Heart Connection (Undefined Love) Episode 3


Heart connection season 3… Undefined Love.
Episode 3:

The episode starts with Laksh coming down to eat dinner, he looks around and doesn’t see DP anywhere.

“He still hasn’t came? Rakshas ka heart attack toh Nahi Ho Gaya?” Laksh says to himself.

He then sits down on his chair, Aansh also comes and sits opposite Laksh. AP brings the food out and serves Laksh and Aansh.

“What are you doing Maa? If he finds out then he would find a new Bahana to taunt… ‘You broke the rule of Maheshwari Mansion!'” Laksh says along with mocking DP.

“Laksh…” AP says and gives him the stern look.

“Ek aankh Vala Baba… That would be a great story.” Aansh adds.

Laksh giggles and says “Do kaali shaytaani aankhon Vala kamina Rakshas… This would be perfect.” Laksh adds.

Both AanLak start laughing, AP looks at them and then they start eating.

DP comes in and walks down, he then gets shocked to see Aansh and Laksh eating on the table.

“He’s eating here?” DP thinks.

Laksh notices DP and so does Aansh but they ignore him.

“Papa! Papa!” A happy and excited Sanskaar comes down and rushes.

“Lo, aa Gaya Rakshas ka doosra bhayanak roop aur Chamcha, Raavan!” Laksh says.

DP and Sanskaar hear, DP gets angry while Aansh tries hard not to laugh.

“Ignore him Papa, guess what… We got the deal from the Kakkars…” Sanskaar happily expresses.

“What?” A shocked and happy DP says.

“Yes…” Sanskaar says with a smile.

DP then hugs Sanskaar and holds his head high feeling proud.

“Zaroor meine koy achche kaam kiye honge that I got a perfect and honest son like you… You made me happy Sanskaar… May god bless you with everything…” DP happily expresses and breaks the hug.

“Thanks Papa…” Sanskaar says while feeling happy.

“Seriously… Kuch toh nalayak and useless hai… You are better than them! You’re the only son that makes my day! Very well done beta!” DP says and keeps his hand on Sanskaars head to bless him while Sanskaar is happy.

DP also looks at Aansh and Laksh angrily.

“You make my name go up with pride when these two try to drown it! I’m very lucky to get a son like you… I’m also proud.” DP tells and makes AanLak hear.

Laksh then starts laughing randomly, all look at him including the servants along with Aansh, DP, AP and Sanskaar. Laksh then pushes his chair back and stands up and automatically starts calling.

“Wah! We always hear the same dialogue over and over again! At least Kuch aage kaho… Stop being stingy and saving them for your self… Dar Gaye that Sanskaar is earning more fame and success than you…” Laksh says and looks at Aansh.

“So he’s keeping it low…” Laksh says and stops laughing and clapping.

“Come on, who does that much stinginess, you tell me Aansh, has he ever went ahead ‘I’m proud to have you as my soon and good deeds?” Laksh questions.

Aansh no and DP looks on.

“Papa, he’s just jealous and being a hater…” Sanskaar says while glaring at Laksh.

“Hater? Jealous? And me?! Are you mad, I got better things to get jealous off! And to hate on!” Laksh yells.

“You’re right Sanskaar beta, Jalne Ki bad boo aa rahi hai.” DP tells.

“Aww… Why are you smelling yourself?” Laksh says while fake pouting and in another tone.

Just then Laksh, Aansh and Sanskaar feel a hand covering their eyes. They touch it.

“Mugdha?” Laksh says with a smile.

The person who was covering Laksh’s eyes moves her hand.

“Correct.” A females voice is heard.

Laksh opens his eyes and sees his little sister Mugdha in front of him.
Mugdha then hugs Laksh.

“Bhai, I missed you a lot.” Mugdha says.

“I missed you not.” Laksh teases.

“Haww… So rude.” Mugdha pouts.

“Hayy… Besharm choriyo! You ran inside first and left me and Uttra ke Papa to bring the luggages?” Sujata complains while walking near them.

Mugdha and Laksh break the hug, Mugdha looks away and Laksh smiles.

“Hmm… Uttra, abhi complain mat karna because no one gave me the chance to speak.” Aansh says.

The girl who is covering Aansh’s eyes removes her hand and is revealed to be Uttra.

Uttra smiles at him as he opens his eyes.

“How was your holiday?” Aansh asks.

“It was good Bhai but I was dying because of the hotness.” Uttra complains.

“Anjali?” Sanskaar says.

The girl removes her hands and stands in front of Sanskaar. Sanskaar smiles seeing her and she hugs him, he looks on and then at DP who is looking forward.

“How have you been Sanskaar?” Anjali asks.

“I have been fine, how about you? How was you holiday?” Sanskaar says and breaks the hug.

Anjali smiles at him and was about to say something when Sujata starts.

“Pooch hi mat chore, it was so hot, so hot that I couldn’t even stand up! These choriyo had to choose that place, the rest of them were dead weren’t they? Aur koi jagaa Nahi mili? You had to chose that Capa tana or afarica!” Sujata complains and taunts as well.

Anjali gives a positive sigh with a smile, “Aunty, it’s Cape Town and its in South Africa…” Anjali explains.

“Haa Haa vahi!” Sujata says while fanning her self with a magazine.

“Maa, it was a beautiful place and it wasn’t that hot.” Mugdha tells.

“Haa, you were too busy kabhi swimming, kabhi dancing and kabhi playing with those firaangis! So you didn’t realise how hot it was.” Sujata sighs and continues fanning herself.

Uttra and Mugdha shake their heads.

“So Bhai, how have you been?” Mugdha asks Sanskaar.

“Good, how about you?” Sanskaar replies.

“Achcha, baatein later and now freshen up and eat your food.” AP says with a smile on her face.

“No Aunty…” Anjali says.

Anjali looks at Sanskaar and then AP and says “Vo Dad must be waiting for me… I came straight here and didn’t inform him but I will come later.”

“But beta…? Chal okay, you can come and join us next time.” RP says.

“Thank you uncle. Bye Aunty, bye uncle, bye Aansh, Laksh, Uttra, Mugdha and Sanskaar…” Anjali says with a smile.

“Bye.” All except Aansh.

“Bye Bhabhi…” Aansh says.

Anjali smiles and waves at all and then leaves. Laksh also heads up and so does Aansh.

Anjali happens to be Sanskaar’s fiancé and would to be wife.

“Vo actually, Aansh and Laksh ate their food.” AP tells.

“But I’m very hungry JiJi, the aeroplane food was so rubbish… I puked 2 times after I ate it. Ek jaate vakt and Ek aate vakt.” Sujata tells and sits down.

DP, RP and Sanskaar sit down too and AP serves the food. Mugdha and Uttra also sit down after refreshing up.

Night in MM:
Laksh walks past the stairs while playing with the football. He then sees Sanskaar walking down the stairs and thinks of something. He kicks the football down and before it could hit Sanskaar, Sanskaar moves out of the way which shocks Laksh. Sanskaar smirks and sees the ball on the floor in front, DP without looking down walks forward, he doesn’t see the football and trips but manages to hold on the stairs railing, Laksh then runs away, Sanskaar goes to help DP.

“Laaaaksh!!” DP angrily shouts.

Laksh while running hears DP shout stops with a jerk.

“Oh god, this Rakshas is angry, yeh Mujhe Nahi chodega!” Laksh sighs.

Laksh then continues walking but stops again.

“No, I’ll be crossing Raavans room and then again this will bring bad luck!” An annoyed Laksh says.

He hears some sounds coming from Sanskaars room and looks on.

“Raavan is downstairs then why is there a sound coming from his room?” Laksh worries.

Laksh then walks closer to his room and opens it, he sees the lights off and walks in.

“Oh god… Help me…” Laksh prays and turns the light on.

As he turns he sees someone come in front of him all of a sudden, he was about to scream when he feels a hand cover his mouth.

“Chup kar! Marvai ga Kya?” Aansh says.

That person is revealed to be Aansh, Laksh releases a breath of sigh and Aansh moves his hand.

“I thought this room has evil sources that are connected with the Raavan…” Laksh tells.

Laksh then looks at Aansh and says “What are you doing here?”

“Uh… I was just…” Aansh says while thinking of something.

“You were just?” Laksh questions.

What’s that?” Laksh says and points at the White envelope in Aansh’s hand.

“Yeh… This is nothing.” Aansh says and gives a worrying smile.

Laksh looks at him suspiciously.

“Chal dikha de… And what were you finding in Raavan’s room?” Laksh asks suspiciously.

Aansh avoids the eye contact and looks around to think of something.
Laksh tries to snatch the envelope but Aansh jerks it back.

“Oh… So something secret?” Laksh mysteriously and suspiciously asks.

“Aisi koi baat Nahi hai…” Aansh stammers.

Laksh tries taking it while Aansh keeps moving back and eventually Laksh starts chasing Aansh around Sanskaars room.

“Dikha Mujhe!” Laksh shouts while running.

“Nahi! Tujhse matlab?” Aansh also says while running.

Then they continue arguing and eventually Aansh loses his balance and falls on Sanskaar bed, Laksh trips and falls on top while Aansh looks on shocked and the bed breaks. Laksh moves his head up while looking worried, Aansh’s eyes widen.

“This is all your fault!” Aansh shouts.

“Not mine, your fault!” Laksh shouts back.

They continue arguing while forgetting about their position. RP walks past and hears some noises.

“I give up!” Aansh says and stops.

“Me too.” Laksh says and sighs.

RP pops his head in and gets shocked seeing Laksh on top of Aansh. Laksh then smiles while looking at Aansh, Aansh shakes his head with a smile.

“Dikha Na please…” Laksh begs like a child.

“Fine! But yaha Nahi!” Aansh says.

“Yaha kyu Nahi?” Laksh asks.

“Because this isn’t my room and I can’t show here…” Aansh tells.

RP misunderstands and is stunned.

“Chi chi!” RP thinks and walks out and is walking as if he had received a shock, which he had.

“But what’s so secretive in that envelope?” Laksh asks.

“Get up first…” Aansh says.

“Haa.” Laksh says.

Laksh then manages to stand up, he then helps Aansh up and both look at Sanskaar’s bed.

“Nahi chodega Raavan Hume.” Laksh says.

Aansh then sees a photo on the floor near Sanskaars pillow.

“But usse darta hai kaun?!” Laksh says and turns to Aansh who is seen bending down.

Aansh picks the photo up.

“Who’s photo is this?” Aansh questions.

“Oho… Chupa hua Rustom?” Laksh questions and snatches the photo.

“This isn’t Anjali…” Laksh says looking confused.

“But who is she?” Aansh questions.

Both Aansh and Laksh look on suspiciously.

Precap: Introduction of Gadodia family… DP to slap Aansh… Maheshwari Family members shocked… Police to arrive in Maheshwari Mansion…
Aansh – Parth Samthaan
Mugdha – Sukirti Khandpal
Anjali – Tanya Sharma

I know I said that I would introduce Swaragini in episode 3… Sorry, I thought that if I do it then this would make the episode longer… Sorry…?

Do tell me how it is… I have also added some changes…

Thank you for the support and your wonderful comments…??

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