.

“Vo… Yeh…” Sanskaar says but blushes.

Swara sees the rose in his hand and looks on at him with a faint smile.

“I wanted to say this from very long time… I… Love you.” Sanskaar says while looking down.

Swara smiles and takes the rose, Sanskaar then looks up and smiles at her.

“So finally tumne keh diya… It took you whole 2 years to say this…” Swara says while she caresses the rose.

Sanskaar the scratches his hair while smiling.

“Haa but… What did my brother just say to you?” Sanskaar asks

Swara looks at him shockingly.

“Vo loser that went on the bike was your brother?!” Swara asks.

Sanskaar nods yes and Swara gets angry, she then throws the rose on the floor.

“Don’t show me your face ever again and tell your loser brother to stay away from me! And you stay away too!” Swara angrily says and storms off.

Sanskaar is shocked and heart broken.

“Lucky!!!” He angrily shouts.

End of flashback.

Laksh shakes his head while smoking and moves forward.

“He still hasn’t got over her…?” Laksh chuckles.

“Lagta hai this is the reason why he’s very Sadu, rude and ukhda… He lost his love because of you and now his life is boring…” Aansh tells.

Laksh thinks about it.

“This girl Swara, she is the reason why his life has become dull and boring… If she was with him then he would’ve been less angry and more happy…” Aansh says and leaves the room leaving Laksh to think about it.

“Aansh is right… If I get this girl for him then I won’t feel guilty for separating them two and he would be less angry and more happy… But where will I find her?” Laksh thinks and looks on.

Scene shifts Amritsar, Punjab.
A girl is seen running, she is wearing a Orange Anarkali suit with her hair opened and put to one side.

“Hume usse batana parega…” The girl says and stops outside the room.

“Kya kare?” The girl confusingly and worriedly questions herself.

The girl the knocks on the door and says “Swara… Hum hai, Ragini…” The girl in Orange Anarkali suit says.

The girl is revealed to be Ragini, a worried Ragini.
The door then opens and Ragini enters and shuts the door.

“Swara… I found out that you’re getting married to…” Ragini says and turns around but stops.

She sees Swara crying while looking at a photo. Ragini feels bad and goes there.

“What happened Swara?” Ragini asks.

“Nothing Ragini… Tomorrow is the biggest change in my life… I would be getting married to a person that I don’t even know…” Swara says and puts the photo to aside.

“I found out and he’s from England… He is well educated but if your not happy then you can say no… Maa and Papa won’t go against you…” Ragini tells and sits beside her.

“But Daadi… She brought us all the way from Kolkata to Amritsar because her sister found an alliance for me… I don’t want to disappoint her…” Swara tells and glances at the photo.

“But Swara… Tum Hume hamesha kehti Ho that always listen to your heart… Ab kyu Nahi?” Ragini says and picks the photo up.

“I loved him… But he must have moved on and forgot me because I did leave all of a sudden without telling him…” Swara says while looking in space.

“Kaun hai yeh?” Ragini asks while looking at the photo.

“Yeh Sanskaar hai…” Swara chuckles.

The photo is revealed to be Sanskaar’s, who had Glasses on.

“Oh, so this is Sanskaar?” Ragini questions.

Swara nods positively, before Swara could say anything, they hear their Daadi shout.

“Chori! Jaldi karo! Today is your mendhi!” Daadi shouts.

“Aaye Daadi Maa!” Ragini says and stands up.

“Photo pillow ke neeche rakh.” Swara tells.

Ragini keeps the photo under the pillow and Swara stands up.

“Ek minuet.” Ragini says and stops Swara.

Ragini then wipes Swara’s tears and Swara faintly smiles.

“If you’re not happy then do tell me…” Ragini says as she finishes wiping Swara’s tears.

“Chalein?” Swara says.

Both then head out.

Kolkata, MM:

Aansh walks down, Mugdha sees him and Aansh nods yes and puts his thumbs up. Mugdha smiles and releases a breath of relief. Uttra sees her.

“What happened?” Uttra asks

“Kuch Nahi… It’s time to sleep… Good night.” Mugdha says

Mugdha leaves and Uttra looks on suspiciously.

DP’s room:
DP sits down on his bed and feels comfortable.

“Aaj itne Ghante baad I found peace…” DP says.

RP is walking past DP’s room, he is thinking “Does Bhaisa know about Aansh and Laksh?”

“Aaj that Aansh and Laksh wouldn’t have made me face anyone! They would’ve drowned my respect!” DP angrily says.

RP hears and continues thinking.

“Lagta hai ke Mhare ko Bhaisa se baat karni paregi…” RP says and was about to walk in until he hears someone say his bameS

“Ji, ke kar rahe Ho? Why are you entering Bhaisa’s room at this time?” Sujata asks.

RP steps back and looks at Sujata.

“Nahi, Bas I thought to say Hi to him.” RP says while avoiding Sujata’s questions.

“Okay but say it tomorrow and let Bhaisa relax.” Sujata says and walks towards her room.

RP thinks “Yeh sahi hai… I’ll talk to him tomorrow”

RP then walks to his room.

DP then gets a call and he attends it.

“Hello? Yes… Kya?!” DP says and stands up in shock.

DP then drops his phone out of the shock and gets angry, he storms out.

“Aansh! Aansh!!” DP shouts while walking down.

AP comes out of the kitchen, Sanskaar, Mugdha, Uttra and Laksh come down.

“Kya hua Ji?” AP worriedly asks.

RP and Sujata rush down.

“Ke hua Bhaisa?” Sujata worriedly asks.

“Lagta hai Bhaisa found about Aansh and Laksh…” RP thinks while feeling disgusted.

DP is angry and he huffs.

“Lo, Rakshas is thirsty for blood.” Laksh jokes.

Sanskaar glares at Laksh while Uttra and Mugdha look on.

“Aansh!!!” DP strictly and angrily shouts while facing the stairs.

Aansh walks out from the kitchen and looks on.

“I’m here.” Aansh says.

DP hears and turns to him.

“Now what Drama is this Rakshas planning?” Laksh says to himself.

Laksh then receives a call, he puts it on silent and sends a message.

Laksh sends ‘Text me… Can’t pick up right now… Heated argument is coming… Can’t miss it out…?’

Laksh then looks up to see the whole scene.

“What happened Ji?” AP asks again.

DP walks up to Aansh and slaps him across the face which shocks everyone. The police walk in and witness the scene, AP gasps. Aansh touches his cheeks and looks up.

“I can’t believe you… You told me Annapurna that not to hit him… But he deserved this!” DP angrily and in a bitter tone explains.

“But what did he do?” Sujata asks.

“We will tell you…” The inspector utters.

All look up and look on to see the police at their doorstep.

Scene shifts to Amritsar:

“Sharmishta! Come here!” Daadi shouts.

“Coming Maa…” Sharmishta shouts.

Sharmishta is seen bringing the plate of Mendhi out. Swara is sitting down and Ragini sits besides her, Daadi is sitting near her sister while the woman play the drums and dance.

“Shona… Are you happy with this alliance?” Sumi asks while placing the mendhi come down.

Swara fake smiles and nods yes, before Sumi could say anything else, Daadi’s sister calls her.

“Simmi… Chetti aa!” Daadi’s sister, Saraswati says.

Saraswati calls Sumi Simmi, Sumi turns around and smiles at Saraswati, Daadi fake smiles while Sumi walks there.

“Why didn’t you tell Maa?” Ragini whispers.

“Rehne de…” Swara says and smiles while

Just then Shekhar walks in and drags Sumi to the corner.

“Mishta… Is Shona happy with this marriage?” Shekhar asks.

Sumi nods yes and smiles, Shekhar and Sumi then look on at Swara.

Kolkata, MM:

The police are close to DP and Aansh.

“Kya hua inspector Ji?” A worried AP asks.

“Your son, Aansh Maheshwari had slapped the ministers son.” The inspector explains.

DP angrily looks on and says “Not only this, he…”

“He then made the ministers daughter elope with her lover.” The inspector continues.

All are shocked while Aansh remembers.

“This was 2 days ago… Why did you come now?” Aansh says.

DP gets angry to see Aansh’s attitude.

“All he wants is our name to drown!” Sanskaar angrily and quietly huffs.

Laksh ignores him, Mugdha and Uttra look on.

“We thought to inform you Mr Maheshwari but we have to take action…” Inspector says.

“Arrest him…” DP says.

All are shocked, the constable comes forward to hand cuff him.

“But I didn’t do anything wrong… That stupid ministers son and minister deserves this. It wouldn’t take me 2 seconds to expose him in media!” Aansh tells.

“What ever you have to say, say in the police station.” The inspector say.

The constable manages to hand cuff Aansh.

“Turn the TV on…” Aansh tells.

All get confused while Uttra turns the TV on.

“Aaj Ki taaza khabr… Minister and his son are exposed, yeh dekhi ye.” A news reporter tells.

The ministers son is seen in college fields with Mugdha, he is harassing her and blackmailing her, Mugdha slaps him and he tries to force himself on her when Aansh comes and slaps the ministers son and starts beating him up. Mugdha hugs Aansh out of fear.

“This is not right! You won’t be able to live peacefully! You watch! I will ruin you and your family! Dad se keh kar I will ruin you!” The ministers son shouts.

“But yeh bata, why will the minister listen to you?” Aansh asks.

“Because he’s my dad and he never lets anything happen to me! Even if I’m wrong or I done something bad, he has my back!” The ministers son shouts.

“But Minister will chose the truth and justice!” Aansh angrily says.

The ministers son starts laughing,

“Justice? And him?! He won’t and never will, he wanted this seat for his needs!” The ministers son tells.

Aansh is amused and nods his head.

“I want to tell you something… I am the one who made your sister elope with her boyfriend.” Aansh says and leaves with Mugdha.

The ministers son is shocked and makes a phone call.

The news reporter then starts telling and all look on. Laksh then switches the TV off. All look at Mugdha who hides behind Sanskaar with tears in her eyes.


Swara is looking for someone but can’t find that person. Just then she feels a hand around her eyes.

“Guess karo kaun…” A female voice is heard.

“Janvi?” Swara says with a smile on her face.

The girl lets go and Swara opens her eyes, she turns around and her smile disappears.

Episode splits the screen and ends on the shocked face of DP and sad face of Swara.

Precap: Aansh to tell everyone about his plan… Laksh gets a message and looks on.

Aansh – Parth Samthaan
Mugdha – Sukirti Khandpal
Anjali – Tanya Sharma

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I have also added some changes…

Thank you for the support and your wonderful comments…??

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